New design; Löwengrip

I need your help! We’re are getting closer to a result on the new design (we are also changing name to Löwengrip!). Let me provide you with some background information on why we need to change. We need a more distinct artwork that breathe the high quality Löwngrip actually has, and I so far I don’t think that our design has accomplished that. The goal has been to create a mix between the scandinavian, classy Byredi and the more feminine Laura Mercier. Soft, but yet classy, scandinavian and not too romantic. There is also another important aspect in that the products must stand out on the shelfs and online. Most web shops have white backgrounds and we have to take that in to consideration. Therefore, no product can be entirely white.

Here are some alternatives:

Monochrome without any lines

Monochrome with lines. Styling has changed color from monochrome to lines. Good or bad?

Overview of the products without lines. Every champoo/styling series has gotten its own color. Is the palette ok, what do you think? It feels exciting to mix in more intense colors.

This it what they could look like together

I love advanced skin care. Daily face becomes green.

Bone white styling in a matt packaging. I love it, but we do have more dry shampoos and then we need to figure out how we can differentiate between our regular light and light, for example. Any ideas?

… And a new body product series that will be launching next year.

My question is; what is your spontaneous reaction when you see everything? Do you think that the products will stand out at a pharmacy and in a web shop even though the background is white and the competition is sky high? In picture 1 and 2 – lines framing the text or not? Give me your advice. I’m so nervous. 🙂


  1. Jag tycker absolut med linjer, ger en lyxigare känsla som får ögat att fästa på produkterna. Spontant tycker jag att den mörkröda burken(inpackning?) som var på en av bilderna är för mörk och skarp gentemot de andra produkterna som är lite mer dova i färgskalan. Min åsikt är också att advanced serien inte ska vara svart? Blir bara en svart produkt som man inte ser ordentligt, kanske mörkgrått istället? Det är min spontana åsikt. 🙂

  2. Grammatiken är fel i första stycket och det heter SHELVES. Inte shelfs. Är det en sjundeklassare som översatt nu igen?

  3. Definitivt med den “ramen” runt på framsidan! Sjukt snyggt.

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