Back to Stockholm

Last night we had a small team dinner at Concept 13, rooftop and kitchen, always a good combination. I had cauliflower for starter and ravioli with pumpkin and cashew nuts for main course. It was an evening filled with talk about strategy and visions, but also a great deal of laughter.

Linus, Patrik and Viktor. I wore the same Twist & Tango dress that I wore last Saturday. I love clothes that can lie in a suitcase without wrinkling.

We got to the hotel at 11pm and then I sat down to work for one more hour. Now I’m at the airport on my way back to Stockholm and the office. I bought the kids little motorcycles as a ”coming home present”, and I thought we could play with them after daycare today. That’ll be fun. It’s actually the day when we are about to meet again that my heart hurts the most. The hours seem to pass slower. My last meeting ends at 3pm so I’m picking them up after that, can’t wait.

Have a lovely Tuesday, choose your thoughts for the day. I myself choose calm to be able to handle and believe that everything that’s in my head will actually settle for the best, gratitude for getting two separate ways of living to work as one, and some excitement as the days always tend to offer something new and fun.

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