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When I got to work this morning I felt quite unwell. I noticed that I had a hard time making decisions and I felt dizzy and spoke incoherently. It turned out that I had a fever, typical. I cannot reschedule the appointments I have this afternoon because of all the people involved. I just have to power through it. This morning we had a meeting with redesign of Löwengrip Care & Color. Nothing is finished yet, but here are some of the sketches:

Feel free to give some spontaneous feedback!

We are working with a bureau called Good Luck Have Fun and they must think that I’m the most complicated client in the world. To change an entire brand isn’t easy, it must feel 100% right. I want a design that I will like for a long time. It must be timeless, classical, feminine and Scandinavian. The dream is a mix of Laura Mercier and Byredo. Easier said than done.

Speaking of our products, our dry shampoo is now available for brunettes. It has the same base as our light – dry shampoo. Now I’m going to a photo shoot and later an investment meeting. I’m so looking forward to crawl into my bed and rest, hopefully that will make the fever go away. The kids will be with their dad today. I would rather have cancelled the photo shoot today, but rescheduling is quite difficult when it comes to magazines as they have certain dates to consider. Then it is better to just power through it. See you later!

  1. I think it’s a really good decision to change the brand name to just ”Löwengrip”! I just had one thought, I associate black more with men’s products and it feel’s quite masculine to me. Why did you decide against the grey? Dark grey feels much more luxurious to me than black. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Ah vad fina förpackningar Isabella! Väldigt inspirerande och vackra färger! ps. love that you do the dry shampoo for brunettes as my fiance usually tells me I get gray hair from your current dry shampoo 😉 but I use it anyway! hugs!!! fran Zurich. //Sofia

  3. The suggested new design on the first pic looks great!! Very luxurious and feminine. I don’t however like the Advanced series proposed design,feels too dark and masculine,reminds me of some space expedition,not skincare. Good luck!

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