Hong Kong on Saturday

Today has been another fun day at the office and we’ve been preparing for our trip to Hong Kong on Saturday. This is a sales trip for LCC, reaching out to new retailers and distributors during one of the largest beauty fairs in the world. I think we have something in the region of 40 meetings lined up over those few days. As per usual, we have a hectic schedule, but I hope to do some sightseeing too and explore the city. I had a clothes fitting today too. As the climate is hot & humid in Hong Kong it could be quite challenging with the clothing collections over here deciding that it is autumn, i.e. chilly, in Sweden.

What else is happening this week? I’m starting recording my online series “A question of Success” tomorrow and on Friday I have a conference planned with LCC and socializing after work too. Great week, huh 🙂
By the way, you can read more about Nordic Tech House on Breakit!
Ok, so I need to head into my last meeting for today and then I’m picking the children up at 4pm.
I’m counting the minutes till I can see them. I’ve missed them soooo much.


Business on the go

In partnership with Gant

Today my partnership with Gant is being launched, which I’m so pleased and excited about. Gant has launched a collection called Tech Prep and I must say this is right up my street. Clothing that works perfectly for a hectic business life, always on the go and usually rushing between one appointment and the next. No creases, no sweat stains and you look just as lovely after a long day at work or a flight. Moreover, I feel really pretty in all these outfits.

Great garments and products that work well in my hectic lifestyle are crucial to me. Really, truly important. Like a shirt in which I feel just as pretty in despite the fact that I got out of bed at 5am this morning, travelled to another country and met important customers. I feel the same about deodorants. They should just work, no good with a product that doesn’t do what it’s meant to do and all the LCC products are developed to suit people on the go. Regardless of whether you are looking for a deodorant or a dry shampoo to give your hair a once-over.

You can see the entire campaign here!

In partnership with Gant


Nordic Tech House

My day has been jam-packed from the moment I landed at Arlanda airport this morning. Straight into a bunch of meetings that actually didn’t finish until 6.30pm. I’m not picking the children up until tomorrow afternoon though, so I didn’t have to rush back to the daycare centre. I am missing them both so much it hurts inside. Try to switch off, of course, telling myself that they have a fantastic dad and that I need to concentrate on my companies. Otherwise it is just too tough to handle. Löwengrip Invest will add another leg to their existing structure; namely Nordic Tech House. Right now, Löwengrip Invest is more of a media house that deals with my personal brand, the other two brands Flattered and LCC, and all social media. The investment leg is not the biggest part in Löwengrip Invest right now and although I would really like to increase that part, I don’t have time myself right now. That’s why we are going ahead with this new venture. I’ll tell you more about Nordic Tech House later, but you can have a look at the website and register for more info. I’m also thinking about changing the name Löwengrip Invest to something more appropriate. House of Löwengrip? The Löwengrip Company? Oh, it’s a difficult choice! What do you think? 

From top to toe in black today. I can see that my eyes can’t hide my sadness. The strength needed to go through a separation and divorce is almost inhuman. I am doing my best to focus on the future and have faith that everything will become easier and better with time.


Being a boss

Ahhhh, what a gorgeous mini-weekend! Finished the weekend at Väkst restaurant and that is definitely one of the best restaurants I have ever visited. Being veggie was sheer delight when they had so many yummy veggie dishes on offer. In my opinion, Väkst is better than 108, but I’d recommend them both. Before dinner, we walked all around the city and there was a Yoko Ono exhibition at Papirön (Paper Island), which was fabulous. The exhibition was called Wish Tree and the visitors could write little notes with their innermost wishes and hang them up in a tree. A brilliant idea that really inspired me.

Then I’ve read the interview that Damernas Värld magazine did with me. I was a little bit sad and upset when I saw the cover with the quote “My employees have rushed out of the office in tears.” Of course, that’s not the case and if anyone has followed me and my journey with the companies through the years, you would know that we have great fun together at the office and I am a supportive, encouraging manager that will do everything to make my employees thrive and love both their job and their workplace. My passion is to boost the people around me and this is one of my driving forces in life.

The situation that was exemplified was to do with an occasion many years ago. I can be very direct and rational and I gave someone feedback on a presentation that didn’t quite cut it; the individual in question took this personally and got upset. I learnt a lot from that and today I am much clearer with anyone that doesn’t know me well enough and I make sure they know that what I am about to say is always concerning their work or specific task, not the person as such. I have been managing people for a long time, 11 years as a boss by now, and I am constantly learning new things that make me a better leader. It’s not easy. When I became a mother for the first time, I became a much better manager, which I find really cool. Just about to board my flight to Stockholm after two days of revitalization and recuperation. I’ve made sure I have topped up on energy deep down into my soul, which makes me peaceful at the same time. Beautiful combo!


Recharging my soul

Woke up to such a beautiful view. I’m staying at Nimb hotel overlooking Tivoli right at the centre of Copenhagen and the location is perfect. We had dinner at 108 last night and today we’ve been strolling around the streets of Copenhagen and enjoyed a lovely lunch at Hummer in the Nyhavn area of the city. Delicious! I feel I need a dose of Copenhagen every now and then. Have spent the last few months trying to find out what my soul needs and actively ensure I do more of that. Healthy, wholesome routines, like a plant-based diet for instande is one thing that makes me feel good, and traveling is another. A change of scenery does me the world of good and I feel rejuvenated when I can soak up loads of inspiration.

Will be in touch again later, hugs!



I’ve dropped the childrem off at Odd’s and I’m at Arlanda waiting for my flight. Take-off supposed to be in half an hour if everything runs on time. I’ve realy missed Denmark and the city of Copenhagen, so it’ll be great to have two days there. I’ve booked a hotel I’ve heard tonnes of great things about and also read up on lots of restaurants that we want to visit. I’ll be hanging out with a friend who doesn’t want to be seen here on the blog, which is completely understandable.

Quality time for myself with the new issue of Elle magazine. Ohhh lovely! Hugs to you all.


Stockholm Archipelago

After picking the children up at daycare yesterday, we went out to Rådmansö in the Stockholm archipelago to have dinner at Sheila and Rasmus’. Rasmus is away this weekend, so it was nice to have some girlie time with Sheila. Lovely to play with our four kids and hang out all together, they’re such good friends and that warms my heart. Then we had Friday snuggles and cozy time indoors, put the kids to bed and then Sheila cooked a truly delicious dinner for the two of us. Sat up chatting until after midnight and put the world to rights. I crept into bed next to my fantastic children at 1am-ish and fell asleep with a smile on my face and felt a tremendous warmth and love all the way into my soul.

At 7am we we were all ready to get up. The kids have had a lazy morning in bed and Sheila and I have had a long, yummy breakfast without rushing anything. Luxurious Saturday moment. I’m due to drop the children off at Odd’s at 4pm and then I’m flying off to Copenhagen for a mini-weekend until Monday. So looking forward to that too!


Morning at home

This morning Pingis and Stefan came over to my house. He’s our Head of Operations. We had a steering committee meeting between 9am and 2pm. Next week we’ll have a meeting between the management team and the board. Talk about having a completely different administration and organization. Just amazing to see how fast we’re expanding. I often have flashbacks to when I was 16 years old and had rented my first office for Blondinbella Ltd. I was sitting there by my new desk from IKEA and was wondering where I would start and how I was supposed to get the company up and running. My business idea at the time was to sell ads on my blog, but I had no idea of how to do it. I studied half-days at the high school (Jensen Gymnasium) and spent every other waking hour at the office, but I was never nervous about the whole set-up or situation. I have always had the attitude that things have a tendency of solving themselves if you are stubborn and don’t give up easily. If you also manage to stay calm, it’s much easier to spot the opportunities and possibilities.

Same thing about the divorce actually. If you go through all the difficult, tough parts with a sense of tranquility inside, I find things are much easier to cope with and knowing how to act. I have never been panicked by the new situation and circumstances, but just kept a cool head, focused on solving potential issues and relied on my ability to cope with everything.

My beautiful colleague Pingis and I. She’s not wearing any makeup apart from a little bit of lipstick and she has always had amazing skin. Pingis has been a vegan for a long period of time now and that’s inspired me to be conscious of what I eat. After we finished our meeting, I went to the gym for a short workout and wind down mentally after the working week. Heading off to the daycare now to pick the kids up and then we’re driving out to Sheila’s summer cottage in the archipelago. Rasmus is away, so it’s just the two of us and the children. Lovely. I’m looking forward to driving my new Porsche a longer distance, haven’t had to fill it up yet. Love electricity!



In partnership with Natural Cycles

As many of you are already aware, I have invested in Natural Cycles and I also use this product myself. It started when we were planning our pregnancy with Sally and for the last two years, we have used it as a contraception. Natural Cycles have just launched their new fantastic concept – #yourcyclematters. This is to do with educating women about the topic of reproduction and health, as well as increasing awareness of why it is important to know your monthly cycle and how it works. Lots of things happen inside our bodies that we don’t see, such as ovulation, different cycle phases and hormones. Natural cycles is not just a contraception, but so much more than that. One part of that is presented in the #yourcyclematters initiative. By understanding how your menstrual cycle works you’ll learn why this is an effective contraception. That’s why I love their product and why I have supported their journey.

I make sure I keep a close eye on my cycle and I love being in control. That means I know exactly when I’m ovulating and when my PMS will start. I have stopped taking Premalex (PMS medication) as I am much happier and more content today, but when PMS strikes I know about it in advance. Usually, PMS happens a couple of days before my period comes and they are usually two days of anger, but as I know when they’re about to happen I don’t feel this is such a big thing, and I know it’ll pass. Well, anyway, that was just about me personally. Check this hashtag out on Instagram and you can read about it on the Natural Cycles website too. The company is growing really fast and expanding so much. They currently have customers in 126 different countries, which is just amazing.

In partnership with Natural Cycles


Couldn’t make it work tonight

Some evenings things just don’t work out the way you had planned. Taking longer than usual to put the children to bed, which then clashes with teleconferences I had got lined up. I cancel my telephone meeting, try for a second time to put the children to bed, they sense my stress, I forget to breathe with my tummy and end up with shallow breaths and then it all goes to pot. I have deadlines and emails to answer, but feel I have to prioritize now. One more teleconference at 10pm and then answer the emails where the lack of answer from me would mean that I stop a process that involves several other people. These are the most urgent things right now. I must never become a bottle neck in any of my companies. We are now 40 employees and our speed is out strength. After this is done, I’ll shut off for tonight. I obviously don’t have anyone here to help out and put the children to bed every other night, so if this procedure takes longer than usual or my work gets interrupted in the evening, then I can’t get everything finished off. I reckon it’s better to snuggle down next to the kids and finish everything in the morning instead. Sometimes this just happens and I just have to adapt.

Rush rush rush… Hugs to you all and good night!