Summer reading

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As you know, I love to read, especially now during the summer. I love to sit out in the sun with a cup of coffee and read for hours. That’s how I wind down and relax. I’m not the type of person who’s scrolling down Instagram or watch TV. I would much rather sit down with a good book. I love to read non-fiction and discover something new. Actually, rarely read novels. Although this summer I’m going to read I Maktens Öga by Per Schlingmann. I look forward to that. When I don’t have the opportunity to read normal books, I love to listen to audio books. It could be when I’m in the car, on a walk, or at the beach where I need to keep an eye on the kids.

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– In partnership with Nextory –


Unpersonal blog

I see that you wish for me to be more personal at the blog, but right now I just can’t. I’ve been going through one of the most difficult things in my life and I need to process it in my own time. It’s easy to look positive and happy in the blog, when really it’s a tornado inside of me. The first thing I did when I arrived at Fanny’s was to break down and cry. However, as soon as I show any emotions or share my thoughts and reflections it turns into an article. I don’t want that. I want to protect our children, Gillis and Sally. I don’t want them to find a bunch of articles about their parents and their breakup. I don’t want them to read about how sad we were, who’s fault it was, or rumors about new dates. We are their parents and Odd and I are struggling to keep our separation as private as we can.

The blog will therefore be less personal until I have processed it all. I understand it seems cold, and a lot of the times shallow. I’m just trying to keep it together. It’s only been two months since the divorce. That’s nothing. I struggle every day, and I hope you will understand.


Ted Talk tips

Good morning!

It’s 8am over here. I always get nervous when I look at my phone since I’m seven hours behind. Anything could’ve happened at home with the kids, friends, or work. Although everything is fine. Last night we went out to dinner at a restaurant called Catch. I ordered the sashimi with truffles and lobster rolls. It was amazing. It was an early night, and when I came back to the hotel around 11:30pm I stayed up way too late reading. I already finished reading Flashboys and Störst av allt. Two great novels. Now I’m going to continue reading Homo Deus. I also watch Ted Talks. I saw one good clip with Tim Ferris about conquering your fears, and another one with Anne Lamott about what she learned in life. Just a little tip.

Dress from &Other Stories. Now it’s time for breakfast and after that I’m going out swimming. Hugs to you guys.



When I opened my eyes this morning I realized that Oh, I’m at Fanny’s place! I got up into her room and said good morning. We barely got the chance to talk yesterday because I arrived late at night and fell asleep right away. Fanny made a tuna sallad for breakfast and then we drank coffe and went through lifes current situation. It feels amazing to be here. You’ll have to put up with fewer posts during the vacation (which it already is) but in augusti everything will be back to normal. Or, normal I wouldn’t say, something will happen with the blog during the fall.

Very exciting!

Have a nice day 🙂



… And the bags are packed! The taxi will take me to Arlanda Airport soon. I’m early as always, but that’s because I wanna check out our Löwengrip Care & Color shelves. I’m flying to New York where I’ll catch a connecting flight to Mexico. It’s so convenient. Flying business class is an experience in itself and I’ll take the opportunity to read and listen to Ted Talks. I’ll arrive at Fanny’s late tonight, and I’m really looking forward to spending a few days together. If you want more updates about my day follow me on Instastory.

Shirt from By Malene Birger, skirt from Stylein, and shoed from & Other Stories

So sad today

Sally has fallen asleep next to me on the sofa, Gillis has snuggled down by my feet. He’s watching a film and I’m reading. We’ve been out all morning, had fun with our neighbors, played lots of different games and then we’ve had lunch on our veranda. Blissful summer heat. I’m dropping the kids off at Odd’s at 4pm-ish and after that I’ve got exercise on my agenda, and dinner with a person I haven’t seen for years; Gina Dirawi. I love her music, LOVE is constantly played on repeat in our house.

At the moment I have two books on the go at the same time, Homo Deus is one of them and then this one. Two completely different genres and I like the way they encourage me to think differently, use different parts of the brain, encourage new thoughts and I also love the variation. So sad today are Melissa Broder’s personal essays. Thoughts and reflections from her live and relationships. It is entertaining, but also pretty dark. I realize that I usually (well, nearly all the time) see things from the bright side of life. I suppose this is an occupational hazard with my sort of lifestyle, hectic work environment, busy schedule etc and I don’t have time to dwell on things too much. The upside is that I’m quick to move on and find solutions, make sure I learn from my mistakes and take it from there. That is why it’s interesting, and quite comforting and pleasant, to read about someone else’s dwelling and brooding. I rarely think of life as something negative or hard work. My overall feeling is always gratitude (and inquisitiveness), which might make me more likely to see the beauty and good stuff in everything that happens to me or around me. I definitely recommend the book, whatever outlook on life you might have personally.


Some evening work

We got home from Rasmus & Sheila’s country cottage fairly late in the afternoon. The kids are going to Odd’s tomorrow, so I wanted to have a nice cozy Saturday night with just the three of us at home. After I put the children to bed I took a seat outside and started working, but that eventually turned a bit too chilly, which of course is the perfect excuse to have a bath break. Back to my job tasks now though, but working from the bedroom. Salaries to authorize and some other administrative stuff. I can get all that done tomorrow to be honest, but I’m going to dinner tomorrow and pack for my Mexico trip on Monday, so I thought I’m better off just getting it done. I can see in the comments field that you are wondering about Mexico and I can tell you that I’ll be staying at Fanny’s, because she has rented gorgeous accommodation over there for more just over a month.

I’m really looking forward to a few days off all by myself. The first week of July, I attended the week in Almedalen, which was incredibly busy, social and jam-packed with events and seminars. And this week I’ve been hanging out with Sally and Gillis and taking care of them all by myself, which is also absolutely delightful (not to mention great fun too!), but it is exhausting and hard work at times. So these days in Mexico will be my first (and only) vacation days all to myself. Ohhhhh, I’ll be stocking up on sleep, I’ll have time to read, to do some exercise, to eat yummilicious food and have time to really boost my friendship with Fanny. Wonderful!


Our morning

Coffee, morning sunshine, reading Alfons books, loooooong leisurely breakfast, yoga, a visit to a farm shop “Bondens Bod”, taking a look at the friendly horses and then munching some ice cream. Our Saturday morning in the beautiful archipelago has been simply wonderful!

This is Gräddö harbor and we’re hungry again, so reckon we’ll have lunch very shortly. Enjoy your day whatever you’re up to.


At Sheila’s

We’ve had a good day at Sheila’s. All four kids have been splashing around in the water and even had a proper dip. After dinner we arranged a mini disco with disco ball and popcorn in front of Madagaskar. Such a superb day, just hanging out and having a great time with our friends. We’re certainly enjoying our summer hols to the maximimum. 

Swimsuit from & Other Stories

Our eldest. Awwww bless! All kids are asleep now, dessert time for us adults. Yummy, can’t wait 🙂  


To the archipelago!

Now we’re off to the archipelago to hang out with my best friend Sheila and her family in their summer house. We’re gonna swim, play, drink some wine, and have late night conversations after the kid’s bedtime. It’s going to be great!

Sally is looking summerish in a dress from Marmar.