– In partnership with Buyersclub –

I love to spa at home. It gives me time to reflect and recover while working at the same time. It is my job to try out new products and that’s so much fun. We are inspired by the very best and then we develop our own products. Today I have a collaboration with Buyersclub, which is an exclusive members club. It is a new service where you can buy products for their purchase price and save up to 80%. I bought several products that I’m going to try out when I get the opportunity to spa at home again. At my first purchase, I saved 1352 SEK. It’s a perfect website for buying Christmas gifts and birthday presents for example

The concept is based on a subscription, such as Netflix or Spotify. It will cost 49 SEK per month after the first buy, so it’s free to join the club to check out the offers, but then you can save the annual fee several times over! If you register via you get an electronic foot file as the one on the picture and free shipping on the first purchase.

– In partnership with Buyersclub –

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