Red boils

Euugh, I’m here at home and actually just sitting something out. Waiting to see if my red rash come from the mozzie bites (or something else) in Thailand or if something creepy has come home with me. Yuk. Coz I’ve experienced bed bugs before, when I visited the Caribbean. Then the bed bugs came home with me in my suitcase and my whole flat had to be decontaminated. I can’t remember my bites being this big back then. I seem to remember them as many smaller bites in a cluster and right now I have enormous bumps, which are itchy but spread out. The good thing is that I’m the only one in the family that has got them, which should mean that they are old mosquito bites and I am oversensitive to most things. What speaks for the opposite is that I’m imagining some of these bumps actually have popped up after we landed back in Sweden.



So all I can do now is to wait. I’ve taken some antihistamine and smeared the bites with my prescription cortisone cream I normally use for my eczema. That takes the edge of the itchiness. What’s happened to me?!


Sally’s room

Good morning to you, the kids got up at 4am this morning, but we’re making progress from yesterday, yay. I thought I’d show you what Sally’s room looks like now. It’s so nice!


Photo taken after we’d just moved in.

… and this is what it looks like after Ida have refurnished.

Skärmavbild 2016-02-19 kl. 09.30.12

I LOVE IT ALL! It’s girly, cozy and balanced all at the same time. And the colors are shades of pink, grey and mint. Sally’s cot comes from NG Baby “Sun” and hanging above is a canopy from IKEA with little lights inside (don’t know if this is all sold as a package). We brought the ceiling light EOS with us from the last flat, the chest of drawers comes from IKEA, the boxes from Alice & Fox. The rug is bought at MIO and the dress rack from IKEA.

Skärmavbild 2016-02-19 kl. 09.30.22

We’ve kept the guest bed in here. As parents with young kids, that guest bed is the only way we manage to get some sleep. Odd and I normally go to bed together in our bedroom and then the kids come over during the night (the coziest ever), but some nights when the kids are not sleeping well or that one parent need to get some undisturbed sleep, it’s great to have an extra bed.

Skärmavbild 2016-02-20 kl. 09.30.01

Loads of lights, but that’s needed during this time of the year. I read somewhere that every room should have seven sources of light to get the right level of illumination. This is from Alice & Fox.

Skärmavbild 2016-02-19 kl. 09.30.35

Comfy nursing armchair from EM möbler, which will fulfill its task whenever we finally remove the guest bed (we have the same sort of armchair in Gillis’ room). It was important to us to buy two, so that we could actually take a nap in or fall asleep in on the nights where it takes longer than normal for the kids to fall asleep. Or to read a book together and sit comfortably with a child in your lap.

Skärmavbild 2016-02-19 kl. 09.30.48

Fabulous shelf from Bloomingville/Royal Design. It is black on the outside and wood inside, which makes such a lovely contrast in this room.

Skärmavbild 2016-02-19 kl. 09.32.54

It is all about the tiny details, Ida’s made me realize that (and also made me realize how rubbish I am when it comes to this). I would never have bought two tiny ceramic pots from the internet, I simply wouldn’t have had this vision. But isn’t it great?

Skärmavbild 2016-02-19 kl. 09.30.53

Wall decor from Ferm Living

Skärmavbild 2016-02-19 kl. 09.31.02

Sally’s kitchen from Lekmer, couldn’t find the precise link. Gilis has a cafe/kitchen in his room, so Sally was given one of her own. As soon as he spotted it, Gillis said “Mummy, Sallah and I can share”. Think he got a bit envious. I answered “Course, but you must show Sally what to do, she doesn’t know how to cook yet.” Then they kept themselves busy with that for about half an hour.

Skärmavbild 2016-02-19 kl. 09.31.10

Photos: Sofia Törnqvist

Giving the kids beautiful rooms have been the most fun and most important part of the whole house procedure. Odd and I are really passionate about the house being play friendly. Many “stations” where they can go crazy. But as kids get older, this is also an ever-changing process – which make it even more fun. Later on this spring, we’ll buy a play house for our garden, OMG I am so looking forward to making that nice together with Gillis. I heard about one family that had a play house, which was a “shop”. Sounded like fun.


love our home

Today’s gone surprisingly well considering the body clock issue. I’d prepared myself for a minor battle against the clock, but the children don’t seem to have noticed that it was night time in Thailand. I worked until lunch and then we went shopping at Willys supermarket before my parents-in-law came over for a coffee. After that we went outside for a bit, hung up some new bird seeds in the tree and realized in a slight panic that flowers had already come out in our garden. Hello, it’s February, you’re too early, you’ll die! Asked my mother-in-law about general gardening advice and I got the best tip ever: suited my amateur level perfectly “Oh, just remove whatever you don’t like when spring finally arrives.” I can do that.

By the way, we’ve used the updated play room for the first time, I’ll show you some pics. We have an a w e s o m e train track from Brio and our entire family are hooked. A new world have opened up and we’re chuffing around on the track with different train assignments. Everyone helps out, Gillis is the boss.

Sally fell asleep at 5.30pm and Odd is just putting Gillis to bed now. Not too bad timing-wise, really. I’m still wearing my top from Tiger that I was wearing today, but I’ve swapped my Nudie jeans for leggings from H&M. Contact lenses out and glasses on. Liberating. But I’m looking forward to my laser op. Even more liberating.

Waiting for my hubby, reading the latest issue of Mama in the mean time and am just about to open my favourite from Lindt – Crème Brulée . Yummie… Have a lovely Friday night, everyone! Mello (Eurovision Song Contest) on TV again tomorrow. Can’t wait 🙂


a new hallway

It was fab to come home yesterday, Ida has waved her magic wand and really worked her magic in our house. This is what our hallway looked like a month ago:

Skärmavbild 2016-02-19 kl. 10.02.06

This is what it looks like now:

Skärmavbild 2016-02-19 kl. 09.33.10

A beautiful seat with storage on one side and cool hooks for everyday jackets. We have a cloak room a bit further in, for all outerwear, but it is nice to have a place closer to the front door where you can easily fling your stuff off. The bench is made of wood and black leather from Scherlin/Royal Design. The curtains come from Jotex. To start with, we had one in beige and one in black, but I thought that got a bit too heavy and wanted a thinner material. This is simply perfect.

Skärmavbild 2016-02-19 kl. 09.34.08

The button hooks “The Dots” come from Muuto and the pot next to it comes from House Doctor. I love the simplicity of black and white. It feels really fresh and clean and in a house with young kids, this is needed to counterbalance all the sticky stuff and toys in a thousand different colours.

Skärmavbild 2016-02-19 kl. 09.34.32

Mirror from Hay , steel and silicone (love this material combo). The vase comes from Asplund and the candlestick is Skultuna (wedding pressie).

Skärmavbild 2016-02-19 kl. 09.34.41Skärmavbild 2016-02-19 kl. 09.34.48

The marble table came from Vikens Hantverkeri and have leather storage boxes underneath (where I’m supposed to store everything important, but that means it is totally chaotic down there, so I spared you that pic). All photos by Sofia Törnqvist.

We’ve also renovated the steps and that turned out really really well, but I don’t have any good photo of that yet, will come back to that. You’ll see more of the house this weekend 🙂


back at the office

Good morning!

But it actually feels like afternoon. Gillis and Sally woke up as early as 2am and wanted to get up, that would’ve been 8am Thai time. I made two mega strong espressos for Odd and myself and then we put Alfons on in the play room, taking time to wake up slowly. Since then we’ve unpacked, played and bought some brekkie stuff at the garage around the corner. It would’ve been great to have done something about the business idea I came up with a year or so ago; picking up a breakfast parcel at Arlanda or that it was hanging on your front door when you arrived home.


Time for catch-up with Löwengrip Care & Coour and Flattered and a few hours’ worth of work until lunch time. The body clock is all screwed up to say the least and the biggest challenge of today will be to keep two little kiddiewinks awake past 2pm. I’m thinking a little nap during the day and try to keep them entertained until at least 4-5pm. That should work.


In Sweden

….Back home! Home sweet home. Thank goodness that I always feel that when I’m walking down the corridor at Arlanda airport. It would’ve been horrible to feel “nah, do I really have to come back here”. I have a little dream of being featured on the welcome signs. It would say Isabella Löwengrip Spångberg, mom & entrepreneur. One day maybe!

The flight was fine, play time half of the journey and then the kids slept the other half. Absolutely horrible staff at Thai Airways (was corrected about my English – a grammatical error – when I asked which time we were supposed to land. How random!) but gorgeous comfy seats and very spacious compensated. All the bags turned up and the taxi driver was standing at the ready with the Spångberg sign. Now we’re off home! The first thing I want to do is to drink water straight from the tap. I love our tap water.


Brilliant kids on the flight, zero tears and tantrums. We’ve experienced the opposite, so we are very grateful parents.


One more answer..

.. another answer to my blog entry about BB Sophia, this time from Gabriel Wikström, Sport and Health Care Minister.


(Translation in English)

Hi Isabella!
I understand your anxiety and anger, and with that of many other parents-to-be too. And I essentially agree with you. Obstetrics care in Sweden is not good enough right now – not in Stockholm nor in many other locations around the country. A child being born is one of the biggest events in someone’s life and to receive good care and to feel safe and secure should be an unquestionable right.
My party is and has been critical of this market experiment, which has now resulted in an unstable situation. Basically, the county councils are responsible for obstetrics and Stockholm county council is therefore overall responsible for the situation concerning BB Sophia. But I, as a minister together with the entire Swedish government, am responsible for obstetrics care on a national level. With the situation being as it is, we are going to take this responsibility very seriously.

The government is therefore making obstetrics a top priority. We are putting in 400 million SEK per year – a total of 1.6 billion SEK up to and including 2019. This sum is allocated, more or less in its entirety, to the county councils in order to ensure better obstetrics care.

In order for all health care and hospital care to function properly in Sweden, competency and access to new knowledge and expertise is vital. Not least applicable in maternity care. No one should have to risk being mistreated because of relevant facts or scientific research etc. not reacing the right party in time. The government has therefore appointed the National board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) to map what requirements the area of obstetrics and maternity care have for further knowledge and support.

The government are also expanding the midwife study program, with money earmarked to provide 250 new places across Sweden. I hope the efforts we are now making will lead to women receiving better care and safer, more secure and better childbirths.
With regards to maternity wards and the allowance they should receive, these decisions aren’t taken by me or the government. The county councils are responsible for these. So to the question about why BB Sophia in particular has to close down and what obstetrics care should look like in the future, the responsible politicians at county council level have to answer you.
The question you are raising is important, not just for women but for our society in general. I hope that this answer sheds some light on what we are going to do from the government’s side to improve obstetrics care. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to write again.
Kind regards, Gabriel Wikström
Sport and Health CareMinister

What’s your opinion?



To get going with two kids, two prams and a ADHD diagnosis is no walk in the park. I forgot all the boarding cards and managed to lose the departure visas. Everything worked out fine though. Hot and flustered! And to top it off nicely, I sat down on a warm toilet seat in the ladies. It wasn’t heated by electricity, but by a person that’d probably been sitting there for a long time. Yuk. Now, business class awaits on the flight to Bangkok and all the way home. Keep my fingers crossed that the kids will sleep, so that I can cosy down under a duvet and finish my book.



I checked the updated flow of info just a moment ago (have kept more or less offline apart from the blog) and what I spotted straight away is how many people that are off sick. “Vabuary” (V.A.B. abbreviation for taking time off with your ill child). That alone is a great reason for always going on holiday in February, it’s also much cheaper than over the Christmas period and you stay healthy. By the way, Gillis is starting at a new nursery on Monday, he’s been at home since December. We’ve only had to stay at home twice from his last nursery. Keeping my fingers crossed that this won’t get worse now. It’s either because no one there drags their ill children to nursery or that our family has the three-second-rule if we drop something edible on the floor/ground. Hehehehe…


Anyway, I have something fab to tell you. Löwengrip Care & Color’s new hair care range has FINALLY launched and I can hand on heart tell you that this is the best hair care range I’ve ever created and/or tried. This range is called The Cure and we have had a moisturizing mask in this range for a while and I wanted to create a shampoo and conditioner with the same qualities. It is a really caring, nourishing range for damaged and chemically treated hair. I brought the products with me on holiday and that was a good decision. You can easily damage your hair by spending time in the pool, sun or saltwater, but thanks to The Cure range, my hair is soft and moisturized – without weighing it down (I admit, solving that chemistry puzzle took us quite some time).


Apart from The Cure shampoo and conditioner, we also developed a styling product. That has the long name of Quick Dry Volumising lotion. It’s a Leave-In creme, which shortens the drying time when you blowdry your hair, provides heat protection and adds volume to the longer lengths and a bit of stability. I’ve tried this both on my long hair and my short and this product suits them both. The Cure range can be found in all Kronans Apotek. Also at ApoteaNordic Feel or at selected Pharmacies within Apoteksgruppen (NEW!). I’m thrilled 🙂
Right, we need to pack. The time is now 8pm here, kids are asleep. The flight leaves at 10.55am tomorrow morning!


An idea

Our last day here. We have concluded that a two-week holiday is perfect. We’ve had time to land, get into the slower pace and… grown a bit tired of the hotel today. A suitable sensation. We have now made nutella waffles in the morning, splashed around, munched our way through the menus and enjoyed the warm weather. Odd had started prepared for his new job that’s awaiting and I’ve started reading my emails. We’re quite simply ready to face everyday life again. And we’re really excited to see what our house looks like, the entire hallway has been redone. Yippie.


Top from Lindex and bottoms from Gottex. Sunglasses Celine. I came up with a new business idea this morning by the way. It might already exist, haven’t had time to google. I’ve got hooked on home-yoga lately, but I couldn’t be bothered dragging my mat with me on holiday. Tried some poses here on the floor, but just slid. Then I realised, what about yoga gloves? And maybe yoga socks? Then you’d be able to do downward facing dog in all sorts of locations. You’d need the mat for some poses, but I’m more thinking yoga on the go. Easier to pack a pair of gloves rather than a whole mat. What do you think?

Right, I’m off for a 90 minute massage. Odd and I have taken turns every other day over here.