To Paris

… And we’re off to Paris! Emma is coming with me to help me style and document everything. We’re hoping to have time to take some nice photos. Soon the new platform will be launched so I need more photo content. Apart from that I have a bunch of meeting, for example I’m seeing the head of LCC in France. It’ll only be a short visit. I’m also gonna make some spa research at Chanel. Lot’s of things are in the making. To open up my own spa has been a goal for a long time, and now it’s not far away. Anything is possible, that’s my motto.

Brekkie came by with some breakfast at the office this morning. My second, so delicious.

Shirt and skirt from Custommade, shoes from &OtherStories, and bag from YSL. See you later!


Cozy morning

I had two hours to spend with the kids this morning so we had plenty of time to eat breakfast and play. I usually get myself ready at the office so I can spend the morning with the kids. We had a great time together! We took our bicycles and went to daycare at 8:15am. They’re spending the next three days with their father. The kids have adapted to well and are already used to having two homes. They settled with the new routines quicker than us parents. They’re so wise.

It’s tough waving goodbye, but being without them for a whole week would’ve been worse. I like our current schedule. Now I’m going to the office for a few hours before I’m off to Arlanda. I’m going to Paris for work and will be back late on Thursday night, it’ll be so much fun!


Car status

Today I picked up a new car for my assistant, an A3. I’m about to make a few changes regarding the cars. I saw someone asked about it before so I can explain. I have a Porsche Panamera (My private car), and an Audi Q7 (Löwengrip Invest). My ex husband was supposed to have the Audi since he would be working at my company. However, that never happened so now I have two cars on the driveway, one Panamera and one Q7. I decided to exchange the Q7 for another model as a company car for my assistant, the smaller A3. I will sell the Panamera too. I love the car, but I’ve ordered the new Porsche Panamera Hybrid so it will mostly run on electricity. Oh, I can’t wait. It should arrive from the factory soon.

Shirt from By Malene Birger and jeans from &Other Stories

Shoes Flattered x By Malina (adlink)

Now I’m off to pick up the kids!


Meetings until now

I’ve been in meetings since I arrived to the office this morning. Now is my first break. First out was a status report for LCC, that always fills me with energy. After our new COO Stefan started the company is working more with key numbers to measure and evaluate our result. We went through statistics, new products that are in the pipeline, export, and campaigns. Right now you get a pair of Hanky Panky underwear when shopping for 299 SEK. You can find the deal here at our webshop .

Now I’m off to the hairdresser during my late lunch hour. I have some presentations and work applications to go through. It’s perfect to multi-task. I love when you can combine beauty and business.


Brave children

I picked the kids up at 4pm-ish today and we went straight to the park. 24 degrees and quite sunny today, blissful. We played on the swings, pretended to run a shop and even spotted a deer a bit further away. Quite exciting actually.

On a few different occasions, Gillis has seen the older kids climbing on the roof of a little playhouse and have wanted to do this too, like the big boys, but haven’t yet dared to do it. Today we tackled the challenge and I taught him how to climb up. “Mommy, will you catch me if I fall?” and I answered “Of course, I would. I’m your Spiderman mommy and would never miss the chance of saving you.” Then his Spiderman mommy wanted to sit on the roof too. His absolute happiness when he managed it all by himself was just such a treat to see. Priceless! He sat there for a little while and just relished the moment, extremely proud of his own courage.

Once we got home, salmon was served to the children with dill and parsley sauce served with mash (everything made from scratch) and I had asked for salad with two different kinds of melon, feta, avocado, tomatoes, red onion, sprinkled with lots of seeds. Yummylicious! The pic doesn’t show this, but I always give the children veggie strips and they munch them so fast that I rarely have time to get a photo that includes these julienne strips. I read your comments about the outsourcing of food preparation and I was actually quite nervous about finding out what you thought of it, so I was prepared for harsh criticism like “Bad mom etc”, but most of you gave me positive comments. Phew.

I understood that my children have a different sort of everyday life at mine, but I think the most important thing is the upbringing and how I choose to raise them, what messages and feel I instil in them, not who serves their food. That is not what shapes their unique character and personality. I want to give my children a strong sense of self-esteem and the importance of being kind to our fellow humans. Every day I can see how Sally and Gillis are struggling with things, anything from putting their own shoes on to getting scraps of food off their plate before putting it on the work top after dinner or like Gillis today the dream of climbing up to the roof of the playhouse. I am always there by their side and support them all the way, so that we can solve the issues together. I want them to feel that I am always there for them if something is tough, but that they feel deep within themselves that I believe in them and their ability to manage things themselves. I reiterate this time and time again every day and it is great to see it pays off eventually. Courage is sprouting and growing inside Gillis and Sally and that courage will serve them well throughout their lives.

The roof that Gillis managed to climb up today will eventually change into the courage to stand up and talk in front of people, ask a girl or a boy out on a date, the brave act of saying no to peer pressure. Well, this list will be added to every month and every year for the rest of their lives. It is all about getting him to trust himself and knowing what he is capable of. That is exactly what I want to give him and his sister.


Outsource cooking

I just met with with Ida Backlund for a lunch at Tures. Her daughter Milla was there too. I feel like it was only yesterday my friends and I went to lunch with jars of baby food and “Babblarna”. The kids are growing up so fast, but it’s fun to see.

Dress from Marville Road and shoes from Chloé

I’m glad I had kids when I was so young (23 with Gillis and 24 with Sally). Sure, it’s intense to run a million SEK business while raising two little ones, but I’ve always been good at getting outside help. For me it’s important to stay energetic since it’s such a big part of my job. As soon as my ex husband moved out I hired an assistant to help out with everything at home, including grocery shopping and cooking. I understand that not everyone can afford this privilege, but I can and it gives more time to spend with my kids (I also find it incredibly boring to cook). I thought; “What would a male CEO have done if he got divorced with young children?”. Well, he would’ve most likely hired an au pair. I drop off and pick up the kids from daycare myself every day that they’re with me (Dropping off at 8:30 am and leaving the office at 3:30 pm), but since I have someone helping out at home we can walk to the park and play instead of rushing home to make dinner. Now we can arrive home to a home cooked meal (And we can still decide what we want). This is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


Walk your own path

Monday! I woke up next to two little kids snuggled up against me. That’s the best part of my day. We went up, watched some Paw Patrol, and had breakfast. After that we got dressed and I dropped them off at daycare. I have a pretty easy week ahead of me with some internal meetings, product development, investment meetings, and on Wednesday I’m going to Paris to work. The last time I went to Paris was to meet a man called Pierre Dinand who designed the perfume bottle for LCC. You should Google him, he’s amazing.

One of my favorite quotes from Steve Jobs; “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma- Which is living with the results of other people’s thinking”. I constantly remind myself to keep my head high, think big, and outside the box, both in my private life and career. You don’t have to solve problems that someone else already did. I visualize how getting stuck in your way of thoughts is like walking on the same path as everyone else, and get the same result as everyone else. What can I do different? Look up, take a new road. It’s challenging (But I’m practicing), and I often have to talk to other inspiring people to get new insights’.

Now I’m off to my first meeting of the day!


Celebrating mom

The kids and I went to my mom’s today as we were celebrating her 50th. She turned 50 earlier in the week. I picked my young brother up on the way there and once we got to my mom’s house, I got to meet my young sister’s boyfriend for the first time. I can remember how nervous I used to be about that sort of thing, meeting your boyfriend’s family and introducing him to yours. He was a really nice guy though and it’ll be great to get to know him and spend more time with them when they come to mine for dinner. On our way home I couldn’t help feeling that life is rushing past so fast, mom turned 50 this year and my baby brother is 24 (!) by now, it was a big deal to get to meet Julia’s boyfriend today and in the backseat of the car I have two gorgeous children of my own. Really cool! 

The kids are fast asleep and I’m going to apply a face mask which will give my skin a moisture boost and rehydrate my skin properly, which is definitely needed after a night out. I’ll make myself a cup of matcha tea and start preparing for the week ahead. Lots of things happening at work this week and I plan to broadcast a live Q&A session, because I’ve noticed you seem to have a lot of unanswered questions. I feel calm, happy and grateful. Have had a whole weekend with people I care for and love, and so much fun, giggles and laughter too. A few days with the children coming up, so I have some cozy family time and a great week at the office to look forward to.



Yesterday my friends and I checked in at Hotel At Six. I haven’t stayed here before, but great fun to try out a new place. I love their restaurant and the roof terrace bar called TAK, which I have visited many times before. Make-up artist Mikaela came over to make us all extra pretty, we ordered room service with champagne and some tapas-style starters (roasted corn with truffle, burrata and scallops… delicious!) and we toasted to us.

Something so sublime to check in at a hotel together and have a whole evening to look forward to!

At 8.30-ish we headed over to Riche for dinner.

Then we went to TAK, Fou och Wall. An all-nighter to say the least and so much laughter and dancing! I’m now looking forward to a yummy, relaxed breakfast with the girls. All of us are early risers as we have young children at home and used to early mornings. And this afternoon, I will pick Sally and Gillis up from Odd’s, yippie! Can’t wait! 🙂


Bye bye, Skåne!

On my way back to Stockholm now. Plan to have a bite to eat at home, do some yoga and then I’ve booked a hotel room for my friends and I to get ready in before our night out. I makes me so happy to be able to treat my friends to this. Sheila, Fanny, Martina, Michaela and I will stay there tonight, have dinner and a night on the town. A real get-together and girlie evening after the summer vacation. Of course, I miss the children loads, but tomorrow another three days are nearly up and soon I get to see them again. As far as I’m concerned, it’s mentally much easier with a 3-day schedule compared to a whole week. Not the same emotional pain to handle every time,so that when it starts to hurt (like today) I know I only have to cope with that heartache for a day before I get to see them and cuddle them again.

Looking forward to a peaceful moment of reading on the flight! I really want to be inspired every day and I mean in different ways. Articles, reports, podcasts, books, magazines, newspapers and interesting discussions etc. I want to make sure I give myself a creative boost every single day. Just like our bodies need food and exercise our brains need the the same sort of thing, which is why I find providing my brain the plenty intellectual and creative stimulation very important.