An empty house

I stayed at the office until 7pm-ish and then I went home. Didn’t really have any appetite, so I made a green bowl for myself and snuggled up on the sofa watching a documentary about Princess Di. There was one scene with her and her cute children, where I got really soppy and I missed Gillis and Sally soooo much I was about to turn all low and sad, slightly panicky even, but then my rational brain had to step in and explain to the irrational heart that it’s natural for me to miss the kids. Especially when I see such a touching scene with a mom and 2 gorgeous children. That helped as well as knowing that I’ll see my two little sweethearts again tomorrow and I will have a long weekend with them. It’s always good to be able to comfort myself with some rational thoughts and I’ve realized why it’s so easy to fill all my waking hours with work when I don’t have the children. The pain is not quite as acute and horrendous if I’m occupied with business stuff. h två barn.

Beautiful, stunning person! I didn’t know all that much about Princess Diana before I’d watched this documentary. It’s called The Story of Diana and I strongly recommend you watch it. At one point, I was thinking ”OMG, it must be so awful being a celebrity like that. Everyone has their opinion of what you should or shouldn’t do.” Then the penny dropped and … oh yeah… this sounds familiar.

I mixed curly kale, broccoli, dates, avocado, ginger, blueberries and apple juice. I usually make this really quite thick so that I can eat it with a spoon. I sprinkled some coconut flakes, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries and almond butter on top. Such a lazy option, but still healthy.

Right, I need to finish the last few bits before going to bed. Passed the children’s room upstairs and their winter gear were all laid out ready for them to wear. Euuughghg. Life, huh!?! I guess I will have to live with this sense of longing, like a piece of me is missing, for the rest of my life. Hopefully, this sensation will change over time froma stab in my tummy to something milder and less painful. Fingers crossed.

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