Coffee with Gunhild

I’ve had such a fun day today. I invested in a new company and I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow. I’ve met up with Natural Cycles and signed a load of contracts, lots of things going on in that company at the moment. I invested in NC early on, as early as 2014, before the founders had even hired their first staff member and today there are represented in 126 countries and growing like there’s no tomorrow. I’m looking forward to telling you more about that later on. This afternoon Gunhild Stordalen popped by for a coffee. She was travelling via Stockholm and spent a couple of hours with me. Our date really flew by incredibly fast, lots of laughter and discussions about different topics such as food, the environment and sisterhood.

Gunhild started and still run the global organisation called EAT Foundation, which fight for sustainability in the food industry. They want us to eat and treat food in a sustainable way. Really interesting to hear her talk and I can see how difficult it is to incorporate all the different things. What a plate should look like when you serve food at home, making sure that it is nutritious and at the same time climate conscious.

After that, I managed to get through a thousand different things. Well, that’s what it felt like at least (a really efficient day). Stayed at the office until just before 6pm, when it was time for parents’ meeting at the daycare center. The children are with Odd tonight, so I dashed between the two departments as the children are in different daycare groups. I was afraid I would miss something, but most of the parents that had kids in different groups seemed to alternate too, which was good. I am so happy with this daycare center, the teachers are brilliant and Sally and Gillis both love going there. It was exciting to hear how they work with programming at such an early age. According to their guidelines and operational plan, the digital side of things should permeate the day-to-day activities. In Gillis’ group, they have a little toy called Blue Bot and you can program how this toy should move by putting chips in a long line. Great fun!

It’s turned 8pm and I just got home. Time to cook a late dinner and then I need to do some more work, probably sitting here by the kitchen table. Look forward to an all-nighter by the screen and crossing things off my to-do-list. I have realized that what I invest in time-wise is what grows and flourishes. That gives me the strength and energy to prioritize correctly in the evening, because every hour that I (or my colleagues) put in will propel us further. Two hours in front of the screen every evening will make a huge difference, especially if I compare it to vegging out in front of the TV and watching a TV series instead. Put this into a 10-year perspective and you will have a great advantage to anyone that doesn’t keep going and isn’t determined enough to go the extra mile.

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