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July 16, 2017 at 2:53 pm

So sad today

Sally has fallen asleep next to me on the sofa, Gillis has snuggled down by my feet. He’s watching a film and I’m reading. We’ve been out all morning, had fun with our neighbors, played lots of different games and then we’ve had lunch on our veranda. Blissful summer heat. I’m dropping the kids off at Odd’s at 4pm-ish and after that I’ve got exercise on my agenda, and dinner with a person I haven’t seen for years; Gina Dirawi. I love her music, LOVE is constantly played on repeat in our house.

At the moment I have two books on the go at the same time, Homo Deus is one of them and then this one. Two completely different genres and I like the way they encourage me to think differently, use different parts of the brain, encourage new thoughts and I also love the variation. So sad today are Melissa Broder’s personal essays. Thoughts and reflections from her live and relationships. It is entertaining, but also pretty dark. I realize that I usually (well, nearly all the time) see things from the bright side of life. I suppose this is an occupational hazard with my sort of lifestyle, hectic work environment, busy schedule etc and I don’t have time to dwell on things too much. The upside is that I’m quick to move on and find solutions, make sure I learn from my mistakes and take it from there. That is why it’s interesting, and quite comforting and pleasant, to read about someone else’s dwelling and brooding. I rarely think of life as something negative or hard work. My overall feeling is always gratitude (and inquisitiveness), which might make me more likely to see the beauty and good stuff in everything that happens to me or around me. I definitely recommend the book, whatever outlook on life you might have personally.

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