Falling in love all over again

When things are not quite feeling 100% right, they kind of cause an itch or a niggle inside. Today I actually made a decision that made everything much better. I’ve been planning to employ a journalist to support me with with my new platform that will be launched soon (like a modern version of a blog) and this journalist was to help me out by writing entries and various texts. The plan was that I would dictate, like a sort of interview, for me to be as efficient as possible and this would not only save me a lot of time, but also improve my language. The thing is that I made this decision right after the divorce, at a point in my life when I found it difficult to be personal and let you into my private life. I really struggled to produce something for the blog every day. Something you picked up on really quickly.

So anyway. Last night I woke up (in my hotel room in Poland) and it hit me that I’m not supposed to have some journalist helping me with the entries. I’m supposed to set aside more time in my schedule for this. I’ve been blogging for 12 years and I’m not ready to give it up. No, siree! Quite the opposite actually and I’m falling in love with writing again. Six months have passed since the divorce and I’m starting to find my feet and I’m beginning to feel better. That makes it much easier to be here and now and. most of all, much easier to be open and honest.

This new decision feels good. The niggle disappeared. I will need to spend more time on the entries during the first period after the platform’s been launched, but that feels great and exciting. I want you to feel welcome when you are here. Want you to really feel that I’m inviting you into my life and that I’m being personal & friendly with you. The career path I have ahead of me is steep and I want to use these different channels to allow you to be as close to me as technically possible and be as involved as you can be on this professional journey of mine. Everything cool and brilliant that happens to me, but also all the challenges and hardships. I think that’s the best way for me to reach and inspire others.
So that’s the decision made. No two ways about it.

When I got home with the kids, we played for a while and then we had dinner. Vegan-friendly tofu casserole and the children got chicken and broccoli with theirs, as well as rice and grated cauliflower, which I had with my portion. The children had a little bit of everything to be honest and mixed it all together.

Then we read some books and played with Play Doh until bedtime. I’ve just applied a face mask and will prepare some things for ”A Questions of Success”.
What do you think to my decision above? Sounds good?

  1. Savon skriver:

    Yes! I think it is the best choice, then you can really keep your voice (loud and clear).

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