New Year’s Eve

This year was over in a heartbeat. Don’t think I’ve every experienced one year that passed by this fast, strange as it may sound. I think it’s because of Sally and the fact that you follow your child’s development every day. First they’re newborns and then all of a sudden they’re crawling around on the floor. That development really helps you grasp time, which can be pretty difficult otherwise. Today we got up early and started preparing for tonight. Odd has taken care of the food and I’ve been in charge of cleaning the house while the kids watched Gustav. Sally is so happy when she gets to spend time with her 2-year-old idol. We’re expecting our friends and family to come over at 4 (three families with children!) to start the celebration. Two families are spending the night so the house will be pretty full. So much fun! I really felt like an adult when I changed sheets in the beds and took fresh towels out.




I’m not sure about my outfit yet (last priority today) but I know I’m going for these beautiful earrings. Dark blue and gold, from Caroline Svedbom. Such a talented entrepreneur. I’ll talk to you on Instagram during the rest of the day! Hugs and kisses to all of you and a big thanks for following me throughout the year.