A few hours in Paris

Gee, what a short, intense, but amazing day in Paris.

On the flight we ended up next to Richard Juhlin, what a coincidence. Richard has developed the Guldkula Champagne that Pingis and I have invested in.

Suit jacket from Ivy & Oak, shirt from Grana, jeans from Levis, handbag from Chanel and shoes from & Other Stories

Quick breakfast before the event

Then it was time for us to give a lecture at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. Today was all about online strategy and building companies through influencer brands. Our company Löwengrip Care & Color was there and so was Zadiq & Voltaire. Then we met up with some exciting new retailers.

With French Sephora! 

I also met up with Maria Rosaria Rizzo, whose Instagram account has 350,000 followers. She’s from Italy, but living in Paris and we just clicked straight away. Look forward to having dinner with her next time I’m in Paris! A really great day (or hours) for LCC in Paris. Fun, fun, fun!

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