Thoughts from Italy

I’m going back home tomorrow. The past few days has been great, I feel happy. Not just because this is a lovely place, but because I’ve had time to reflect. I know that the pictures I’ve posted are showing my happy moments, but what you can’t see are all the times I sit down to think about what I appreciate in life. What makes me feel good. To deal with whatever life throws at you and let it be a guide to focus more on what’s beautiful and positive. Of course I miss my children a lot, and I’m looking forward to spending my days with them. We’ve been talking on FaceTime during the weekend. Although it’s not the same as talking face to face, it filled me with happiness. I’m grateful because I know that Odd is giving them all of his love during his days. Even though we’re divorced we still share our love for the children. That feels good.

Apart from the kids, who are the most important part of my life, I’ve realized what an incredible journey I have ahead of me business-wise. I have amazing companies to work with and I get to meet inspiring people every day. Soon I’ll be back in Stockholm ready and more motivated than ever to create the best life possible according to my values. I’m continuing to be grateful for everything that I have. I’m also grateful for you (You know who you are) who are giving me strength with your encouraging comments. My wisdom from this journey is that in everything that’s a struggle, there’s something good to get and learn from.

Swim suit from &Other Stories

Dress from &Other Stories. It’s a bad picture but I love it. Simple yet elegant.

We had lunch at a hotel called Eden. I can really recommend the place, it’s amazing. The only way to reach it is through a private boat ride with an amazing view. Definitely worth visiting. Now it’s time for this trip’s last dinner. Big hugs and I’ll see you tomorrow!


The Amalfi coast

It’s lovely here! I appreciate having the time to read in the shade with an espresso next to me. I’m staying at an island called Ischia. The closest airport is in Neapel, and you can go to the island in a couple of different ways from there. We were picked up by a car that brought us to the harbour Pozzuoli, where a yacht was waiting for us. After that it was a 40 minute boat ride to the island. Capri is right next to us.

Beach bag from Ellos

… And three favorites; Lipgloss from Clarins, Elle magazine, and Spf 50 from Löwengrip Care & Color. This is the travel size, perfect for the bag.



It’s so beautiful here!

Shirt from By Malene Birger, swimsuit from Monday Swimwear, and beach bag from Ellos

The hotel is amazing

Pasta, pasta, pasta…

A massage with a view 🙂


No herring and shots

You were wondering who’s taking all the pictures of me:

Nah, hehe 🙂

I’m accompanied by a friend who doesn’t wanna be in any photos. Last night we had dinner at one of the hotel’s restaurants. It’s so beautiful here. No herring and shots but lots of pasta.

I wore a gold dress from &Other Stories. However it was difficilt to walk in the dark wearing it. Now I’m going reading by the pool!


Italian Midsummer

… Didn’t turn out too bad!

Top from FWSS, shorts from Gant, shoes from Stinaa J, and bag from Lara Bohinc. I hope that it was sunny in Sweden 🙂



It’s Midsummer’s Eve today and for the first time I’m spending it without the kids. I have mixed emotions. I go from feeling a stabbing pain in my heart to longing for rest and sleep. I don’t know how often I’ll update the blog this weekend. This trip couldn’t have come at a better time. Have an amazing Midsummer, dance, and eat lots of strawberry cake.

Shirt from World Market Sthlm, skirt from NA-KD, and shoes from Henry Kole. Now I’m off to Italy!


Ready to go swimming

– In partnership with Babyshop –

I stopped by Babyshop in Sturegallerian yesterday looking for vacation and fall clothes for the kids. Since they’re getting two wardrobes now I need to stock up. I found shorts, T-shirts, and some nice UV-clothes. I can see them wearing it a sunny day in July running around at a beach somewhere. I usually shop online, but sometimes it’s nice to take the time and walk around in stores. Although Babyshop has a great selection online so you’ll find clothes for all occasions.

From Gardner & the gang

– In partnership with Babyshop –


Weekly Business

Today I had a photoshoot with the magazine Veckans Affärer (“Weekly Business”) at Hotell At Six. The result turned out great.

Shirt from FWSS, pants from Teotoki, and shoes from Stinaa J.

Earrings from World Market Sthlm

Now I’m going back to work. Later we’re having a little gathering at the office before the holidays (Tomorrow is a red day in Sweden).


Testing, testing

Once again I started my day in Nathalie Berzelius’ studio. I have another photoshoot today, and everything is going to be printed before Midsummer. Today’s shoot is for a spread in the magazine Veckans Affärer (“Weekly Business”). Every time I travel I pick up an issue of Damernas Värld and Veckans Affärer, and this week I had the opportunity to be part of both. I love it.

I’m also trying out two new samples of a hair mousse that arrived from one of our Swedish factories. I divided my hair 50/50 and have one sample on one side, and one sample on the other. I have a silver mousse at home to try out as well. However, I’m saving that for another day when I don’t have a photoshoot. It would be awkward to show up for a shoot if it doesn’t work out well, hehe. I’m always testing our products, and sometimes it’s difficult since I’m so sensitive. Although it’s good at the same time because if I can use the product without an allergic reaction it usually passes the dermatological tests as well. Unfortunately this has resulted in me having irritated skin several times over the years. Like when we developed LCC’s eye cream. It was sooo difficult to get it right because I react to anything that I apply around my eyes. We were finally able to develop this and I love it. It’s so cool that I can make my own beauty products that I’m not allergic to!


Magazine photoshoot and interview

Today I had a long but fun interview and photoshoot with the amazing Martina Bonnier for the magazine Damernas Värld. We were at Högberga Gård on Lidingö, it was so beautiful. One day I’m gonna live like that. The interview won’t be out until this fall so you’ll have to wait awhile.

Now I’m off to a dinner whit a group of inspiring women, Anna Kinberg Batra is one of them. I’m looking forward to it!