Hospital visit

I woke up at Danderyd’s Hospital today. I went here last night when I had a terrible pain in the lower part of my stomach. I didn’t know if it was the appendix, cysts, or something else, I just crawled into the ER. I got help immediately, they gave me some morphine, and did an examination. It turned out to be a cyst that burst which will cause pain if the blood is floating around inside your stomach. The cyst was healing on its own, but I stayed the night for observation. I have never felt such terrible pain. My body hurt so much that I got into chock. When they were taking blood samples I turned white and almost past out.


Good morning from a white ghost.


I rescheduled all work for today. I was gonna fly to Växjö (city in Sewden) for an event with Nordic Feel, but that will have to wait. That’s a shame. This is the third time I got a cyst that burst. Now they’re gonna run a few more tests and then I’ll be on my on my way home.



Today has been going non stop with meetings. One of them was regarding Flattered, and another was an interview with Dagens Industri (economy newspaper) about Löwengrip Care & Color’s finances. The company has been doing really well which makes us so proud. Gillis pre-school and Sally’s nanny also went well. Phew! With all the things going on at work right now, I don’t believe I could handle any more problems. When Sally screamed of joy seeing her nanny this morning, all I could think was: “Thank you, thank you, thank you”. Gillis didn’t wanna leave pre-school either, so that’s a good sign.


Jacket from Dry Lake, knitted shirt from Soft Goat, jeans from Made in Heaven, and bag from Lindex.


Travel with kids

I’ve been getting a few emails asking about how it was to travel with kids, and if I could write about the experience. The thing is I can’t really write a review about Thailand or Phuket since we spent most of our time at the hotel. Our vacation was probably not like the usual trip with children to Thailand, but of course I can tell you about our personal experience!


When we travel the actual travelling part is really important, we want it to run smooth. To travel with children is stressful enough so it’s extra important that the travel conditions are as good as possible, otherwise we can just skip going away. When booking the flight our main priority was the time. The flight to Thailand departed at 20:30 (11 hours at night time) and the flight home took off at 10:55 which gave us time to check out from the hotel without rushing. Although we did have a layover in Bangkok it all ran smooth. When we arrived in Stockholm at 19:00 Swedish time it was 01:00 Thai time and the kids had been sleeping half of the journey.
My best tip is to choose flight times with care. If you can afford better seats, get it. We flew Economy Premium to Thailand and Business Class home. Since we started looking early we got a great campaign offer on the price.


The time difference between Thailand and Sweden was never an issue for our kids. Once there everyone was night owls. The first night we went to bed at midnight and woke up at 11 am and had to run to the breakfast buffé. I think it’s better to be energetic at night than feeling like you’re tired and behind the time. Back in Sweden it turned to the opposite and we got tired early in the afternoon. Although it’s easier to stay awake when it’s bright outside, getting up early in the morning isn’t that bad. We all agree on that it’s much worse to travel West. Going to USA for example gives a much heavier jetlag. We would love to go to Mexico next year, but the fact that we could take a night flight to Thailand was so nice.


Since we spent most of our time at the hotel we didn’t see that much of Thailand itself. To some people this may sound boring but it’s easier when the kids have to stay in the shade. I’m not really that adventurous of a person either. Our hotel room was on the ground floor, and a two minute walk away from the restaurant and pool (you can see the room behind Odd in the picture). The hotel was children friendly with a kid’s pool, lots of toys, trampolines, play areas, etc. There was plenty of things to do. The staff was amazing and the focus was to give Gillis and Sally a good time.
The only negative part was that all the nicer restaurants at the hotel were for adults only. Most of the guests left their kids with the nanny at night but we chickened out. That gave us the option of three different restaurants which all had kid’s menus and crayons to play with.


We brought two strollers to Thailand: Maclaren Techno XT amd Yo Yo+ that you can fold to the size of a handbag (see picture above). Gillis likes to walk but we still wanted to bring two strollers in case we want them to nap, which they did a couple of times. What I like about the Yo Yo+ is that you can bring it all the way through to the gate. Since Sally’s not a big fan of being carried a long period of time this was great. Sure, there are strollers on Arlanda but that seems to be a Swedish thing. Although we were actually allowed to bring the strollers to the gate everywhere this time. I don’t know if they’re changing the rules or if it’s a Premium thing?
The Yo Yo+ is lovely to push, and we were almost fighting about it. On the other hand, I have to say Maclaren is better when you wanna bring beach bags, bathing rings, towels, etc. I guess you’re “not supposed to” use the handles for this purpose, but who doesn’t? Maclaren has bigger wheels as well so it’s easier to push where the roads were bad. Where the Maclaren rolled over stocks and stones, we had to carry the Yo Yo+. It’s also possible to fold the Maclaren with one hand while having Sally on the hip, but to fold the Yo Yo+ that didn’t work.
Anyway, I could go on and on about this. To sum up: We took a cab to Arlanda, slept on the plane, got picked up and had a five minute drive to the hotel. An easier journey would be hard to find. We will definitely go back!


No Mello

I just received this text from Oscar Zia (contestant in Melodifestivalen as well as guest star at the Parnevik family):



Hehehehe (it’s funny because Oscar is considered to be a star, and me going on stage with him would never happen). Anyway, I hid my face in shame when the TV show (Parnevik) was aired (I hate to see myself on TV when I can’t control the outcome), but I think I did alright. I said some embarrassing things in the heat of the moment, but the comments I’m receiving are mostly positive. If that wasn’t the case I wouldn’t done this for ten years. Unfortunately they cut out a few funny scenes with Oscar and one where Mia and the girls were talking about body image and ideals. I’ve been addressing the issue of bullying and stalking before so I would’ve liked to talk more about how to appreciate your body. That was a shame, but on the other hand we got to see a new side of Janne Josefsson. He seems to be a really nice person and my view of him changed. What did you think about tonight’s show?


Grocery Bag 1-0

Now we’ve had Matkasse (delivery service that delivers the recipe and the required ingredients right to your door) for 2 months (except for when we went to Thailand). The pros are many: It’s very comfortable, time saving, we don’t have to spend any time on thinking about what to make for dinner every night (this eternal question!), and we don’t waste money spontaneously buying food since we’re going to the grocery store less often. Going grocery shopping when you’re hungry and tired after work easily results in throwing both this and that into the cart…

I think the best part is the economical benefit. Matkasse cost around 800 kr per week and is enough for four people. That would be about 3200 kr per month. It may sound like a lot but when I calculated what we normally spend on food every month the total came to 8000 kr. Sure, that number includes toiletries such as shower gel, toothpaste, and laundry detergent, but that still gives us an additional 4800 kr to spend before we reach that 8000 kr.


That’s not all though, we always get leftovers for the next day since the two little ones don’t eat that much. That alone saves us 2000 kr every month. So yes, home delivered food vs grocery shopping: 1-0. Right now all new customers gets a trial discount on any delivery service if you use the code TACKISABELLA. That also includes a premium gift of 4 kg mixed fruit.

In collaboration with Linas Matkasse


Find a code

Today has been a good day. I’ve been keeping busy with a lot of unforeseen events.
However, today I feel way more calm and it doesn’t stress me out. Now I just had lunch with my right hand Emelie. On my way back I did a quick stop at the Mac Store to buy a new laptop charger and bag- I’ve been carrying my laptop in my arms for some time now. It feels nice to take control of the mess. This afternoon I have a couple of meetings, it’s a busy Tuesday.


Coat from Samsoe Samsoe. Spring is finally arriving! Do you wanna see a picture of me in a nutshell?

Hold on…


…I couldn’t find the PIN code for my new credit card so I ripped apart every corner of the envelope before my colleague told me it’s a sticker you pull out. Phew.


By the way, TONIGHT at 8 pm on TV3 you can watch me, Oscar Zia, and Janne Josefsson guest starring at the Parnevik family.


Team Zara

There’s been a lot of news articles about Zara Larsson the past few years. I haven’t had time to comment on these debates, but when I saw that a journalist named Patrick wrote a cover story on Zara’s acne treatment, I just felt like this was too much.


“Acne, or pimples, are harmless, and there’s a number of things you can do to maintain it. It’s all about changing your diet, avoid fat lotions, and decrease the use of makeup.”

It’s great when a journalist all of a sudden is an acne expert and refers to 1177 (care information service). Patrick has obviously not experienced acne himself, and I get annoyed when he diminishes the problem.They’re not “harmless dots” for people suffering from acne. Of course they’re innocent from a medical perspective, but it can be quite wearing psychologically to see the red pimples pop up every day. For some people it affects their everyday life: You stop hanging out in places where your face is in focus, avoid going to school/work on the days with the worst outbreaks, spending the night at someone else’s house, the beach, etc. The list goes on and on. I would know because I’ve been there.

“We need to restrict the use of antibiotics worldwide, it’s not made for vanity.”

Zara Larsson is a public person and her job is to be on stage. The fact that she takes antibiotics in order to get rid of her acne and focus on her job is her choice, and it should not be newsworthy. I would also like to emphasize that vanity and acne treatment are not correlated. The purpose of the treatment is to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and just feel normal. The debate about antibiotics is important, but focus on the right thing. For example: Chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted disease in Sweden, and last year alone 40 000 Swedes were prescribed antibiotics for it.

Patrick, next time why don’t you write an article about condoms instead, and you will make a much bigger difference in the debate about antibiotics.


More living room

I’d thought I show you our new livingroom. It looked good before but Ida has added some nice details. This is where you can pick it up at:


The sofas are from IKEA, chair from Jetson, and curtains from Jotex (how could I be so against curtains?! They make such a difference!)


Amazing rug from Linie Design/Royal Design


The TV unit is from IKEA but with cabinet doors and handles from Superfront. I’m really impressed with Superfront’s business idea. Almost every single Swede has at least one piece of furniture from IKEA at home, so to make special designed cabinet doors and handles is genius.


Wood picture frame from Ferm Living, sidetable from Vikens Hantverkeri, and pot from Rum21 (such a cool plant, it looks like a tiny palm tree).


Lamp from Sävedalens Belysning


We bought the String bookcase from our old apartment’s previous owners, but we got the drawers from Rum21.


Beautiful wood box with marble top from Nordstjerne


Cool lamp from Sävedalens belysning


Pot from Bloomingville


All photos are taken by Sofia Törnqvist


Not feeling good

I haven’t been the best version of me today, more like miss messy. I felt pretty tired during the conference meeting and at the end of the day I was stressed out from not being done with all my tasks. I came home to two sweet little kids who’s been at preschool and had a nanny premiere. However, I felt like my brain was filled with mush so I couldn’t really be mindful and just be in the moment. I got annoyed with myself so I brought the kids to the park hoping to “land”. I was just standing there taking deep breaths while I pushed them on the swings, but it didn’t work, I was still not calm. Back at home Odd was cooking dinner, and it wasn’t until after we sat down crafting in Gilli’s room that I felt calm for the first time today.



…Which resulted in me almost falling asleep on the floor. Super mom, huh. Sally screamed her way through the dinner because she was too tired so I got to eat about two bites. If Odd spent an hour cooking I think he deserves to eat before us. After dinner I put Sally to bed and then I went back downstairs to watch Alfons with the boys. While Odd put Gillis to bed I catched up on some emails. I should be doing yoga now but it feels far away. Although I know how happy I feel afterwards. There’s a bunch of magazines waiting to be read as well (me and my mom trades) so that’s pretty tempting.
Why do you always have to rank yourself at the end of the day? Like putting a grade on what you accomplished: “This I did good, men that I did bad”. Either it’s a good thing because you want to evaluate yourself in order to do better the next day, or it’s a female thing. Criticizing yourself and drown in regrets. It’s all about lowering your standards. That’s the only way to make life work and be able to enjoy it instead of just perform all the time. Some days you have a flow, and others not, but maybe it’s best not to make such a big deal about it.



Yesterday we had the dinner with all employes of LCC at Hotel Diplomat, and there are quite a few more of us now compared to last year:


… Today we had a conference meeting all day long:


Our focus has been on sales, which is mine and Pingi’s favorite area of business. It’s been a fun day with lots of laughter as well as business. I can now reveal what the new design will look like:


Tada! It looks great, right!? More prominent text and three short descriptions on what each product is good for. Everyone at the office loves it. The blue bottle (it’s more grey/blue in reality) will be the color for our upcoming Sensitive series. The deodorant will be launched week 20 (May 16-22) 🙂