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January 11, 2017 at 9:08 pm

When you fail

Hi Bella! What do you do when you fail with a goal/task? It’s so easy to just give up, even though you know that you have the knowledge and will to succeed. Do you have any advice on how to think when failing on the first try before going back at it?

Answer: Good question! One of my goals for 2016 was to be a “Gasell company” (Fast growing businesses awarded by a jury from the Swedish industrial magazine DI). I was giving pep talks at the office about how our company was going to stand on the stage and be the Gasell of the year. A big goal, indeed, but for me it’s a stepping stone on my journey as an entrepreneur. In this case it was regarding LCC. Along came November, and nothing happened. Hmpf. I could be disappointed and see it is as a “failure”. Instead, I arrived at the office the day after the ceremony and said to my colleagues “Hey guys, it’ll be way more fun to be on stage next year when our financial statements will show 35 million SEK plus and a growth of 3000% since we started”. Everyone could agree.

Situations like this, where I can’t reach my milestones, occur all the time since I always put up a lot of goals. It’s not the end of the world. However, by analyzing how close you were to reaching your goal or why you didn’t make it, can give you a lot of valuable information. For example; Your goal is to run 10 km within a year. Your first milestone could then be to run 10 km in a week (Combined), and the next might be to run 7 km non stop within six months. During the year it wouldn’t be a disaster if you were to miss out on a few runs and don’t make the 10 km per week. Maybe you’re sick, have kids to take care of, or other distractions that stops you from running. No biggie. However, after six months, when you’re supposed to run 7 km non stop, you’re only able to do 6,5 km. Instead of being sad you can quickly analyze the situation and see that it was because you didn’t follow through on the goals you set up. Combined you’ve missed out on 4 weeks of running. All of sudden you will understand why you didn’t reach your goal, and you can put in an extra gear this time.


Late night working with Odd in the living room

Consider your goals as a way of staying on the right track throughout the year/years. In my case the DI Gasell Award is an important stepping stone because that would prove that our company is growing fast while keeping good finances. It would also be an integral part in our journey towards the global market. The Gasell Award would be a validation that we’re on the right track. So never think that you’re going to give up just because you missed out on a milestone or goal. Look at it as information, change your strategy going forward, and you will reach your final end goal. Don’t forget that the journey is the best part, and challenges will make you stronger.

Good luck!

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