Afternoon at home

I did go ahead with the photo shoot today, but cancelled the investment meeting. Couldn’t even drive home, because I was all dizzy. Snuggled up on the bed and fell asleep straight away. When I woke up, I walked down the stairs, made a chai latte, fetched some dark chocolate and I’ve been reading since then. The best remedy when you’re feeling ill and feverish.

I borrowed this book from my colleague Gustav (CEO at Flattered) after the meeting with Alibaba Thursday last week.

This makeup is far too fancy to have at home, of course, but it was for the photo session at Oaxen. Right, I’m going to have a bath and pan-fry some tofu for dinner.

  1. You really have an impressing collection of shoes and a lovely closet! Would you mind to show us around how was the decoration and the distribution of the walk in closet? And Gute Besserung!
    I would also love to know more about your clothing style, how you decide your outfits… I always thought you had good shopping taste but your style the late years is divine. Super feminine but also confy in some ways.

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