The Diabetes gala

Yesterday I attended the Diabetes gala in Stockholm. I was so happy to be there because quite honestly, my knowledge about diabetes has been far too small. Five people die of diabetes every day in Sweden. That is absolutely horrible. I learned the difference between type 1 and type 2, and that you never should give a unconscious person who has diabetes an insulin syringe (which I thought you should do). Instead you should call 112 and rub something sweet on their gums, honey for example. I did not know that you had to wake your kid up in the middle of the night to give them diabetes injections. Honestly, I did not know that it was a fight against death every day. It moved me greatly. MTG is behind the initiative of the Diabetes gala and it felt incredibly important to be there. Last night you could call and donate money to Diabetesfonden.

In a teotoki last night, heels By Malene Birger

Me and my friend Caroline who works at MTG.

If you have kids with diabetes, please comment and tell me more. What does your everyday look like?


A nightmare

It’s difficult to focus 100% on work when there is a lot going on in your personal life. You know that I sometimes mention that I receive threats. It’s something that comes and goes, and it has been that way for some years now. I am going through one of those tough periods now. Last Friday night when I was at the ice hockey match, I received a call from the security company I work with telling me that a situation had occurred. So, before I picked the kids up on Saturday, we had to go through my safety routines. I have a secure home, an alarm system and at times I have a guard with me. I might as well be open about it because when we are dealing with something else than just the “regular weirdo”, I want them to know that I am the wrong person to mess with.

I have had a hard time focusing since last Friday, it’s inhumane to live under circumstances like these. It’s a stress that permeates everything I do and it makes me distracted and easily annoyed. The kids are with their dad, I have company at home this week and I work closely with the security company. We are doing all that we can right now. I can’t just take a break and go on a trip somewhere, and I don’t want to. I have companies to run and I must be allowed to do that. But, if the blog posts are somewhat less personal right now, you know why. I am doing my best. Sometimes I wonder how much a person can cope with, if it’s not a divorce, it’s someone that wants to hurt me.

Jacket Ivy & Oak (adlink), blouse Mayla, jeans Toteme (adlink) and shoes Flattered

Morning meeting with Hermine who is LCC’s digital manager. It’s so great to have her on our team after working for 25 years at Elle. Hermine brings new approaches every day on content and everything creative. I love working with talented people like her.


Care of a sick child (VAB)

Sally was not quite well last night so I decided to stay at home with her today. No fever fortunately, but she’s still unwell. She is feeling better today, but I don’t think that she would have managed a full day (8.30am-4pm) at daycare. I asked Gillis what he wanted to do and he wanted to spend time with us. I had to cancel the press lunch today and reschedule a few meetings, and I will miss the Mama gala. But I did not intend to go anyway. After a week without the kids I don’t feel like having a baby sitter here. When Gillis was younger, I got a bad conscience when I had to reschedule meetings because I needed to stay at home and take care of him. Today that’s no big deal. That’s life and everything can be rescheduled. I love my job, it’s my biggest passion, but I do have a quite relaxed attitude about it. I am not a person that feels bad if I do not perform or a person that dwells over matters. I work this way because it’s so much fun.

You sometimes ask me about who is helping me with the pictures for the blog. Since the divorce when my ex husband moved out, I have had help here at home. Making life work with the house, the kids and the companies that are growing rapidly (almost 100 millions in turnover for my three and forty employees), is not possible. This way I can spend my time and energy on my kids and my job. Now we are going out for some air. By the way, tonight at 8pm the first episode of my online series will be available here on the blog. So exciting! Have a lovely Monday 🙂


So cozy

Last night at 11pm, Sally got some extra energy like you sometimes do after a day with fever. She went downstairs, snuggled up with me on the sofa and fell asleep. It was so cozy to lie there, lit candles everywhere, snuggled up with my daughter and watching the movie Amelie. At 12.30am I carried my kids over to the big bed and we fell asleep together. Today Sally is free from fever (seems to have been a classic 48 hour fever), but today will be a calm and quiet day in order for her to recover fully. I might keep the kids at home tomorrow, depending on how they feel. I have a plan B if that is the case. I will be hosting a press lunch for my new online series, but the rest I can reschedule.

I began my morning with a super smoothie. One deciliter frozen mango, grated fresh ginger, a teaspoon turmeric, a splash of almond milk and some coconut oil.

After breakfast, we snuggled up on the sofa and watched Finding Nemo. The house is clean and the candles are lit. Despite the illness, this is probably the best day of the week.


Our Saturday together

I received a feverish Sally today, she has wanted to be close to me all day. I have made smoothies and given her some ice cream for the sake of hydration. Gillis would probably have liked to be more active today but he had to stay home for Sally’s sake. We have played with cars, painted, practiced English and read a book about birds and looked them up on YouTube afterwards. The woodpecker and the buzzard were our favorites.

As early as 4pm we put on our pajamas and snuggled up on the sofa. We took out the ice cream and brought our duvets downstairs. A very cozy day and evening despite the fever. The kids are asleep now and I have poured myself a glass of red wine and made some popcorn with truffle oil. Now I am going to work for a while and after that I will do some reading and watch the documentary about Diana on Netflix.

Have a nice Saturday!


New lamps

In partnership with Sävedalens Belysning

Oh, how lovely it was to wake up in my own house this morning. I love living here, especially since I have made the house feel more like us (the kids and I).

The stairs have gotten a new look. Slippers from Flattered.

The lamp has been switched to one from Sävedalens Belysning (adlink). I love it, it fits perfectly. I want more of a hotel feeling in the house regarding decor. Now the upstairs is more like than and the downstairs is more minimalist. Slowly but surely changes are happening. It is becoming more snug and cozy.

My WIC has gotten new spotlights (adlink)

I went on a long nice walk this morning. Then I made a salad with hazelnut tofu (from Astrid & Aporna) and spinach, broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes and avocado. Now I am going to pick up my beloved kids. My heart is pounding and it feels like it is beating extra hard because I miss them so much. Last time I saw them was a week ago. Now, a cozy Saturday with books and a lot of cuddles awaits.

In partnership with Sävedalens Belysning


Shoes and ice hockey

Last night was great fun! Talk about contrasts, from a night flight from Riyadh to ice hockey in the Globe. Nicole and I met up at 4pm to go to the store Jackie in Fältöversten mall. Inuikii hoasted an event there and I took the opportunity to show Flattered as well. I am so impressed by the staff at Jackie, the company is growing at record speed. Then I could not help falling in love with everything they sell, a coat from Max Mara especially caught my eye. Do you remember my gray one that disappeared in the move from town? Anyways, now I bought a black and amazing one. However, I did not think about where I was going afterwards, a hockey game with beer and popcorn it is not the best place to be for a new coat of that kind. The coat made it through the game though. Phew!

When we got to the Globe, Nicole’s Peter met up with us, and I got a chance to say hi to Joe Sakic. Afterwards we had dinner and went down to the ice to see the game. What an ambiance! I am no fan of ice hockey really, but this was very exciting. After the game we went to Grand hotel for a drink.

…today I am going to pick the kids up, yay!


Sneak peek

On Monday night, the first episode of A Quest for success will be released. Today I thought that I would show you a little sneak peek of the series. The first guest is Alexander Bard. The main objective of the series is that you will get to know different perspectives of success and the sacrifices needed to reach it. Some parts you will be able to relate to, others not. Some people you might reassess your thoughts about, and some might only strengthen the image you had of them. In any case, I want to give you an opportunity to broaden that image by providing you with new approaches and perspectives. Bard and I had an interesting talk about the future, power, openness and upbringing. So, here is a sneak peek. You can see the whole episode on Monday night!


Beauty pit stop at home

We landed at 6.30am. I bought myself a strong cappuccino with oat milk and jumped into the taxi that was waiting for me. I went home, threw my clothes off, ran a hot bath, put on a face mask and lit some candles. I turned on an episode of the podcast “Veckans Bläcka” and slid into the warm water. I got a flashback from the last time I listened to Veckans Bläcka. I was walking about Kungsholmen with a newborn Sally. I was married and lived in a maisonette that I loved. Now my life is completely different. It is sad and wonderful at the same time. It is so strange that you can feel those feelings at the same time.

When you have a busy period like this your soul can’t quite keep up with you. That is why I like to come home after a long trip and try to physically and mentally understand that I am “home again”. During the first minutes of Veckans Bläcka I got nervous that I would turn sad thinking of all these memories. That sometimes happen when something reminds you of a certain period of time. I listened to my body, felt a little sting, but then it went away and I laughed with Jennie and Karin.

Shower Oil from LCC, bathing products from Bamford. I love everything peppermint.

With a mud mask that I am trying from one of our factories. My skin always gets bad after a flight and now I have made four trips in five days. I removed my make-up last night and generously applied serum and a moisturizing face mask from LCC. The one above is more cleansing and calming. Now I am going to answer some emails, make lunch and then go to the office at 1pm. Tonight I am going to a ice hockey game with Nicole and Peter, it will be fun! But before that I will be attending an event at the store Jackie, both Nicole and I sell our shoes there.


Overnight flight home

Pingis and I are waiting for our night flight home to Stockholm. We flew from Riyadh at 6pm local time and have had four hours at the airport in Dubai. Perfect for us to have time to catch up with a bit of work. The plane leaves at 2am (six hours in the air). Then we need to get into the office, but I will scoot past my house first to have a shower and freshen up. Pingis and I have well-matched when it comes to our same energy level, which is great. But I can be quite hard work to travel with us as we have a very fast pace, jam-packed schedule, and as much time as possible is spent awake and very few hours of sleep, but it works for us. We have the relationship where we can zoom in and out of our relationship. Sometimes we talk lots, then one of us can say “nope, now I need to have some time alone” and then we both take out a set of headphones or a book. Simple and straightforward.

Ready for this overnight flight in soft leisure wear from Ralph Lauren. I’ve read all your comments and of course Saudi isn’t the optimal country from a female perspective. It is not juste or fair at all, but I wanted to highlight that the society is changing. I noticed several different types of clashes, I went to the gym in the hotel early in the morning, but wasn’t allowed to exercise because I’m a woman. Then I asked if I could go for a jog outdoors in my abaya, but women are not allowed to run. I sat down at an outdoor cafe, while Pingis went inside to buy a coffee, but this cafe was apparently only for men, so I had to move. On the flight from Riyadh, I was walking around in my own little bubble, like I quite often do, and eventually a man taps me on the shoulder and says “Excuse me, you’re in the wrong queue. Sorry”. I was standing in the middle of a group of men in the male queue for the security check. The women had their own queue. Every time I have done something wrong, all the men have been embarrassed of having to point out to me that I’ve done something wrong. Everyone have been incredibly friendly, great and hospitable.

Instead of getting really mad, I’ve just accepted the situation. If I am to make a difference in this country, it is not the abaya I should make into an argument nor the fact that I had to swap queues. I want to make this joint venture happen with Glowork (helps women to get into employment) and vc-fund to help build and invest female entrepreneurship in Saudi. I want to establish LCC, hire women for a local office there. I want to build up the Economista concept there and educate women in personal finances & household economy and basic start-your-own-firm courses. The government are putting a lot of effort and money into getting Saudi women to work and run companies, which was very evident. I would love to be part of that journey.