Alex & Sigge

I just put the kids to bed, in my big bed actually, and when Gillis was about to fall asleep he said ”Sometimes I miss you when I’m at dad’s”. Which obviously makes my heart stop for a second and I go into problem solving mode and say ”You can always call me from you iPad or pop over here to give me a great big hug. Our houses are so close together.” Then Gillis answered: ”But mommy, it’s not dangerous to miss someone. Sometimes you just do.” Oh, Gillis. Such a wise mind. In a month, 19 November, he’ll turn four, but he feels so much more mature.

Some photos from today:

I had Alex and Sigge as guests on my show today. I have been listening to their podcast for several years. The first time I met Sigge, I was only 17 and then I met Alex a year or so later. I read their book ”Time” when I was off on maternity leave with Sally, I remember how I read it during a business trip to Alicante. Had a meeting with one of Flattered’s factories and flew over with Sally as I was still breast-feeding (so much for calm tranquility with a newborn), so anyhow, this is definitely one of the best books I have ever read.

It turned into a conversation about making everyday life work and finding the balance between work and family life, how you handle your faults and flaws in front of the children and what sacrifices they have had to make to be where they are today. A really nice chat.

I invite guests that have influenced me, inspired me or have talents that I don’t have. Yoga Girl has a sense of secure calm that is fantastic, Alexander Bard’s philosophical thoughts about how the future will pan out are not easily beaten by just anyone. I have read all your comments and, although I am not very happy about his statements today, I will still broadcast the show with him this fall. We talk a lot about female power and I want you to hear it. When it comes to the duo above, they dare to dive into and unravel life in general in a way that I feel is a bit scary. I can go through tough patches in life with my blinders on, even if I know I need to pause for a minute. Brood and mull it over. And that is something that Alex & Sigge have inspired me to do. To dare to twist and turn memories and look at them from different angles.

Amazing Görvölns castle. I probably have about an hour’s worth of work and then I want to try to get into bed before 10pm. I am catching an early flight tomorrow for a lecture, someone will help me drop the kids off at the daycare center in the morning and then I’ll be back in the afternoon. Really look forward to the day when I can hire my own plane, that would make everything so much easier. Just hop on five minutes before take-off at Bromma airport and fly home whenever I want to. That would enable me to travel more frequently even on the days when I have the children. Eventually that will be my reality, great to have goals like that to look spur me on.

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