July 15, 2017 at 10:25 pm

Some evening work

We got home from Rasmus & Sheila’s country cottage fairly late in the afternoon. The kids are going to Odd’s tomorrow, so I wanted to have a nice cozy Saturday night with just the three of us at home. After I put the children to bed I took a seat outside and started working, but that eventually turned a bit too chilly, which of course is the perfect excuse to have a bath break. Back to my job tasks now though, but working from the bedroom. Salaries to authorize and some other administrative stuff. I can get all that done tomorrow to be honest, but I’m going to dinner tomorrow and pack for my Mexico trip on Monday, so I thought I’m better off just getting it done. I can see in the comments field that you are wondering about Mexico and I can tell you that I’ll be staying at Fanny’s, because she has rented gorgeous accommodation over there for more just over a month.

I’m really looking forward to a few days off all by myself. The first week of July, I attended the week in Almedalen, which was incredibly busy, social and jam-packed with events and seminars. And this week I’ve been hanging out with Sally and Gillis and taking care of them all by myself, which is also absolutely delightful (not to mention great fun too!), but it is exhausting and hard work at times. So these days in Mexico will be my first (and only) vacation days all to myself. Ohhhhh, I’ll be stocking up on sleep, I’ll have time to read, to do some exercise, to eat yummilicious food and have time to really boost my friendship with Fanny. Wonderful!

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