LCC conference

All our Löwengrip Care & Color conferences are always great fun. Today 20 of us (we’re missing 2 on maternity leave and vacation) have gathered at GT30 as we can’t all squeeze into the conference room at the office. What is new this time around is that we have Stefan, our new fantastic COO, getting everything started this morning. It’s really cool for Pingis and myself to have a manager that takes care of the daily business and operations. He is actually the complete opposite to us, i.e. calm and extremely structured in his approach, which complements us two perfectly. Two owners always on the go, always pushing the pedal to the medal so to speak, so we need him to keep everything steady.

LCC is now available in all pharmacies in Sweden, which means approx 1,500 establishments (!). We are today the fastest growing beauty brand in Sweden, which we are extremely proud of. Within 24 months we will have a turnover of 100 million SEK. There are nowhere near enough women in the world that have built a company of that size without taking in external capital and funding along the way and not inherited the company either. But hopefully, Pingis and I will inspire more women to want to do the same courageous journey, because it is so exciting and great fun!


Spreading the risk

Something I’ve always kept in mind over the years, especially as an entrepreneur, is to never get stuck or just sell my own work hour by hour. It’s easy to fall into that trap, especially if you are your own personal brand. Like when I was younger and did a bunch of lectures, then the biggest chunk of income was directly related to how many hours I had put in. And how many hours I could squeeze into a day. That was both limiting and, as I’ve realized now, a lot of risks associated with that behaviour too. So putting have my eggs in different baskets have become a strategy for me and I’ve stuck with that theory for a long time now, but of course, from time to time, something can happen that rocks the boat. As a teenager, I had far too many companies on the go at the same time and they were all in the start-up phase. I couldn’t focus enough on each individual company and I hadn’t been in the game long enough to know how to lead and manage personnel, so that each company could grow without me. I became a bottleneck in all sorts of areas, which meant nothing could flourish properly.

Thinking I needed to spread the risk was still good as a theory and my ability to let go of projects/companies that for some reason haven’t taken off has made it possible for me to finish certain things off and moving on pretty fast. As I am running a whole group of companies today, this means a completely different kind of security. If one company struggles for a short period of time, or perhaps needs to invest some money into a certain area, it’s not the end of the world because another company can balance the books so to speak, albeit short-term. The target I have nowadays is to create an ecosystem in every single one of my ventures so that each company can get as much goodness and help out of each other and find synergies. We need that now more than ever when we are growing abroad in various markets. The difficulty is that this involves different co-owners with different time constraints and the number of staff members keeps on growing. The time constraint becomes an issue for me personally and I’m depending more and more on empowered, ambitious staff members and great leaders and managers in all the different businesses and departments. When we first started, we could all sit comfortably in the same conference room at the office and Pingis and my energy got everyone going. Nowadays I no longer even see everyone on a daily basis, so we depend on more people to carry this energy forth and spread the vibes and drive throughout all the firms. Even when Pingis and I aren’t around.

I sometimes get the feeling I’m not enough, especially with two children and friendships I want to maintain. But that is probably a sensation that will stay with me and that I will always to some extent carry within. A little trick I use is to always have a smile on my face. Every day and with every task or situation. Sounds like a cliché, but the sense of gratitude will beat the feeling of insufficiency hands down and then I automatically get a better feeling in my body.

Knitted sweater and trousers from Stylein


Let’s go!

I’ve had a Friday feeling all day today, probably because I’ve had the children since lunchtime and all afternoon. It is, of course, Friday tomorrow and we have a conference lined up with the entire LCC team, followed by a social get-together in the evening for all the employees. It’s been a long time since we all got together to celebrate, so I’m looking forward to that, to be honest. I mustn’t stay out too late though, because a few of us are jetting off to Hong Kong on Saturday just after lunch. The goal of this trip is to build some relationships and start the sales process for LCC. We have 40 meetings booked with different retailers and distributors. And I’m also doing some PR when we’re there too. Exhilirating! To think that we just set this target for ourselves a year ago that we would grow internationally and we have certainly started that journey. We’re actually going for it. Everything is possible if the will, desire and drive are there.

Our Brand Manager Hannah and I do live broadcasts on Instagram every now and then. She’s been a part of LCC since day one, yay!


The memory guide

– In partnership with Trygg-Hansa –

A while ago, I told you about all the mementos and memories we have at home in terms of pictures and film clips from when Gillis and Sally were newborn babies. It would be a nightmare for me if all of that disappeared in a fire or something similarly disastrous. I’m sure many people would feel exactly the same, which is why Trygg-Hansa has developed a service they call “Minnesmolnet” (the memory cloud). Many of the memories we have got with the kids are already digital, because we’ve been snap happy with our digital camera or our mobiles, but for any material that might not be digital Trygg-Hansa has also created a memory guide, where you could find simple tips on how to transform old memories into something digital. What you, for instance, could do with old diplomas or yellowing photographies of relatives. Even VHS tapes and old cassette tapes can be digitalized and uploaded into the memory cloud. Seize the moment and get on with this before your precious cassette tape breaks or something is lost in a move between two houses. You’ll find more info about the memory guide here.

You will be given 250GB with Trygg-Hansa and this is completely for free for the first year, after that you will be charged 29 SEK/month. A valuable investment without it costing you much money every month. At least then you can be sure that your memories are safe and sound, in the event of a fire or such like in your home.

– In partnership with Trygg-Hansa –



At noon-ish today, the children and I went to Cosmonova. It was their first time there and we were all equally excited. We watched The Animals of Africa, which lasted for about 20 minutes, absolutely perfect for their age group. The verdict from Gillis was “Elephants are funny, the crocs were scary and there weren’t enough lions”. After that short movie, we took a look around the different exhibitions and had an ice cream afterwards too.

The best room out of the whole lot was the room with the dinosaurs. There was also a room with sand and brushes, so that you could pretend to be an archeologist searching for skeleton parts and fossils.

I found the visit to the Natural History Museum just as amazing. Mainly because it brought back all the fantastic memories I had when I visited the museum with my dad when I was a child. Felt really quite special to bring my two little sweethearts today.



The daycare center is shut for inset day today, which sadly clashed with the all-day meeting I had planned with our board member Jonas Palm. Jonas has come over from Verbier for this meeting, so it is, of course, important that I get to sit down with him, but I managed to solve this by arranging a babysitter up to 11.30am and then I’ll take care of the kids this afternoon and the business will have to cope without me. This is the kind of stuff that happens from time to time and you just have to go with the flow. At least I have something really great lined up with the kids this afternoon, so I’m excited about that.

Throwback Thursday with an image from my Paris trip a few weeks ago. Clothes from Custommade (adlink) and shoes from & Other Stories (adlink).


A fantastic team!

What a day! Everything went really smoothly and we had such a fantastic flow. I work with true professionals for this YouTube series. Rachel is also an inspirational person to listen to, who always has an interesting angle on things. I took her thoughts about reflection to heart. The importance of finding space & time for yourself and “chuck out all the bad stuff”. I usually just grit my teeth, swallow hard and move on. I hate whinging and whining, so I think I have managed to erase this behavior altogether, weird as it may sound. I never whinge, because I want to avoid negative thoughts. But she does have a point. I can see how it would benefit you to get rid of all the emotions and thoughts that are bothering you, and then you have the opportunity to learn from that and evolve. Promised myself to get better at that.

On top of Spotify’s roof. Fantastic view over Stockholm. The earlier scenes were recorded at my favorite hotel At Six. Off to the daycare center to pick up two very cool kids!


The first episode

Today is a really exciting day for me as I’m recording the first episode of “A question of Success”. I had trouble falling asleep yesterday with all the thoughts buzzing around in my head. Not nervousness as such, but tonnes of adrenalin and excited anticipation, which makes it hard to settle down and fall asleep. This is a big thing for me, to have my own online show. It’s been one of my goals for a long time and now it is actually happening. The idea is to get together with people who have made an impression on me and to then talk to them about success, personal victories and hardships. This is a way of highlighting how challenging it might be to fight for your dreams, but also show that it’s definitely worth the heartache and temporary pain. Hopefully it’ll inspire you to stick with what makes your heart pound and not give up! 

Can you spot who the first guest is? Rachel Brathen!


The children are home

So pleased to pick the kids up this afternoon. We went to the park and played for a while before we went home for dinner. We actually sat down and had dinner for 50 whole minutes, which is such a long period of time for a child. The children and I talked about lots of different things, tried new flavors like different tofu varieties and hard cheeses and then we finished off with ice cream for dessert. One of the best meals I’ve had for a long time.

The children got dressed up as Spiderman as soon as we walked through the door. Read a story at 7pm and then I put them to bed. I have some work to do in my home office, but will treat myself to a bar of dark chocolate (85%) and I’ll make a matcha latte too. Quite looking forward to a late evening workathon.

But shower and face mask first!


Credit cards are safer

– In partnership with Collector Bank –

Every time I’ve written a blog post about credit cards, the comments have been flooding. Some feel credit cards always become a debt trap. Many also question how I can recommend credit cards when I talk about being careful and responsible when it comes to finances and household economy. So I want to clarify a few things. I absolutely feel that credit cards are a good thing, as long as you don’t end up spending more than what you have. You need to live within your means and pay your credit card bills on time. If you keep an eye on how much your spending and how much you’re earning, I can’t see any problems with using a credit card at a checkout.

I personally feel that a credit card gives me better control of my expenses as there is a limit for how much I can spend. I also know exactly what I have bought and I can check that nothing has been deducted from my card by mistake. If you have Collector Easyliving you can always see your purchases straight away in the app and once a month, you’ll be sent a monthly bill, which clearly outlines all your purchases.

Another common misunderstanding is that credit cards aren’t safe to use, because fraudsters could get hold of your sensitive information. Sure, that does happen occasionally, I too have had my card details stolen. But unlike someone stealing cash from you, the chances are you actually get your money back. You don’t even have to be out of pocket while the investigation is going on! The fact is that credit cards are safer to use than an ordinary bank card, which is linked to your current account. That is why I always use credit cards on my trips abroad. If you pay with Collector Easyliving you won’t have to pay any additional fees for currency exchange.

Many credit cards are fully loaded with benefits and insurance. If you choose Collector Easyliving, travel insurance and cancellation insurance if you have booked your trip with your credit card. It also includes event insurance and multi risk insurance, as well as delivery guarantee if you buy something online.

My top tips when it comes to credit cards are as follow:

1. When you apply for a credit card, apply for a credit limit that suits your economy. If the expenses are capped at a level that’s really too high for you, it might lead to over-consumption.

2. Compare different credit cards and choose one with great benefits, which suit your lifestyle and your everyday life.

3. Make sure it’s easy for you to keep an eye on or control your spending. Collector Easyliving has a clever, easy-to-use app, where you can see your current balance straight away.

4. Don’t pay more than you need to. When you’re due to travel abroad, choose a card that doesn’t charge you hefty fees for currency exchange.

5. Book your trip abroad with a card that provides you with both travel insurance and cancellation insurance, so that you don’t have to apply for any extra insurance.

For you to get an even better deal, Collector Bank is giving you the annual fee (value 195 SEK) for the first year entirely free of charge if you sign up to their credit card Easyliving. Just enter COLLBELLA when it prompts you. You can read more about the card Klicka here.

– In partnership with Collector Bank –