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April 13, 2018 at 9:24 pm

Favourite shirt

Are you excited for Friday? I am! Or rather excited for the entire weekend. After work with all the colleagues and then dinner tonight. Tomorrow I am gonna sleep in, have brunch and work out before I am picking up the children around four. Then I wanna take Gillis and Sally out to dinner cause it’s so much fun. After the fall asleep I am looking forward to just lie and read. On Sunday we will play and hang out with friends. Perfect weekend.

We have had a great business week in all the companies. For they had a press breakfast for the shoe that is a collaboration with Emilia de Poret. It is so comfortable and it spruces up any outfit.

Today’s outfit, shirt from Stylein, jeans & other Stories and heels Stinaa J

Bracelet Hermes (borrowed from Pingis, she got mine in orange) and watch Cartier. Have a lovely Friday night, see you tomorrow!

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