Anti Frizz

I woke up without fever this morning and went to the office after a sleep in. Then Hannah and I had a product meeting. It is always the highlight of my week. Today we have tried out different sprays. I’m in the process of developing a self tanner that you can apply on your own back, and that requires a perfect ”shower” with the spray nozzle. I love it when I get to solve these everyday beauty issues. Similarly, when we created our deep conditioner I had I hard time figuring out where to put the lid, so then we created the flip lid instead.

Yesterday we launched our new Anti-Frizz Smooth my hair. It is a perfect spray for taming strands of hair and a good finishing product. I usually use the product to touch up an already styled look. The hair becomes shiny and stays in place. Now I will attend a management meeting! Lina has baked a raw food carrot cake. Yummy. After lunch the amazing Gunhild Stordalen will stop by the office for coffee, I look forward to that!

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