Sally’s new phase

Sally’s new thing is waking up every ten minutes between 11 pm and 3 am. Why?! I just don’t get it! It’s been going on for several nights now and I have to practice prophylactic breathing to make sure I don’t lose it. On top of this Gillis wakes up screaming in the middle of the nights, so there are two kids to take care of every night. Gillis also doesn’t want me to help him go back to sleep which means I’m the one taking full responsibility for Sally. Makes it a little easier but it doesn’t make me less tired. Today it’s like I’m cross-eyed. Odd saved the day by taking Sally from 7-9:30 though so I could get some rest.

Hello concealer and strong espresso! I love you both a little extra today. Now we’re waiting for Gillis’ godparent Fredrik, Fredrik’s parents and his little pug Christian (the dog we had to give away a while ago) to come over. Unfortunately I’m so incredibly allergic to this little dog so we can’t take him inside the house, but our garage is warm so I’ll arrange some nice space for him in there. That way Gillis can still play with him before we go bananas outside.


Tuesday with us

I bought these ski pants from Peak Performance thinking I’ll wear them out in countless amounts of ski slopes and look really slick at all after skis. You don’t really get a proper understanding of what they look like on this picture, but they’re pretty thin and tight but yet super warm. I’ve only gotten one occasion to make use of them though – a ski trip to Åre during my single years. On the other hand they’re perfect for days like these! Feels like one of my best investments now when I’m a frequent visitor of sledding slopes. Still wondering why I keep calling them thermo pants though. In Sweden most people call it “cover pants”.


Jacket from Woolrich. My rubber boots are lined too – like a pro. Gillis winter overall is from Ticket to Heaven and he’s wearing Rubber Ducks on his feet. They’re great walking shoes. I noticed Gillis got a little red on his cheeks because of the cold, so I think I’ll get him one of those collars from Polarn och Pyret. They cover most of the cheek don’t they?


It was really cold today! But cold weather doesn’t bother me. I choose team Winter over Summer every time. I think that might have something to do with the fact that I’m always warm and tend to sweat easily.


After our outdoors-session I had a chiropractor coming over cracking my back and neck. The initial plan was that both me and Odd should get treatment, but since he’s still feeling a bit sick we decided it was better to leave his session for later. Too bad… Then I cooked (I cook during weekdays, using the simple recipes we get delivered in our grocery bag) and the kids got some playtime together. Gillis is teaching Sally how to ride his four-wheeler (the one from Claes Ohlsson he got for Christmas, costed 500 kronor, best gift ever it seems). After her first try she refused to let go of it for 30 minutes (and that’s forever in terms of baby-time). She’s in the driver’s seat and Gillis pushes the ON button and helps her drive. I joined them for a while and held Sally while she was driving so Gillis could drive around in his own car. It all resulted in a classic race in the hallway.


Sally, eight months. Living on the wild side…


Product Design and curtains

Today was a lot like yesterday. Odd is still feeling a bit under the weather, so I left the office early. Hannah just started to look over our new product design. We’re meeting with our design firm on Friday to discuss the new look of LCC’s products. We’ve gotten some feedback saying it would be smart to make more of a difference between the shampoo- and conditioner packaging, so that’s one thing we’re keeping in mind when developing the new design.

Fun, but a little shaky!

Hannah in action

This is what I came home to. A husband and two kids watching… Modern Family. How does he do it? When I’m home with the kids I build towers out of cookware and put my heart and soul into playing. Could I seriously just turn Dragons’ Den on?!

Ida just got here to test-hang the curtains that arrived yesterday. We weren’t satisfied with the first version we had delivered so we had so send them back. They didn’t look anything like on the picture… Now we’re choosing between two new ones!


Contour what?

I had a tough time falling asleep last night so I gave myself some time to read other blogs. Contouring is certainly a hot topic that pretty much everyone writes about which made me feel a little behind. I’ve completely missed out on this makeup-trend. Contour kits here and contour kits there or how to shade your brows the best possible way after your facial shape. Advanced stuff. I also realized you don’t just use a simple pen to do your brows nowadays. You use expensive palettes with thousand brow powders, wax and stencils (?) to get the perfect shape. I like the thought of that though. But, when did all this happen? How do people find the time? Is this a part of a daily routine or just for special occasions?

I feel so old. One part of me wants to roll my eyes while another wants to order a super-mega-brow-kit from the U.S. and fill in my brows forever. Want to see the makeup I use every day? Stay tuned…


Foundation from Lumene, concealer from Laura Mercier, powder from Idun, brow pencil from Idun and babylips that I use as cream blush AND for my lips. Simple or depressing? I haven’t used mascara for a while because of my lash extensions, but I usually use our mascara from LCC. I can’t say exactly when I went from having this huge makeup bag to this moderate selection. Was it during the same time as I packed down my designer hand bags maybe? I think 2016 will be the year for some new makeup-treats. As L’Oréal would have put it – Because I’m worth it. I’ve never fully understood that line, but now I do. My old me would’ve said “What do you mean worth it? You’re always worth stuff”. I guess you do change after all!


Hello there Balenciaga

Just got home from mom. The younger child fell asleep in the car, but the older one and I had a conversation going all the way home. It’s so much fun haning out with Gillis. He talked a lot about the dog, Ludde, who he thought was cuddlysh (cuddly). Before I thought Gillis was a bit late with the talking, but then I was just comparing him with our friends’ children in the same age. He’s almost two years and two months now and his verbal skills are improving so fast, several new words every day. He asks about things he doesn’t know the name of and he wants me to confirm that he pronounces other words correctly. It’s so cool. The cutest thing is when he’s eating something he finds tasty and says “good mom”. I’m not really an amazing chef so I almost tear up when he says that. Like yesterday when he expressed his liking of my pancakes.


Now to something completely different. I did have a pretty short day but on my way to the office one thing came to my mind. Now when I’m not taking care of the children during daytime I won’t have to carry around a nurse bag every day. Meaning – I get to use my own bags! I’ve sort of forgot I used to be a bag-girl. I’ve got a couple exclusive pieces in my wardrobe, but when squashy bananas and baby vomit became a part of my daily life it left me with no choice but to pack them down in their dust bags and say goodbye for a while. But now it’s time for them to see the light again. I chose between a black Bally that I bought in Zürich as a reward after a successful exam and my black Balenciaga. It came down to the Balenciaga in the end. Good thing I spent a minor fortune on bags in my previous life because investments on stuff like that won’t be made for many, many years to come. That would certainly be prioritizing the wrong things…

not a reasonable priority…

not a reasonable priority…

not a reasonable priority…

not a reasonable priority…

*definitely need to keep reminding myself about that :)*


at grandmas

I stayed at the office till after lunch, but then Odd called and told me he wasn’t feeling too well. He’s been sick a couple days now but today it really got to him. To give Odd some well needed rest, I decided to put Gillis and Sally in the car and go to my mom so they could still have some fun. Gillis doesn’t go back to preschool until January 18th, so you have to keep him entertained every day. At grandma’s we played and opened Christmas gifts. Gillis really enjoys spending time with his aunt which makes me very happy.


Sally and grandma. We’re having dinner here before we drive back home. I’m so grateful for my driver’s license today!


Back to work!

…and I’m at the office! Yay! Having two floors at home is so convenient, helps me get more organized. I got up with the kids at 7:30, they entertained themselves in the big bed while I got dressed and after that they followed me into the bathroom so I could do my makeup. At 7:50 we went downstairs for breakfast and at 8:25 it was time to wake up Odd before leaving the house. I found it a bit strange that everything went so smoothly this morning, but then I realized I didn’t have to get the kids ready for school or office-time. Old habits die hard…


Treating my hands with our Get a Grip hand cream. Our moisturizing facial spray Moisture on the go comes in handy when you’re sitting in front of the computer, or when you’re on a plane.

I’ve got some administrative work with my colleagues ahead of me today and I need to check up on a few other things regarding Löwengrip Care & Color and Löwengrip Invest. I noticed I keep getting comments on why my name is the name of the beauty brand. It’s said that “if the products really worked your skin should look clearer and smoother” and my skin is a bit damaged from acne. But those of you out there who share my problem know there’s no miracle products. What you can do on the other hand is make sure you use products that help balance your skin in the long run. LCC’s products contain allantoin which soothes the skin and helps it heel. We also focus a lot on hydration. I can definitely confirm this combination helps improve my skin.

I’m also suffering from asthma, eczema and I’ve got very sensitive skin in general. The thought behind Löwengrip Care & Color is to provide customers with safe products made in Sweden. All products are quality tested and developed according to EU’s directives. The fact that our products are being sold in pharmacies also says a lot about the quality of our products. Pharmacies have got very strict policies on content and ingredients. Anyways – new year, new start.

Next up: Product development!


Wanted: Friends (again!)

Okay everyone, this is it. I actually tried to live like I learn myself today and met up with a woman who e-mailed me the other day. She’s got two small children herself and lives here on the island, so we made arrangements in the park today and went sledding. Fun! It’s always nervous meeting new people, but gosh how it makes you grow. Go for a walk, meet over coffee or a drink, go to the park – things doesn’t have to be complicated. When life changes you sometimes need to find new friends. Maybe you move to a new town, break up with someone, have kids or just feel like you want to find that bestie you’ve always missed. I know Odd is looking for new paternity leave-friends here on the island for example.

Who would you like to add to your life?

Illustration by Inslee. Looked for a picture of two moms with defying children on the floor, but instead they’re enjoying happy hour. I understand exactly…

So this is how you search for your friend here on the blog: Post a comment, start with a subheading saying where you live and maybe some other catchy words that make other people interested. Then write a little about yourself and what kind of person you would like to meet. Lastly, don’t forget to include your e-mail address! Woho, lets go!


renovating the garage

We have to get all the little things done in the house before we get started with the renovation of the garage in February. You enter the garage from inside the house, through the laundry room. It’s big enough for parking two cars, but we’ve realized we’ll park our car outside even during winter time so why we figured the garage-area can be used for other things.

Tha garage five minutes ago:

Ida’s future plan:

We’re using some space to make a little office with its own entrance and then we want some sort of “gym” in the middle section. I’m thinking free weights, a yoga mat and a treadmill… And a TV on the wall. We’ll use the last part as storage for the lawnmower, stroller and that type of stuff. We have an attic too where we keep a lot of things, suitcases for example. Ida’s version of the garage plan is not a scale drawing and we haven’t talked to a renovation firm yet to confirm that everything really is doable (could you even lay parquet flooring in a garage or is tile the only option?). Lots of things to keep in mind… So the drawing is really just our “dream garage”. One of our neighbors turned their garage into a spa… So sweet.

Inspiration for the office. Love the colors.

The gym

The storage area. Isn’t Ida amazing?! I get so inspired seeing all this. Just want put my gardening gloves on, pick a shuffle and go plant things in the garden this spring… But first priority will be getting rid of the dead plants in the flower pots outside 🙂


tonight’s the night

Today’s one of those days where the whole family’s energy is somewhere at the lower level. Odd and I are being cozy in the couch with one child each in our laps and I strongly doubt we’ll dress in anything else but our PJ’s today. It can be frustrating being in this mode when some of us want to be lazy and others want to play, but when we’re all feeling like staying under the blanket I don’t mind this state. When Gillis was the same age as Sally and felt a bit low he always wanted to play anyways which always ended with crying and whining. Sally’s different. She just wants her pacifier, sit on the lap and then she’s happy. A little easier to handle in other words. We’ll spend the day getting some things done in the house and tonight we’re getting groceries delivered to our door. Think that’s like the “main happening” of the day he he. Longing for some new food-inspo after all these Christmas sausages.

Around 7 pm this evening (after putting the kids to bed) I’ll post the “Looking for Friends”-post. It’s going to be so exciting to follow all comments! I’ve even asked for backup with submitting comments. So, start working on a short description of yourself now already and think about what it is that you’re searching for in a friend. When you get older it’s a little easier to figure out what qualities you value in a person and the more detailed you are, the greater the chance to find the kind of relationship you’re looking for! I mean, I you’re looking for a date you don’t usually go “Want to meet a man, 25-33 years who likes watching TV-series”. You tend to be a bit more specific and that’s what I think you should aim for tonight as well. Thousands of people will take part of your comment, so try making who you are really shine through so all of you can find just the friend you’re looking for!