Guldkula Champagne

Today you can read in Breakit about my latest investment in the champagne Guldkula. Very exciting! Håkan Guldkula who started the brand is a really cool person and great to exchange ideas with. The investment isn’t in Nordic Tech House, but an investment based on passion. It simply felt good to be a co-owner of this champagne when given the opportunity. Everything that is limited increases in value and champagne is one of those things, you can’t just make it anywhere. It is Richard Juhlin that makes the champagne, and it has already won awards.

Coat from Filippa k, new shoes from Flattered

Yesterday Håkan and I celebrated with a lunch! It’s so amazing to have the opportunity to invest and be a part of several journeys at the same time. In addition to that, I get to meet so many intelligent and interesting people along the way. The network is essential. Soon, Nordic Tech House will be launching and you have the opportunity to get help with getting started with your company. It’ll be like a digital dragons den. How exciting!

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