Food for thought

Such dreadful weather to wake up to this morning. My kids are ”snooze-kids” and didn’t want to get out of bed at all. We were in quite the hurry when they half an hour later, at 7.10am, finally got up. Then they had some yogurt and sandwiches in front of barnkanalen. Sally always choose clothes for herself and Gillis in the morning, she really enjoys that. At 8.30am I dropped them off at daycare, and I usually give them something to think about just before we kiss goodbye. Today I said ”What if you would be Pippi-Gillis and Pippi-Sally today, how brave and kind you would be.” It’s always nice to see in their eyes how they accept the challenge. The common thread in these morning thoughts is that they always have something to do with them believing in themselves, that they are loved and/or that they need to be kind to others.

Right now I’m at Görväln castle where we’ll be filming today. Make-up and hair awaits!

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