Mommy reminder

We had a nice time at Linus’. We had a coffee and some pastries and then went for a swim. Every time I dress the children in swimwear and smear them with sunscreen, or take the wet swimwear off and wrap them in a towel, well, for some reason this always triggers an acute reminder of the fact that I’m a mommy. There’s something delicate and extremely beautiful about these situations, but I can’t quite explain why or how. Just is.
Maybe you have a theory about this? Care to share your thoughts?

The kids are asleep now and I want to do some yoga and then I need to tackle some more work stuff before going to bed. Have a nice evening and sleep tight!


Holiday funds

– In partnership with Collector Bank –

Summer vacation time for most Swedes during July and August and as many of you choose to travel abroad during the summer months, I want to mention a few things that might be good to bear in mind when it comes to money. Pingis and I brought this up in one of our EQnomics programs that we record with Collector Bank and Aftonbladet TV.

We talked about how important it is to pay for your trip with your credit card, because more or less all the credit cards offer your travel insurance for free if you pay for the trip with their credit card. That’s a really good deal if you, for example, have to go to a doctor or hospital abroad, as that could prove really expensive. Nor are you guaranteed to get any money paid out to you in arrears if you don’t have a really good travel insurance.

One question that often pops up when holidays are discussed is if you should choose to the local currency or Swedish Krona when you pay with your credit card. It is very rare that the Swedish Krona would be a better deal than the local currency as you usually get a better exchange rate if you choose the local currency. One clever trick is to compare different credit cards to see how much they add to each purchase when you buy things abroad. It can vary from 3% down to nothing at all. This applies to all purchases abroad, so you can really save a few bucks by doing your research!

My best tip when it comes to vacation and finances is to do a budget. Of course there has to be some room for spontaneity, but it is wise to try to estimate all the costs that might arise. Even the smaller amounts, because otherwise things could easily run amoc if you don’t have a plan to stick to.

And here’s the program where Pingis and I discuss holiday funds, if you want to catch it again.

– In partnership with Collector Bank –


Day trips

The days are going by so quickly. I picked up the kids on Sunday but it feels like yesterday. I love spending the holiday with them. We have so much fun together and are going on small adventures every day. Today we’re stopping by my friend Linus’ house (Or it’s his parents house, he’s dogsitting for them). There’s also horses there and a pool. Sally and Gillis will love it. Tomorrow we’re going to Sheila’s summer house. Perfect way to spend our vacation. On Sunday it’s time to leave the kids with Odd again, and on Monday I’m going to Mexico. I’m only staying until next Saturday (Getting the kids again on Sunday), but I’m looking forward to laying by the pool reading, workout, and spend time on the beach. I have a friend in the US that’ll come down to visit.

Vegan lunch with broccoli, walnuts, apple, and lots of other deliciousness. The kids had soy sausages and mash potato. Now we’re off to say hi to the horses!


Off to grandma’s

Michaela and Gustav stopped by right in time for breakfast this morning. We hung out in our PJ’s on the sunny patio. I’ve said it a thousand times before, but it’s just too good to be true to live next door my one of my best friends. I feel like I’m on a vacation abroad all the time. When it was lunch time we packed up our things and went over to my mom’s house. The kids love to be there. Then again they have two dogs and a hamster, so no wonder.

Now it’s lunch time, see you later!


Shared bedroom

I wanted to show you the last pics from our renovation upstairs. This is the children’s bedroom, all calm and tranquil without any toys lying about, just lots and lots of books! Thankfully the kids love books, love being read to and sharing a great story. Whenever they want to play, they can get stuck in to the pile of toys in the other room.

Wallpaper from Farmhouse, it’s called Fornasetti and is blueish green with wispy clouds. The rug is from Jotex.

I find the beds simply adorable and they too come from Farmhouse, as do the bedside tables.

Posters from Desenio, one with eyelashes and one with a fox

Bedside light from Jotex and the bedside tables are, as I mentioned before, from Farmhouse

… This is where Sally and Gillis fall asleep safe and sound every night :- )

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The National Museum of Science and Technology

I woke up around 7am this morning with one child on each side of me, nuzzling their little heads into me to “just cuddle a bit before breakfast”. We made breakfast and turned on Netflix. We always eat breakfast on the couch, that’s so cozy. After that we ran amuck in my walk in closet. Gillis and Sally tried on all of my shoes while I got dressed, it was really fun! Then we went to the National Museum of Science and Technology. That’s the best place to be on a rainy day (We even have a yearly membership there). I can definitely recommend you to pay a visit!

It was difficult to take photos since there were so many kids there, so here’s one of me instead. The letters on the necklace charms says S, G, and a <3. Now we’re a bit tired. The kids fell asleep in the car ride home so I’m taking the opportunity to update the blog and reply to some emails 🙂


Summer vacation Monday

We’ve had a lovely Monday together and have spent most of today outdoors. Popped over to Frida’s at lunch time and had a play date there, munched the world’s most delicious pie and then then kids played and splashed around in the pool. They carried on in the water for hours until their fingers as wrinkly as raisins. Drove home and lazed around on the terrace. Sally and Gillis did some drawing and crayoning etc, while I sorted our dinner and we even had that outside too. Veggie-style tomato & mushroom sauce with pasta. I usually cook vegetarian for the kids too as they get enough meat at their nursery and at Odd’s too. Once we’d finished our dinner, all their friends from the neighboring houses came over to ours and played around in our garden. A real summer evening for the kids, such a delight. All the kids running barefoot between all the gardens, laughing and giggling together.

Idyllic to say the least, this is what summer dreams are made of. 

Shoes from Henry Kole, shorts from Gant and a knitted top in cashmere from Soft Goat. Plans for tomorrow, well, I’d really like to go to the beach and have a picnic with the children, but the weather doesn’t seem to be quite as good tomorrow. Let’s see how all that pans out. Keeping my fingers crossed for bright blue skies and a warm, gentle breeze.
Have a lovely evening, y’all!


Garden time

We’ve had a lovely morning in the garden. It’s such a luxury to be able to walk out on the lawn. Now we’re going to some friends for lunch and play. See you later!

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Late night swim

Oh, they’re finally here. After I picked up the kids we went home and just hung out, played, talked, and had dinner. I snacked on some pieces of parmesan and olives while I was cooking, and Gillis and Sally loved it. I try to introduce new flavors and the kids are always curious to try out my new dishes.

After dinner we went to visit the horses by our house, but none of them was there. Instead, we walked to the beach and went for a spontaneous swim. The time was close to 7pm, but it’s vacation so it’s fine. You wanna enjoy the light summer nights too.

We took the bus for two stops home. Mostly because it’s an adventure. Once we arrived at the house we jumped into our PJ’s and laid down in the big bed to read The Three Billy Goats Gruff. I didn’t have any fresh formula/gruel (Milk based Swedish drink for children) drinks from Otto that Odd usually buys. The powder one did not work. When I saw how the kids were frowning at it I prepared for a long night. The wrong formula can be a disaster. However, Gillis just said; “Do you know what mom, maybe you can get the right formula tomorrow? I don’t need any tonight”. My 3.5 year old son always catches me off guard with his wisdom. A similar thing happened when we came home and he said; “Oh, how nice and clean it is here. You’re so good”. My little boy.

Also, during the holidays I’ll only post two times per day. Although at my Instastory there’s probably 15-20 updates so make sure to check it out 🙂


Picking up the kids

Sunday. I woke up by myself at 10am this morning. I can’t remember the last time I slept for nine hours straight. I went up, made breakfast, and went to the gym. It was so nice. I left feeling more harmonious and calm. I’ve discovered that my favorite exercise is interval training. I need to really push myself and get sweaty to feel relaxed. I came home, made lunch, and laid down on the bed to read. That’s one of my favorite things to do.

Now I’m gonna work for an hour before I pick up the kids. I’m good at postponing the feeling of missing them during the weeks, but the day I get to see them all emotions are coming at once. I keep on looking at the time, counting the minutes. Oh, soon I’ll have them for a whole week! Lovely.