Creative Souls

Something I really appreciate with my job is surrounding myself with people who are so good with design, layout and art work. I’m a creative soul and I love everything beautiful but I know nothing about colour and form compared to some of the people here. In all companies I’m co-owner of, I have coworkers who are extremely sharp and passionate about what they do which makes me proud. My job as founder/co-owner which makes it possible for each person to really grow (at the same time, of course it needs to be economically sustainable but it’s not always that works :-) ).

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In Flattered we have an incredible designer who designs all our shoes. I always enjoy it when I see the form and how it’s then shaped. Perfection!

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I will live in these pointy heels!

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Elin Alemdar who is the founder of Stylein is also absolutely fantastic at cutting. Both our brands were being shown at Revolver in Copenhagen last week and got an amazing response from retailers all around the world.

Img 2666.jpg
Img 2664.jpg

Then, I have the possibility to work with Sascha who plans my outfits. Above, you’ll see the inspiration for my fall-wardrobe. Today Sascha is sketching outfits which our seamstress then sew. Sascha is also part of the team behind Hermine Hold. Another Team I’m grateful is our bureau Good Luck Have Fun who develop all the visual, they made the design for new Löwengrip.

I realised as an 18-year-old, when I started my clothing brand Classified, that design wasn’t my strongest skill. As an entrepreneur, you need to quickly realist what you’re good at and what you’re not good at so you work from that. My strategi when we’re building companies is that each role needs to be filled by a person who really loves what they’re doing. When you’re passionate you’re always going the extra mile, you do more because you really enjoy it. Then imagine that you have a whole company where everyone is equally passionate – it sometimes means you run a bit faster compared to companies where everyone just half enjoys themselves.

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