Office yoga

Starting the day with yoga/meditation was different to say the least. I never reached my usual stress level during the day. That’s such a good reason to why I should practice it a few minutes every day. Or at least become better at stopping and take a couple of deep breaths. Next time LCC’s yoga instructor is going to show us some exercises to do at the office that doesn’t require workout clothes or a lot of space. I look forward to that. I’ll make a video and put it on my Insta Story.

Here’s some pictures from when I was running in between meetings nearby Humlegården:

Purse from Leowulff

Flattered (adlink) on my feet

Jacket from Dry Lake, jeans and blouse from Lindex

Now I’m going to read 🙂


House painting with Offerta

– In partnership with Offerta –

We’re going with green! Now I’m gonna stop being so indecisive. Green is more fun than white. Also, the neighbor’s houses are yellow, light blue, white, and light green so it would fit right in. There’s the occasional house in the original color, mustard yellow like ours, and red. However, as the generations are turning more and more houses are being repainted. After all, they’re from 1975.

In the final step of our renovation I have decided to partner up with Offerta. For you who’s never heard of Offerta before, it’s a service that collaborates with other companies offering everything within cleaning, moving, renovation, painting, decoration, and design. They offer you a free quotation from all the companies, you can see other people’s reviews, and book their services. I like their business and I have used it privately for many years. I like how they make it easier for new entrepreneurs to enter the market, while the reviews keep the quality high. This is exactly what 2017 is all about according to me, transparency.

What do you think of these two shades? With white corners, oh!

– In partnership with Offerta –


Books coming up

The same way you update your spring wardrobe, I update my spring reading list. I stock up on books four times per year:

  • Spring reading is meant to inspire and challenge me at work. I usually buy books that are about companies in the same phase as ours.
  • Summer reading to me are books that takes you on a journey. A good example of this the love story “Willful disregard” by Lena Andersson. Or “Katastrofdoktorn” by Johan von Schreeb, a rough but good book where you follow a surgeon out in the field.
  • Fall reading is about topics I find interesting. Last year I ploughed through books about DNA ancestry research, Karin Bojs, and Yuval Noah Harari. The year before that it was space; “Our Mathematical Universe” by Max Tegmark, among others. That was absolutely amazing.
  • Christmas reading is usually about finding inspiration for the business again. Two week’s vacation is rather long for me, and after a while I want to put my brain to work. That’s when I read about leadership.

If I’m going to try and find a common theme among these books I would say it’s about finding a strategy for the companies when everything is moving extremely fast. We have a lot of changes coming up, especially within retail. It’s definitely a challenge to build a customer experience online, and at the same time expand abroad to a pharmacy market that is “behind” Sweden’s. It’s difficult to say the least, and we really have to be strong online.

This book hits me right on the spot. I’ll read it in Marbella!


Morning yoga

Today LCC started the morning with yoga and meditation at Metropolis gym. That’s something we do together every other week. Although I haven’t been able to participate that often since it starts at 8am, and that’s when I drop the kids off at preschool. However, now that Odd does that I’m trying to join more often. It’s all or nothing for me regarding my yoga habits. When I practice it regularly at home I feel amazing. Then I forget about it and I’ll enter a bad phase thinking it’s “too low maintance for me”. Having ADHD I easily believe that I have to exhaust myself to notice any difference, when practicing yoga is actually better for my body, according to me. It’s made me quite strong, even though I’m doing it regularly. I can easily do ten push ups on my toes. I guess being a mother of two makes you strong too… 🙂

I’m really going to try and practice yoga 15 minutes home at night, at least once or twice per week. I love Yoga with Adriene on Youtube. I’m going to put a reminder in my calendar… All of you other mom’s out there, how are you making time for exercising, if you do?


Wednesday night

When I came home tonight Odd had made an amazing risotto with lots of parmesan, lovely.

I can’t believe I haven’t eaten meat since Christmas. That’s when I tried a meatball and realized that no, this is not for me anymore. I eat fish sometimes, but I’m sick of seafood. I mostly choose vegetarian.

After dinner we played with Blokks! Can you tell what I made? Now I’m going to take a bath, and after that I’m not gonna work, but spend time with Odd. It’s all about the balance 🙂


Sink appeal

Today’s morning was a little bit slower, but since lunch I’ve been busy working with online strategies, and we recorded an episode of the Economista podcast. It was so much fun! We talked about H&M- Keep or sell, and we looked into other companies we find interesting. Now I have a product meeting coming up. I learned a new phrase;

Sink appeal– how likely the consumer is to keep the product by their sink.

In our Instagram-society it’s important with photo friendly products if you want people to spread them. In LCC we have put most our money towards developing the product with good ingredients, and spent less on the packaging. In our business it’s more common to do it the other way around. You decide what design you want first, and the leftover money you spend on production. We will always keep our priorities, but surely it’s a good idea to look into our sink appeal 🙂

Keeping it casual today since I only have internal meetings. Shirt from Ellos, sweater and jeans from Lindex. Lindex have really stepped up their denim game, I love it.

Nice details on the sweater. Purse from Mango.

The necklace is from Lindex too. Oh, another thing; I picked up all the books I’m going to read this spring. I’ll show you later!


Two questions

Our kids are going [To school/preschool] 7:30am-4:30pm and that’s not a disaster either. People are upset because you have the possibility to make your own schedule. No one would have questioned that if you were working longer hours, but within healthcare or education.

You are probably right when you say that people get upset when I choose to work more even though I “could” leave earlier because I’m my own boss. That is true. If the companies were to continue in the same size as now, I could leave the office at 3pm and make it up by working after the kid’s bedtime. The challenge is when you decide to grow your business. In this case it’s about expanding ALL the companies Löwengrip Invest are partners with. If you want a different result than before, you have to put in an extra gear. That means more hours at work for me, as well as hiring more people.

I can’t have a 70-80 million SEK annual turnover (LCC, Flattered, and Löwengrip Invest combined), and be at the office 9am-3:30pm. That’s impossible when I’ one of the key people in two of the companies. That’s why I’ve decided to try being at the office 8 am-5 pm. I know a lot of people in my position that leave the office at midnight every night. Being able to work 8-5 and then a few hours after the kid’s bedtime, is a dream situation for me. I do all the administrative work at night so I can spend my days being present for my colleagues and go on meetings.

Our organisation is strong. If it wasn’t, I could never leave work at 5pm and travel four times per year and still keep our good results. I have it great if you’re considering our size and quick expansion. I have nothing to complain about. This is only possible thanks to Odd. That’s teamwork. However, long term my goal is to be at the office at 7am and pick up the kid’s at 4pm 1-2 days per week.

Your goal is to be styled every morning! Who does that, or WHO wants that? Not even the richest people! I’ve followed you for many years and I believed that you developed, keeping good discussions, and had a great future ahead of you. But now, and after your latest live videos you’re starting to go off the rails!

At the end of the day it’s all about saving time. I get more time with the kids in the mornings. When I’m at the office it takes 30 minutes for a makeup artist to style me, including the hair. During that time I can go through today’s agenda with my assistant, something that I always do every morning regardless. It’s about being efficient. I have interviews, client meetings, and other work for LCC almost every day that requires me to look “nice”, because I’m the company’s face out. I can’t show up to a client with messy hair when I’m talking about our styling products. However, the time it takes me to style my hair in the morning is significantly longer that if a professional does it. For me it takes about 20 minutes, and for a makeup artist it takes 5. If I can have a meeting at the same time it’s even more efficient!


8:30 am – 8:30 pm

After a twelve hour long work day my head is done, but oh, what a fun and challenging day it’s been. I’ve basically been working with strategies all day. Pingis and I never hug, but when we said goodbye at 8:30 pm we embraced each other, filled with excitement for our future business journey. Wow!

I missed the kids tonight, but I’m planning on taking half of Friday off. I usually get home around 5:15-5:30 pm nowadays. That’s less compared to 3:30 pm as before. Sometimes I feel guilty, but then I remind myself that’s it not too bad having a mom that’s building a business and showing that it’s possible too.


Spring at Babyshop

– In partnership with baby shop –

I’m proud to present a new partnership with Babyshop here at the blog. Last time it was clothes for the Thailand vacation. Now spring is coming upon us. They have so much cute stuff, both online and in their store. I went down there the other day photographing some of their latest items, as you can see in the pictures below. I love kid’s clothes that are playful and cool!

Here you’ll find a lot of spring news, both shoes and clothes!

– I partnership with Babyshop –



Today Pingis and I met up with LCC’s new board member. We spent the morning and lunch at Hotel Diplomat going through the company’s expansion strategy. I love meeting people that challenges me by asking difficult questions. It’s making me frustrated but also forces me to find arguments to why I’m doing what I’m doing. I often “play” that game with myself, but it’s so much easier to sit across from a person that asks all the questions. After that I met up with Aftenposten. First they took some photos and then we had a long interview. It will be published during their Easter edition if I remember it correctly.

Suit jacket from Rebecca Stella, T-shirt and skirt from Scotch and Soda

With Aftenposten

I love the shoulders on the suit jacket (adlink)

Coming up now I have a meeting with Flattered 🙂