September 13, 2017 at 5:09 pm

A fantastic team!

What a day! Everything went really smoothly and we had such a fantastic flow. I work with true professionals for this YouTube series. Rachel is also an inspirational person to listen to, who always has an interesting angle on things. I took her thoughts about reflection to heart. The importance of finding space & time for yourself and “chuck out all the bad stuff”. I usually just grit my teeth, swallow hard and move on. I hate whinging and whining, so I think I have managed to erase this behavior altogether, weird as it may sound. I never whinge, because I want to avoid negative thoughts. But she does have a point. I can see how it would benefit you to get rid of all the emotions and thoughts that are bothering you, and then you have the opportunity to learn from that and evolve. Promised myself to get better at that.

On top of Spotify’s roof. Fantastic view over Stockholm. The earlier scenes were recorded at my favorite hotel At Six. Off to the daycare center to pick up two very cool kids!

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