Five quick tips

I’m going to start this morning with sharing five quick tips:

1. You are never too much. Never belittle yourself for the sake of others. The world has a place for you, I promise. If people in your environment don’t let you bloom, they are what needs to be replaced. Surround yourself with people that genuinely want to see you do well, and enjoy seeing you grow and thrive.

2. Be smart about what you spend your energy on. My energy is my greatest asset. I don’t believe that I have more of it than anybody else, but I’m very careful with wasting it. Dare to say no to things that drain your energy. That gives you more energy to spend on what you like, which in turn gives you even more energy. It becomes a positive spiral. I barely have anything that consumes my energy in a negative way nowadays. To create that environment makes me strong. Sometimes people think that I’ll burn myself out – I have never been more sharp and powerful.

3. Choose your thoughts for the day just like you choose your clothes for the day. How do you want your day to be? What are the goals for the day, what should you have achieved or felt before you go to bed tonight? For me, I aim to do a good interview with Elle, nail the re-branding of LCC before I leave the office and give the kids a calm afternoon/evening at home with lots of love.

4. Breathe with your stomach, drink more green tea (if you are like me and drink lots of coffee), listen to music that gives you strength and smile regularly. The brain is easily fooled. For example, I smile to most people I pass on the street. By spreading joy I get a lot back which in turn provides me with even more energy and happiness. It is an easy way to create positivity in your everyday life.

5. I know I talk about it all the time, but you need to become your own best friend. I am extremely tough. Nobody sits on me. I have my goals and I’m going to reach them (while I also have as a goal to pave the way for other women through inspiration). I’m the boss of my life and that is much thanks to me being my own best friend. That means that I always have a inner calm no matter what happens. I trust my ability to always make it.

Now, let’s have an awesome Thursday!

  1. Wise words, thank you!
    This reminded me of my previous job where I had a bad boss, narcissistic and manipulative. She tried to put me down as well but I never allowed it. No-one has to take abuse and I am so proud I didn’t (all the others tolerated it and didn’t set boundaries). Quietly I looked for a better job with certain criteria and now I have the energy and funds to plan my own business. 🙂

  2. Number 2 is so important. I find that when you burn energy on some meaningless stuff you loose 2-3 time more energy!

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