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June 21, 2018 at 1:59 pm

70 kilo

I came to the gym today with pretty low self-conference. My PT had reminded me that a good night’s sleep is important if I’m going to reach my weight lift goal today and I slept badly. The coordination exercises hurt more than usual today and I think Pontus saw that I wasn’t 100% mentally prepared. But as usual he was rooting for me and I reached my record in weight lifting 60 kilo! I suddenly felt strong and managed to lift 70 kilo from the ground.
I started at 30 kilo a few weeks ago. The goal is to reach 100 kilo before I go on Christmas holiday. Go me! I was overjoyed afterwards and celebrate with porridge and eggs for breakfast at Sturebadet.

When I got to the office I was met by so many positive news, we’ve been advertising job roles and it seems like we’ll be able to sign them before midsummer. We’re also getting in sales orders and emails from happy customers. A positive start to the day for sure. It’s almost as if it’s too much and the universe will balance it out with something bad. Or as a colleague said “It’s been tough for you and now the good is coming back!” Maybe that’s how it is.

I’m off to a lunch meeting and this afternoon I’m going to go through everything with my team because we’re off tomorrow. Also, can you guess where Sascha is today? In London! Shopping was necessary.I needed a particular brand for Sunday and Stockholm doesn’t have that shop. Talk about a new level of luxury problems. I’m picking up the kids at 4 and then I’m having dinner with Odd and the kids for the first time since the divorce a year ago. It took over a year until we could find a new kind of relationship. It’s been a tough journey but things are turning around

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Life & thoughts
June 20, 2018 at 10:55 pm

Building Companies Rationally

After I’d put the kids to bed I phoned Pingis while I used the treadmill in my garage – so effective! We always go through things every evening for half an hour. It’s nice to talk about all decisions calmly and talk about things after office-hours when the adrenaline isn’t so high. We’ve been company partners for nearly 6 years. We did a lot of things together in the beginning. Today we have half a game plan each for all our companies, we have different teams around us and do different things but we still block things off regularly. Complete trust in each other’s decisions, we both know we always prioritise the companies first of all. Working with rational people has been the key to success for our part. As soon as we meet someone you start a meeting with how you feel, or take it personal which means there’s a bit of a clash during the journey. I met a person recently who said “what if they don’t like me?” and it hit me that I never ever think about whether or not people like me. In my world it’s really weird to put energy on that. Rationally, there’s hundreds of people who don’t like me. But what can I do about it? They’ve got nothing to do with my life. I’ve definitely had moments in life when I’ve entered around and wondered what people are thinking, it’s human. I worked to stop that thinking many years ago. Today I’m the one who wonders if I like the people in the rooms I enter.

I love stepping into my guest bathroom. Here all guests can try Löwengrip!

Three products i couldn’t live without. Our deo (we have three different ones – this is my favourite) and our dry-shampoos.

It’s sailed as a huge favourite and our best seller despite the short time tan drops, you mix 1-5 drops in your usual cream. I use it on my face, neck and cleavage. I always look a bit tanned then!! We also have a tan body mist for the body which is lovely. You don’t need to wash it off. Perfect to spray on your legs in the morning and be ready for the After Work! Now I’m going to keep working and then crawl into bed between my kids who are sleeping in my bed tonight. Cosy!

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June 20, 2018 at 7:00 pm

Change of Plans

My plans have changed a bit and I have to skip my midsummer-plans and go to France for work. They don’t celebrate midsummer there so I will have meetings during the day in Paris. At the weekend i’m going to a larger event in Paris so I went to Engelbert today and had a look at some jewellery. I’ve fallen in love with their earrings and a ring with a knot on it.

These got to come hom ewith me They’re magical!</em. Absolute perfection. I’ve had a few different phases when it comes tored gold and white gold but now I only want to wear white gold or silver. I’m looking forward to the trip. Lake Comos will have to wait – work always comes first.

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June 20, 2018 at 6:56 pm

New Goals

Wednesday today! We set the breakfast table at 7 and the kids and I ate until 7.40 but then I went off to shower and make myself ready. In th emeanwhile the kids were getting dressed and at 8.30 we left the house and I dropped them off at nursery before work. My voice is still gone from Saturday’s singing at Summerburst which makes my meetings a bit challenging. I really need to be quiet but I can’t help myself. I’ve tried drinking olive oil to ease up the vocal chords and a lot of warm water with tea and honey. Do you have any other suggestions?

Yesterday my closest team gathered to get the summer in sync. We’re going to Almedalen, travels without children, events I need to be there for, a house to take care of, security to plan and my team needs a holiday. It’s a pretty big machine to keep going as a divorced mom two toddlers when you also have companies who need to keep rolling. You can’t really have holiday to 100%. But I’ve chosen this live and I would never choose anything else.

Now I’m having a day of executive-group meetings for Löwengrip, owner meeting for Flattered, pedicure over lunch and signing the annual report for Löwengrip Invest. I’ve made ca 500 000 kronor per month from my blog via United Influencers but on the last of june my contract expires after three good years together and my blog will be moved. I’ve been working incredibly hard during this spring to find a solution where I can build my own sales time and work with external partners. The new budget for Löwengrip Invest starting from this autumn I’ve estimated at 2 million – per month instead. Simon and I have worked night and day to re-jig the companiy’s earnings. He is an awesome COO and I’m so proud over Simon’s journey. From assistant to being in charge of my holding company.

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‘Proud of’

Life & thoughts
June 20, 2018 at 12:50 am

Nothing Is A Failure

I’m so happy you liked me post earlier today about my company-journey. It’s been up and down but I don’t see anything as a failure. I never think like that about different situations in my life, I can lose a million in a stock-affair but it’s still not a failure. It’s always a part of learning something new. I grow as a person and become sharper because of everything that happens. I’ve learned that if you go into something with the approach to see something positive in all tough challenges you face, you will always come out and feel like life is better than it was before. It’s awesome.

I picked up the kids from nursery around 4 today, when we came home we had dinner with Hayley and then played. We have been playing simpler children’s games, painted and then snuggled on the sofa. Hayley usually checks out around 6PM. I don’t like stressing in the morning with dressing but I love our evenings, gruel, reading a book and talk a lot at bedtime. It’s something I’ve learned to appreciate after the divorce.

Now the kids have just fallen asleep I’m going to deal with some work I haven’t had time with because I leave earlier during my days with the kids. I’d rather pick them up myself at 4 and do more work after bedtime. Have a nice evening!

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Life & thoughts
June 20, 2018 at 12:42 am

Summer Reads

– Partnered with Nextory –

I got this question from a reader yesterday: “Hi Isabella! I just want to say I think you’re an incredible inspiration and I always get so excited by reading your blog. Now for my question. You seem to read a lot of different books. Now when it’s holiday season I’ was wonderinf if you can give us some tips of books you really shouldn’t miss.”

This is why it’s perfect that I have Nextstory as a partner on the blog today. It’s always fun when companies come back and I love giving reading tips. There’s always a lot of books in the summer when I have time off. It’s a lovely feeling when you start reading a new book and turn the first page or listen to the first chapter. Nextstory have both audiobooks and e-books. Those of you how love podcasts will also love audiobooks, it’s the perfect supplement.

I can write a long list of books I like but here is a favourite about anti-inflammatory diet, it’s how I try to eat, then a book about that will appeal a curious mind, a book I read every year, fantastic book for someone who wants to run their own company or get better at sales and lastly, a painful, amazing book about The love-war of the century.

If you click here you can try Nextstory free for 30 days.

– Partnered with Nextory -</p

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Life & thoughts
June 20, 2018 at 12:32 am

11 Companies In 11 Years

I sometimes get asked how many companies I’ve run, here are all 11:

Blondinbella AB. This was the first company I registered as a 16-year-old. My start capital was 100 000 kronor and of course I didn’t have that kind of money. But because I wanted to start an AB company and had a friend who worked as a DJ, he used his expensive equipment as part of the start up for an AB. Then I had a stroke of genius and used an article that Media Today had written about my blog, that the net worth of the advertising could be worth five million kronor. I managed to use that article as a start capital, I must have been the first person in Swedenin 2006 who was able to turn a blog into a stock company. The company was used for many years to gather all the ads that the blog had, even speakers and book-launches.

Denna sålde jag för 150 000 kronor på ett dygn – galet!

Bellme AB. I was 17 when I started my second company. A webshop. I had no money to buy in stock for it so I talked to all companies who wanted me to show off their products for free and pointed them in the direction of my e-shop instead. I put up the product for 24 hours, took a cut of the sales and then the company had to send it to the buyer. I soon made 30 000 kronor in sales – per day. Fantastic for a 17-year-old girl. Unfortunately I left the company some years later with 0 kronor. I had a co-owner who wasn’t very now. But I learned one lesson and that is the importance of stock owner contract.

My shirt in Dameras värld

Classified AB. When I turned 18 I felt like it was time to start my third company. I had grown tired of high school and wanted to aim for a life as an entrepreneur. I realised that selling someone else’s products like I had done in Bellme gave me bad marginals. My goal was to get rich and I needed to create my own products. I got capital from Haléns and created a clothing brand called Classified. a few months later we could be found in 23 shops and I had a designed from H&M. But as the entrepreneur I am I got tired of being bound by the owners of my company (they owned 51% and I owned 49%) so after a few years I decided to be bought out. It’s the only time I’ve brought in capital, in all other companies I’ve let it expand organically.

Spotlife AB. Just when I turned 19 I had made my first million, quit High School and it was time to do something else. This time it was a blog-network. It was a struggle from Day 1, with wrong co-owners. One of them was my dad. It was a tough time in my life and choosing to leave the company was even harder. The day i wanted to leave I went there with Sally who was just born. I felt like it was going to be an unpleasant meeting (my dad wasn’t there but my other co-owners) so I actually recorded everything on my phone just in case. The meeting turned out worse than expected and I had the threats recorded and afterwards it turned into a legal process with a representative. Incredibly tough, it wasn’t your typical maternity leave.

Löwengrip Invest. Started in 2018, when I was 20. I had gathered quite a bit of money from my other companies so the goal was to be able to become my own bank and finance all my dreams and invest in others. My first investment was Natural Cycles. I became a part of it in the first year and today it’s worth a billion kronor. Today Löwengrip Invest is my holding company which means everything I own is in Löwengrip Invest. I own it to 100%.

Bella Shop AB. A quick attempt to re-brand Bellme in a new way. Went really badly.

A very talked-about cover

Egoboost Magazine AB. My own magazine! I couoldn’t let go of my dream to do an Oprah so I started Egoboost Magazine. For the first time I had a lot of employees, we were about 12 people and I did a lot of things wrong as a boss. But I was happy that I was there as a 20 year old and could make mistakes and learn from them. I lost over quarter of a million from my own pocket which was enormous sums for me back then.

Economista AB. After a year and a half with Egoboost Magazine I realised it was time to sell it and so I met a woman at IDG which is a publishing company. They were interested in buying me out. The person I met over coffee was called Pingis Hadenius. That coffee certainly resulted in something else entirely . A few months later Economista AB was on the go and we wrote a book with the same name and held lectures. We had a mutual interest in personal finance and had a passion for helping women become better at investing. We started a Facebook group which even today has 120 000 women who talk about stock and personal finance. Incredibly fun. The company still exists but is running slowly because of out other companies.

The book was a success!

Löwengrip Care & Color AB (Today Löwengrip Beauty AB). When we wrote the book Economista we spent a lot of time at Spas around the world and realised we should start a beauty brand. Well, from the beginning we were going to buy Face and we got far in the negotiations. But after 6 months we realised we can do the journey ourselves. With 25 000 kronor each we started a new AB. Today we have a turn around of 70-80 million kronor. We’ve expand an insane amount which is fantastic.

Flattered AB. A few months after we started the beauty company I became pregnant with Gillis and could not find any good indoor shoes. The rest is history and now flattered is a shoe company which is selling around the world, from shops in Hong Kong to Harrods. The turn around is around 20 million which is a lot for a brand in that price class. I’m not active in Flattered but Pingis and I are majority shareholders.

Nordic Tech House AB. This is Pingis, mine, Linus and Patrik’s accelerator company. We are a mix of a consultation agency and an investment company. We own between 10-20% of other companies and help them expand while we sell on. Today we are part-owners of Stylein, Fitness Collection, Cellaviva, Qurant, Guldkula Champagne, Brandbassador, Crypto Concinnity (block chain) and Hermine Hold. I can write an A4 about Nordic Tech House but that will have to be in a another post.

So that’s my entrepreneur -journey during the past 11 years (and I’ve become a mom to a to a 3-year-old and a 4,5 year old). But it’s now that we’ve laid the basic to scale up everything to a different level. Today we have an organisation where we can make that possible. Today our company group has a turn around of 125 million and we are providing salaries for ca 60 people.

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Life & thoughts
June 18, 2018 at 10:21 pm

In-Tune With Myself

Life changes a lot when you’re your own best friend. Since my separation I’ve had more time for myself which means I’ve been more in-tune with myself. I have time to feel what I want all the time, what I need and what I’m craving. Life doesn’t spin like a haster wheel where every day is on repeat whether you want it or not. Every day I have the opportunity to feel. Like tonight. Monday night without plans. Do I want to stay at the office? Have dinner with a friend? Have a massage? Buy gossip magazine and takeaway? I stayed at the office until seven, then I drove home and went for a long walk before I had dinner on the sofa with a moisturising mask in my hair.

Tomorrow I’m picking up my kids and even though it’s my days with them, I can still be in-tune with myself. What do I feel like doing, take the kids to our local pub for dinner just the three of us? Hang out longer on the playground after pick-up? Visit the neighbour? Or have a cosy evening on the sofa? It’s wonderful to listen to what I need every day and actually act on it, without compromising. Of course I listen to the kids as well but I don’t have a live-in partner I need to plan with.

To understand the meaning of being ruled by your inner-self has given me another dimension of happiness in life. Every choice is my choice and I live the life I truly want to live.

Today around four, I took a quick break for eating (and drinking) with Sheila. Just something like that made me happy. Now it’s almost 10 o’clock and I’m going to work another hour and then read. Tomorrow I’m meeting the kids and this weekend I have three days with H.

Perfect balance of everything!

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June 18, 2018 at 2:53 pm

Full Throttle Monday

I had lunch with Linus and two other investors today. I felt so childishly happy to have my best guy-friend as a co-owner. Other than our friendship, we get to do a company-journey together. All companies are work at 110% right now, Nordic Tech House are now 11 employees from last week. Today we are 13 people. In Löwengrip we’ve hooked an enormous retailer in Australia. At the same time we’re working on a bit exit and that’s a so called DD process. In my own companies we’ve just hired a sales manager and a person for international PR. She was the one who arranged the meeting with Forbes last week. I’m so proud of our company-family. I’m so certain that we’re not only going to create and run one Unicorn in the future but many.

Today’s outfit, shirt from Gant. All my favourite shirts are actually from there. Amazing quality. Jeans from Levis and shoes from Flattered. It’s my own model. Now there’s a world-cup frenzy at the office with a large flat-screen TV! I’m going to watch for a while, mostly for the atmosphere but then I have a full evening at the office, it’s nice to sort out some work the last night before I get the kids again.

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Life & thoughts
June 18, 2018 at 11:34 am

Barry’s Bootcamp

This morning Fitness Collection, which Nordic Tech House are co-owners of, had an event with Barry’s Bootcamp. Last week I invited 40 of my followers and today we gathered at 8.15. With Fitness Collection, you have a membership and that means you can use 120 different studios for exercise. Barry’s is included which is super-fun. The concept is from LA, it’s group-exercise with a lot of intervals, treadmill mixed with weights. The studio lights are dimmed and then high volume, like a nightclub. Fun!

A fantastic start to the day! If you want to try Fitness Collection I have a code Isabella2018 which gives you 20% off, go to their website here. Now I have a day with meetings. I love Mondays!

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