Ystad Saltsjöbad

Today I checked in at Ystad Saltsjöbad, and I just love being here. There were balloons, pralines and champagne waiting for me in my room, such an incredibly thoughtful staff. Then I went to the spa and fell asleep in a bed next to the fireplace. It’s the perfect environment to be in when you’ve lived a fast paced life for a long period of time. I love getting things done but I’m also good at recovering my energy by alternating – accelerate, recharge. At 6pm I face-timed with the kids and they sang “Happy birthday to you” so beautifully, which moved me greatly. Now a dinner at the hotel restaurant awaits.

Thank you for your congratulations!


27 years old today

Today is my birthday! Unfortunately there were no kisses from my kids or singing this morning, but I did have a lovely breakfast at Pom & Flora. Their food is so tasty and the staff is really nice. However, the celebration began as soon as the clock struck midnight at the Project Playground dinner. I became so moved by the work the organization does and I’m hoping that I’ll find a way to support them more. Please follow them on Instagram here to get a better understanding of what they are doing. Now a flight to Skåne awaits and there I’m going to check in at one of my favorite hotels. I’m looking forward to spa and a nice dinner tonight. Such a great birthday.

I’m flying to Warsaw this Monday, hence the big suitcase. Talk to you later!


Baby visit

Five weeks ago Emma, who is co-owner and sales manager in Flattered, had a little Harrison. Today I got the opportunity to cuddle with her baby and that was definitely the highlight of the day at the office. It’s magical to sit down with a newborn baby in your arms and just breathe in the lovely scent. I definitely want more kids in the future , but I have so many things on my list that I want to do first. Before, when I was married, I said 100 millions in revenue for LCC but that’s revised to us reaching half a billion and really are established. It will take a few years of course but the day that Gillis and Sally gets a sibling, I want to be able to take more pauses from work. I would like to be able to walk with the pram and just enjoy the calmness without having to take phone calls at the same time.

I think it’s great that we are getting more and more company-babies. These years have resulted in a lovely bunch, and right now our marketing director at LCC is waiting for her little one. I really want to be a boss that encourages my employees to have families despite of their careers. With us it’s possible to make it work. Never ever do I want them to feel like they have to choose. In the future I’m hoping that we’ll be able have a daycare center in connection with the office. There isn’t time to build it right now, but sometime in the future perhaps. Speaking of kids, I’m soon off to a charity dinner for disadvantaged kids in South Africa. Hopefully Project Playground will receive a great deal of money on the auction, come on! Have a lovely Friday! 🙂


Fluffy ballerina

Last night was so cozy and nice. My friends and I talked about life until midnight, we cried and we laughed. Gillis woke up at one point so I asked him if he wanted to come downstairs and lay down on the couch meanwhile we sat talking. He snuggled up on the couch and I could see how much he enjoyed being there with us, hearing the adults talking and all the lit candles in the room. Just before I went to sleep I thought about how grateful I am that I have these amazing friends. I’ve found home in them, and it’s the first time I feel this way. My friends have been an enormous support during the divorce. It was probably when I felt at my worst and they came to help me, without a moment’s hesitation, that I realized that my friends will be there for me even when I’m in a crisis. That was an important and emotional realization for me.

Speaking of something else, today it’s Friday! I sneaked of to Flattered this morning and took a look at our ballerina shoes that now have got (fake)fur, incredibly cozy.

I love our boots. I often talk about LCC in the blog, which is natural as I’m operative in the company. However, Flattered has also gone through some changes and had an important journey during the same year. Today we exist, in physical form, in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium, England, USA, Hong Kong and Dubai. I remember the pitch meeting at VRG (Rizzo), how we showed our first shoe sample and how nervous we were. At that point we only had indoor ballerina shoes in a few colors. Today we have lots of models. This year we’ve started to make boots. However, there is a rumor that we’re going to make heels soon as well (finally!). Now I’m going to head off to our next LCC meeting, I’ve got almost an entire day at the office today which is quite unusual. Tonight I’m going to a charity dinner for Project Playground.


Healthy business

I’ve had a good day today, and speaking on stage with the best Ola Ahlvarsson went great. He’s a very talented entrepreneur that I hope that I’ll get to work with in the future. The event was held at Oscarsteatern, such a beautiful place. I had some flashbacks from when I held lectures twice a week for several years. I got the same feeling in my stomach when I went on stage.

On with the microphone

We talked a little about my career, investments and health. I have changed my way of living considerably to be able to live a more sustainable life and to have more energy.

Then I jumped into a taxi and hurried here. Time for an interview.

I’ve just put the kids to bed, and soon Martina, Michaela and Sheila will be here for a pre-birthday dinner. Lovely!



– In partnership with Planti –

As you know I’ve started to eat a mostly plant-based diet. Therefore it’s fitting that I have Planti as a partner on the blog today. Planti is a brand that works for raising vegan food, which is so tasty and offers many different alternatives. I’ve tried three of their YogOat’s, and they are like yogurt but completely made of oats and entirely vegan. The other day I made a smoothie bowl for breakfast with their YogOat serving as the perfect base.

I mixed their natural and their apple/vanilla YogOats together with frozen raspberries, blueberries and mango. I also added broccoli, some turmeric and cinnamon. Then I topped it with fresh raspberries, blueberries, kiwi, pumpkin seeds and coconut flakes. Very simple and very environmentally friendly. One thing that I would like to highlight is that Planti is owned by a charitable foundation and all their surplus goes to charity, which I think is an important and good initiative.

– In partnership with Planti –


Healthy investments

The last few days have been quite calm (according to my standards at least), but today the tempo went up. I always feel the stress mixing with the adrenaline in my body, and it’s a feeling I love. That tempo agrees with me. Now I’ll soon be standing on a stage talking to a big audience about sustainable investments. It’s Healthy Business that has invited me and it’s going to be so much fun. Among other things I’ll be talking about Natural Cycles, and how investing in a company that wants to give women an alternative to consuming hormones is natural to me. In addition to that, Natural Cycles challenge a milliard industry, and that’s no easy thing to do. But, as an entrepreneur you are often driven by making a difference, and that’s exactly what the founders Elina and Raoul are doing.

Today’s work outfit: Jacket Filippa K, top Lou in Love, pants Massimo Dutti, shoes Chloé and computer case Bottega Veneta.

This morning I met up with another company within Healthy Business that Nordic Tech House probably will invest in, and it feels really exciting. I hope that we’ll bring in the deal. Now I’m going to hurry off and continue with my busy day, and then I’ll pick my lovely kids up for a fun afternoon together. See you later!


Thursday morning

Today I had a classical toddler’s morning. All the warm clothes were wrong, the gloves and hats were itching and Gillis wanted to wear trainers when I wanted him to wear lined wellingtons boots. Nobody wanted to get into the car and everything was wrong. In moments like that I easily break, but after the divorce it has somehow become easier when we have them three days each. I appreciate our time together in a different way, and thus, when they lie on the floor and don’t want to do anything, it’s easier to sit on the floor beside them and start over mentally. To find new angles and get the kids to be solution-oriented instead of just blocking themselves. To have the kids part-time has definitely made me a better mother. That’s the way I choose to see it.

Today will be intense. Investment meetings for Nordic Tech House, and then I’m going to get on stage and talk about business at Healthy Business. After that I’ll do an interview with Elle (it was cancelled the last time). Great day, and as usual, no day is like the other. Hugs!


Energy thieves

This is how our night looked after bathtime:

All of the food was brought forth and we played until bedtime.

When I was putting the kids to bed I said “Goodnight, honey pie” to Sally, and she answered “I’m myself, Sally”. Wise thing to say, my little two-year-old.

Speaking of something totally different. A friend of mine recently told me that he had received a brand new car (this happened in the U.S many years ago) as a bonus after many years of success within the company. When the person brought the car to Sweden the first comment he got was “it consumes a lot of fuel, doesn’t it?” That sentence is stuck in my head. That negative way of thinking is so incredibly common, and many won’t hesitate to say such a thing as commenting on the fuel consumption rather than saying “Congratulations, that’s great!”.

My best advice for you will sound harsh but, avoid that type of person as much as you possibly can. What I really like to write is: run in the opposite direction. Don’t let that negative mindset be a part of your reality. It’s complicated, but for my me it’s important to never get stuck in that kind of negative discussion, it leads nowhere. I doesn’t make me feel better. I’ve talked a lot about energy lately because many of you are, just like me, high performing and struggle to get your daily lives together. To avoid energy thieves works miracles for your energy. Become more aware about who they are and dare to choose differently. If you have a big career journey in front of you, you will have to do those choices. And if you don’t want choose, at least speak up. That’s a good start. Hopefully that person isn’t aware of that and can change.


Halloween party

Next Saturday we’re having a big Halloween party at home. There are probably going to be around 60-70 guests, and I’ve booked a DJ, bartenders and catering for the event. I’ve had Halloween parties for many years so it has become somewhat of a tradition. It’s so much fun to mix friends, all my employees, neighbours and acquaintances. I don’t know if you remember last year, but the entire house looked like a haunted house and this year we’re going to have even more decorations. I love it! However, the decorations are very creepy so we’ll have to wait with putting them up until the kids are with their dad. When the kids are back with me again our home will have been transformed into a more child friendly version of Halloween.

I’m very pleased that Partykungen has been my sponsor for several years! There is so much to choose from.

… My fingers are itching, eager to decorate!

I also found a site where you can make your own trophies, fun! There are three trophies that the guests can win: best dressed man, woman and couple. Last year I dressed up as a mix between Darth Vader and Lea. What I’m dressing up as this year I’ll keep secret for a little while longer. Soon I’ll be off to pick up the kids. These three days have gone by quickly, luckily. It’s awful when you feel the other way around.