July 13, 2017 at 2:15 pm

Day trips

The days are going by so quickly. I picked up the kids on Sunday but it feels like yesterday. I love spending the holiday with them. We have so much fun together and are going on small adventures every day. Today we’re stopping by my friend Linus’ house (Or it’s his parents house, he’s dogsitting for them). There’s also horses there and a pool. Sally and Gillis will love it. Tomorrow we’re going to Sheila’s summer house. Perfect way to spend our vacation. On Sunday it’s time to leave the kids with Odd again, and on Monday I’m going to Mexico. I’m only staying until next Saturday (Getting the kids again on Sunday), but I’m looking forward to laying by the pool reading, workout, and spend time on the beach. I have a friend in the US that’ll come down to visit.

Vegan lunch with broccoli, walnuts, apple, and lots of other deliciousness. The kids had soy sausages and mash potato. Now we’re off to say hi to the horses!

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Hur vågar du inte ha skyddad adress finns på hitta? Tänk på alla nättrollen. Var rädd om dig❤️

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