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May 23, 2018 at 11:20 am

GP Bullhound

This morning I woke up at 6AM and realized I was alone in bed. The kids were still sleeping in their bedroom. First time ever. I got up and showered and when I was putting on oil to cuties came into the bathroom. We went downstairs and had breakfast with Hayley, Emelie arrived half past 7 to get me ready. In the meanwhile, I practice some English pronunciations with Hayley, which was handy. My taxi arrived at 9 but apparently there were queues on the road so they recommended taking Arlanda Express. I can’t really count the flights I’ve missed over the years so I listened to the recommendation.

Sascha is with my for this trip, it’s the investment-bank GP Bullhound who have invited 100 digital CEO’s around the world for a two-day event. You can read more about it here. Today I’m going to be interviewed about my journey. Fun! I’m looking forward to all the networking. It’s definitely not a bad thing when we’re going to be at Marbella Club and Puento Romano, I love those places.

I’ll talk to you tonight!

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May 23, 2018 at 10:15 am

Dinner At The Beach

Sometimes I’d like to have a camera and live-send everything that happens in our company-croup. Nordic Tech House have a telephone meeting with a president about blockchain, we keep having clothes coming in from Styleins latest collection, risk-capital company meets one of our holdings to buy a part of it, our sales-bell rings for Löwengrip and we have new orders coming in. We have had a 60% turnover of this year total turnover in May and Autumn is usually our strongest period. In Löwengrip Invest we’re filling my calendar with missions for autumn 2019. Next week we’re going live with a new company we’re starting with the founders of Ideal of Sweden. Everything is happening at the same time.

It’s a great feeling to meet my co-founders and co-owners in the corridors every day. We look at each other with a look that says “We don’t really have time to talk right now but there’s a trust that we’re all running as fast as we can and work really hard.” We see the result of the sprint all the time. We have a company-family who use each-others power – it’s so awesome.

Elin and I went through Stylein’s senaste kollektion. Det är så mycket fint! These striped shorts will come with me when I’m travelling tomorrow.

I was at nursery around 4PM, we left the car at home and cycled to the lake where we had dinner at the beach and had an evening swim. I had pancakes with healthy Nutella and strawberries, salad and a lot of fruit and berries. It’s handy when the picnic basket was already made for us.

Sally in a new swimsuit from Hummel.

We were home at half past 6 and my suitcase was already standing by the door. Sascha usually packs all outfits at home before I’m going away, and then I add my toiletry case. It’s a relief to not have to pack in the evening, that means more time with kids and work. When we stepped inside the door the kids had gruel on the sofa (after the dentist visit Gillis wanted a different routine so we could brush teeth at the end instead), we read books and then it was bedtime. Tomorrow I’m up with the kids as usually but I’m on a flight later in the morning. Three days went way too quick. There’s actually a big sadness that wants to come out and grieve that we’re parting ways. But I accept it and carry on.

When I divorced I asked others who had been through the same process if you ever get used to having the kids half time. As a matter of routine, the answer is yes, but emotionally absolutely not. During the third bedtime I get horrible anxiety which grabs hold of me. I have to fight it every time. My big advantage is my job. If I were to come home to an empty house tomorrow around 6 I would feel terrible. But I’ve managed to fill my three days without the kids with work or travel almost every time. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. But it helps with the pain in any case.

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Life & thoughts
May 22, 2018 at 12:23 pm

A Month With Hormones

Getting to know your body is A and O for keeping your pace steady in the long run. As you know I’ve been struggling a long time with my PMS which effects 7-10 days of a months. It’s a lot. My approach to the PMS isn’t to pretend like it doesn’t exist but actually to adapt to it instead. Other than Premalex which is a medicine (antidepressant) I’m keen on my exercise. I’ve also started analysing my cycles even more to match them with my job:

1 My PMS-week is my toughest week. During those days I’ve asked my colleagues to not book me into long creative workshops or make big decisions. Here it’s best for me to prepare meetings, interviews and internal meetings, write and have as much office time as possible.

2. The week of my period and onwards is my super-week. Here I’m back on track and I feel like I can take on the world. This is where it’s perfect to record everything creative in front of a camera, be on stage and make important decisions.

3. Week 3 are my manic days. It sounds worse than it is. But these are days when my energy-levels are at the highest and I struggle to wind down and to sleep. This is where I try to travel and finish off as much as possible. I’m in that phase right now. Like yesterday when I was happy, worked until half past one and up again at 6, spent time with the kids and then walked into city from Lidingö. All the energy makes it itch and recovery becomes even more important after a week like that. Now that i have the kids things are naturally a bit calmer between 4PM and 8PM. I have the kids from Saturday as well so I know that I can be really busy this week with travels because I’ll have a natural recovery this weekend.

4. After the manic and energy-filled week then itchy energy begins to transition into the PMS-itch instead and that feeling is actually horrendous. Here I’ve learned to lower my pace again and try to do everything properly so I have control over my daily life. As well as accept that it’s a few mentally heavy days ahead of me. Even though I’m upset I can think rationally and see the PMS-days as something important for the sadness which makes me wind down. Hit the gas, hit the brakes, laugh and carry on as a superhuman, into a sad period and a chance to reflect. That’s what a month looks like for me. It probably sounds exhausting but I’ve learnt to use it instead.

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May 22, 2018 at 9:32 am

Fun With Kids

I was home at four, parked the car, made an espresso in a takeaway mug and walked down to nursery with a bike each in a stroller. The children were out in the yard playing together. I asked what they felt like doing and the answer was to play on the playground. Gillis was climbing trees and Sally and I played café.

There are some moments that define the childrens’ personalities more clearly. When we’re driving and are about to park the car, I usually say “can anyone see where I should park the car?” Then, Sally points out the window and says THERE and THERE MOM. Spaces that don’t really exist. Gillis, on the other hand, usually replies “mom it’s probably better if you look for a space to park because you can see better from your seat.” I always feel really happy when I think about those moments.

I actually bought this evening’s book when I was pregnant with Gillis. The author presents the world in a fun way with creative maps. The kids find it very exciting that Hayley is raised where there are sharks (LA).

I love teaching the kids things. I’ve always been curious in nature. The latest thing we’ve been talking about is how trees become paper. Gillis eyes were shining when he got to learn something new. The connection between toilet roll and all the trees we pass by have been today’s topic. Sally opened the door when I was wiping myself today (sorry for the info) and she said “mom, is that an apple-tree.” It’s a lot of fun

I have a lot of work ahead of me so I’m working at the kitchentable with berries, tea and a phone call with Pingis. I didn’t have time to finish half the things at the office today. We have a new company on the go, Nordic Tech House and Ideal of Sweden-founders. You’ll find out more about that later. :- )

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Life & thoughts
May 21, 2018 at 3:16 pm

So Red!

A lot of people have read the book Surrounded By Idiots so I was curious of my own result when the whole company did a DISC-test a year and a half ago. It was a massive test that took a lot of time. We were there for a whole morning all of us. The goal was to learn how you work as a person, what motivates you and to see if the whole group is balance by different types of people. A company feels good when there’s a mix. Then and there we were too few green and blue but today I’d say we’re 50/50. Our biggest strengths are sales and analysis. Today we don’t have enough of the creative parts, which is funny because that’s where we were strongest before. Another fun thing is that apparently Simon and I are the perfect match according to the DISC-test.

I’ve always been very read. High energy, sees opportunities in everything, enjoys challenges, always on the run, extremely blunt in my communication and I’ve built up the ability to make quick decisions. My strengths are perfect for my working situation, but on a private level I’m often in my own world in my head where I process and visualize the next step. I’ve actually never believed it’s particularly important to be liked by everyone, if I cared about something like that I wouldn’t be running my blog for 13 years. But I’ve felt like I’ve been the odd one out and that feel could really wear me down before I had kids. Being an outsides takes energy if you if you place weight on being part of the normal. If you don’t, you can turns your oddities into superpowers. It certainly requires an awful lot of courage to go all in, in yourself and stand for that. Today I’m always myself and I allow myself to be the odd bird. That’s also how I’ve found people who match me for real


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Life & thoughts
May 21, 2018 at 10:51 am

Keeping Calm

Thank you for your comments yesterday. I rarely write about things like that but I felt like there must be a lot of you who have been in my position. I liked the ideas around expanding to 4-5 days in the beginning. I’m going to suggest it. We’ve been sitting with our municipality (family support I think it’s called) and have had help with communication this years and I guess it’s time again if you want to start changing schedules. It’s really not easy. I’ve never had my patience tested in my life as I’ve had during the divorce. But my strategy has been to never make decisions I will regret in the future. I’ve never raised my voices or written harsh text messages to my ex-husband. I’ve always been calm and collected. I guess I’m the one who has been his verbal punching bag. I’ve never taken it because I know I’m standing further away.

Incredibly difficult.

Löwengrip at Åhléns in Norrköping

Anyway, Monday morning. I started the week with breakfast with the kids and then a PT-hour with Pontus. My week is quieter than last week. Lovely days with the children and then I’m going to Marbella to talk at an event which the investment bank GP Bullhound is hosting for CEO’s around the world. That’ll be exciting.

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Life & thoughts
May 21, 2018 at 10:45 am

Our Friday

It’s not often I want to just scream into a pillow but today has been one of those days. I’m rarely angry, I’m good at choosing my emotions but sometimes it becomes to o much. As soon as I think my ex-husband and can find a light in our relationship, the exact opposite happens. We have different views on how to split the the time. I’ve wished for every other week and he wants to keep three days. I’m starting to feel like one of the kids thinks it’s a lot jumping around and it breaks my heart to see it. It’s a horrible feeling to feel powerless and dependant on one person.

When the going get’s tough I’m grateful for my rational-self who steps in and tells me that it’s only been a year and that it’ll be easier as the years go by. I’m trying to find calm in that.

Anyway. Now for something else entirely. Friday’s party:

As I’d mentioned before, Pingis and I celebrated six years and we chose to celebrate a bit differently at Cuvée Madame in Old Town. We really wanted to do something different, the thought was a drink after work but we had the most amazing party!

Pingis and I invited our usual mix of people. 1. Closest friends/colleagues. 2. People who have been a part of our journey. 3. People we want to work/cooperate with. So, get time with friends, time to thank some people and a chance to network.

The place was on two floors in Old Town, we served food from Renée Voltaire and an unlimited amount of rosé. Johan DJ:d and there was a party all the way into the alleway, there were about 40 of us and all over us were dancing before 8 o’clock. Everyone who came are so used to events so I think people thought it was nice with some a bit simpler and more relaxing.

Bowls with our products.

Our company has a veg-policy! Although we had vegan food on Friday.

Here are two superstars! It’s the two of them (plus another 10 employees) who run (and own) Flattered with me and Pingis. Emma And Gustav are a duo like Pingis and I. Flattered have several new models by the way, check them out,here.

The calm before the storm. The speakers were booming and everyone just went for it! I was so happy! We started at 6 and around ten the team carried onto Riche where we had more food and champagne. I was planning on being home at 10 at the latest but I was home at midnight so not too bad. I’m out several evenings a week for work dinners but the trick is to be in bed for twelve. Regarding alcohol I either stay sober or half a glass of wine if it’s a weekday but two glasses at the most on a weekend. Although on Friday I had three glasses of wine. It’s almost on the edge for my part. But that’s how it is sometimes. It might sound harsh with all the rules but I can’t just ”take it as it comes” when my pace is so high during the week. I need to plan everything to keep the balance.

Now I’m going to plan the week. See you tomorrow. Big hug.

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Life & thoughts
May 20, 2018 at 6:16 pm

Hotel Boman

When everything was at its most intense this week I realized I would need to re-charge the batteries completely this weekend. Friday evening was booked and I pick up the kids on Sunday so I didnät have a lot of time for a getaway. I began to figure out what sort of hotels ‘s travel to Trosa! I hadn’t been there fo rmany years, my dad has a house there so last time I visited I was 21. Then I remembered Hotel Bornan where I stayed when Elaine got married – it was so cosy. So I settled on Boman’s.

We checked in at Boman’s around 2PM yesterday, I was pretty tired when I arrived at the reception and was struck by how lovely everythinG was. It was just what I needed. I was lucky to run into Kristin Boman, who owns the hotel. She’s a truly inspiring entrepreneur and after our conversation I felt happy. Entrepreneurs have an ability to share their energy. It’s lovely.

Afterwards we had lunch at Fina Fisken, I had prawns for a starter and had trout for a main. It was delicious! We ordered a bottle of chablis and sat in the sun for many hours. I know I should romanticize alcohol but my God you can feel so much better after a bit of wine and sunshine cuddles after an intense week.

This is where we had desert! I remembered there was a marizpan house where my dad always bought fine-marzipan with nougat for us (and other things) so I bought that with me.

The result of having a good economy and struggles to make decisions. It’s a habit I’ve had for nearly ten years, to not need to make decisions. Although it is something I need to work on when it comest bestämma sig.

We were back at the hotel around 6. It’s fun that all rooms are so different and there are many pairs of Louboutins there that you can borrow. Kristin told me that she’s placed her shoe collection in all rooms. How fun! We had a lovely dinner at the hotel, fell asleep around midnight and woke up at half past 8. It’s great to sleep in. Now we’re about to have breakfast and then drive back home (I love driving. I’ve gained new energy and looking forward to picking up the kids.

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Life & thoughts
May 19, 2018 at 10:07 pm

6 Years Together

Oh my god what a celebration last night You have to go to my instastory to check it out. I was going to show you all pictures from yesterday and tell you about the evening but it’ll have to be tomorrow because I am going to check out for 24 hours and I am going to a small hotel an hour from town.There I am going to have a breather from this amazing week and recharge my batteries with good food, wine in the sunshine and with someone I love.

This is what I looked like yesterday! Red dress from Mango and pink heels.

We drank Guldkulas bubbly rosé before we left. Incredible to be co-owner of that company. A lot of joy! Anyway, I am leaving my computer at home. Talk to you tomorrow!
Big hugs 🙂

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Life & thoughts
May 18, 2018 at 4:23 pm


And yet another fast-paced day with a hectic schedule! Emelie rang my doorbell at 5am this morning and got me ready for today’s event, then my colleagues turned up at 6.30am and we drove up to Norrköping together. I was a guest at Norrköpings Näringslivsdag, so there was supposed to be one interview on stage around breakfast time and then another one at 1pm-ish. In between these two slots, I crammed in a visit to Åhléns department store, Lyko and Apotek, all retailers stocking Löwengrip. We also had a delicious dinner at Asken, and the restaurant was located in the most gorgeous spot. I bought some chocolate in the shop next door too. Yum yum.

We’re on our way home again now and will probably get to Stockholm at 5pm. Home for a quick change and then make my way into Gamla stan, the old town part of Stockholm, where Pingis and I have our party at 6pm to celebrate our 6 years together! OMG, we’ve had such a laugh over the last few years and looking forward to many more great years to come 🙂

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