New vision!

This morning began with me driving the wrong way and getting late for breakfast with Johanna at Pom & Flora. I know all the streets in Vasastan, but I was talking with Breakit on the phone and did an interview. It’s so like me to always try to multitask. I parked the car in a hurry, and got to the café at 8.10am. Phew! I hate being late. Pom & Flora serve amazing breakfasts and we had a acai/chia-bowl. Yummy.

Johanna and I usually discuss our goals and visions for the future when we get together. I cannot do this with all of my friends, but I feel comfortable doing it with Johanna because she knows what it is like to run a business. She is extremely good at pointing out what my future challenges will be and what I need to keep in mind when moving forward. Actually, during our breakfast I came up with a new idea, and hurried back to the office to gather the team and tell them where we are going. I get such epiphanies sometimes and as I’m writing this down, I can understand how crazy it seems. But it is mostly about the penny dropping. Everything that I have spent time thinking about becomes clear and I love that feeling.

Knitted Soft Goat, jeans H&M and new boots from Flattered (!). How cool is it that we have gone from making indoor ballerina shoes to making boots! Heels are next! After breakfast I met up with a fantastic company that I will collaborate with. The collaboration is about giving back economically to Swedish women that are going through a hard time. It will be so good. Then I went about some strategy and now I’m about to attend a re-brand meeting for Löwengrip Care & Color. This afternoon I will meet up with a pr-candidate for all our brands. I’m planning on working late at the office today. It’s my turn to pick up the kids tomorrow, so tonight I’ll take the opportunity to work late.

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