For more than ten years, the young, successful entrepreneur Isabella Löwengrip has managed the most read blog in the Nordic region, which today has 1.3 million readers a week. Back in 2005, when Isabella Löwengrip was only 14 years old, she started her blog and entered the lives of the Swedish people under the name Blondinbella, which made her one of the first, really big influencers in social media in Sweden. By the time she turned 16, she had founded her first company, Blondinbella AB. Since then she has moved quickly from strength to strength and over the years Isabella has participated in a number of TV shows, both as a presenter and as a guest. She has been “the most googled person” in Sweden, twice actually, which even beats Zlatan Ibrahimovic! She’s written four books, been the senior editor for Egoboost Magazine and a board member of a company listed on the stock market.

Today, Isabella is 26 years old and celebrates her 10 year anniversary as a successful entrepreneur. She has founded and managed a dozen or so businesses, four of which are active today and have a collective turnover of several million SEK. Löwengrip Care & Color was founded in 2012 with her business partner Pingis Hadenius. As of today, this is the fastest growing company in the Swedish beauty industry and with a product range of more than 50 different articles and more than 1,000 retailers, the company had a turnover of 35 million SEK in 2016.

Social media
Facebook: 700,000 followers
Instagram: 380,000 followers
Twitter: 66,000 followers
Blog: 1.3 million readers every week

Löwengrip Invest – Investment company
Löwengrip Care & Color – Beauty brand, all developed and made in Sweden
Flattered – Shoes for indoor and outdoor use
Economista – Teaching and lectures on personal finance
Style Level – Clothing brand

The business networker of the year (BNI)
Entrepreneur of the month (Newzglobe)
Communicator of the year (Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden)
Business blog of the year (Blog Awards)
One of the mightiest mamas in Sweden (Mama Magazine)
Winner of the IWEC Award with Löwengrip Care & Color

Egoboost! Överlevnadsguide för unga tjejer, Bokförlaget Forum, 2010.
Isabellas hemligheter, Bokförlaget Forum, 2012.
Economista, co-author Pingis Hadenius 2013.
Babyboost! Ett plus ett blir tre, Bokförlaget Forum, 2014.