At home Life & thoughts
March 22, 2018 at 12:28 am

Female Empires

Something that I always have felt strongly about is to celebrate other women and their businesses. It is so cool with our bransch as influencers, how it is managed and owned by us women. I don’t think everybody has realised what power it means for women all over the world. Women have always been good at networking socially. If we previously have built the social networks within the same city, we will soon have global networks thanks to social media. If we use it to build our own brands, exchange capital with each other (invest), consume from one another and motivate when the energy is low
– We will build empires

Today I attended a lunch hosted by Anita Schulman. She has made a line of beautiful lingerie for Chambres.

We were a bunch of women there. During my years as a blogger and entrepreneur it has not always been a fact that everybody wants to help each other in this field and the atmosphere have been kind of stiff in the past. But something has happened since then, one has realised that we live during a time where we must help to spread to the public what we are doing – Together we will become a great power that we all will benefit from. I am not talking about the women above, they are amazing and generous – I mean in general. Things are happening in the influencer-field, it means we will keep seeing companies around the world grow enormously fast.

Around four I picked up the children. We had dinner and cuddled in the couch. The children were a bit tired. We talked a lot about love and one of the children told med that they had a crush on someone in kindergarten. Suddenly I went from being a cool mom to be that old and just stutter “Wow that is great, it is incredible to get those butterflies in your stomach when you have a crush on someone”… Well what should you say? I picked it up again before bedtime so that the child could fall asleep with warm nice thoughts about the new situation.

Lille-skutt-plaster after a paper cut. Now the children are asleep and I have work! Have a nice evening!

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Life & thoughts
March 21, 2018 at 10:40 am

Having a lie-in

I had the choice of either getting up at 6am and heading outdoors for a spot of exercise, which I always do when I don’t have the children, but I indulged in a right TV binge last night and stayed awake until after midnight, watched some series, munched even more pie and then decided to sleep until I woke up of my own accord. I woke up at 8am-ish, the sun was beaming in through the window, so I had a long shower, boiled some eggs and had a cup of coffee while I sifted through my emails. I drove into town a bit later on, around 9am. To drive across the Lidingö bridge when the sun is shining so brightly is such a treat. When I got to the office, I had a giggle because everyone was talking about how much fun it had been to do the recording yesterday.

I have a fairly calm day ahead, mostly meetings at the office and I need to finish off a few things that I didn’t get around to yesterday. We have a new case at Nordic Tech House, which I want to take a closer look at too. Energizing stuff. Will pick the kids up from daycare at 4pm and I’ve missed them soooo much. Tomorrow London awaits. We have two companies that are interested in Löwengrip. We don’t know if we are interested in this idea, but it is nice to be invited over there and it will be interesting to hear what they’ve got to say.

I was given a beautiful illustration by Rosa Prinsessa. The last time they sent something it was a picture of four people, but now there are three of us. I will order this as a painting and put it up on the wall in the children’s room. Isn’t it just lovely?!

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Business Life & thoughts
March 20, 2018 at 9:52 pm

Matbaren and apple pie

What a day! around 13.00 we recored a short episode of Being Bella to show to future tv-channels etc. It is an episode that kind of summarises everything that is going to happen later in the reality show. I have to say that I have the best colleagues in the world who agreed to do this and they were amazing! I cannot remember the last time I laughed this much. It was of course completely voluntary to be a part of it, but oh my gosh how fun. Alex Schulman was the director today and he was incredible. If he is sharp in front of a microphone I have to say that is a bit more sharp behind it, his skill with timing is amazing. The rest of the team Perfect Day was also extremely professional.

I did the last scene right before 18.00. Filming and recording for five hours may not sound like a lot but your brain really is mashed afterwards. When start after the summer it will be fewer hours but more often instead. Besides, you will get used to it. Anyhow, when I was finished I had two choices, to go home, make an omelette for dinner and get into bed with a large chocolate bar and magazines. Or, go out for dinner with pleasant company…

I went to Matbaren! I had this dish with peas which is lovely and a dish with mushrooms. I love sitting a their bar. Cozy atmosphere.

My nice Chanels on my feet

On the way home I stopped by Coop to shop ingredients for apple pie. Now I am gonna take a bath while the pie is in the oven, then it is the series Silicon Valley and pie. I could not imagine a better ending to an intense day like today!

Hugs to you all,

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Business Looks
March 20, 2018 at 8:01 pm

International Campaign

 – In collaboration with Daniel Wellington –

We recorded a campaign film with Daniel Wellington here at the office a few weeks ago. DW is one of my new ambassadorships, which means you will see a lot more of them here on the blog! It feels really great to collaborate with Daniel Wellington like this, it is an incredible company with an amazing journey behind it. In barely seven years they have gone from an idea into being one the biggest watch brands in the world. So cool!

It feels big being a part on an international campaign with many great namnes, like the top models Taylor Hill, Neels Visser and Ming Xi, to name a few. The campaign #MyClassic is about highlighting the things that are unique with every individual. A big part of me is my entrepreneurship and with that comes a lot of strategy to keep my focus. What I do in order to keep it is by constantly shifting between different contexts.

After a day at the office with a lot of meetings it is important that get to do something totally opposite like having some me-time, having dinner with friends or just spend time with my children. That is classic me and it is the essence of my philosophy of life. If there is something that is very important to me, it is time. I write about my life puzzle pieces almost every day. About being able to prioritise and handle your time is crucial for the one who wants to become successful.

For those of you who are curious, in the film I am wearing their new watch Classic Petite Sterling and with that I am wearing Classic Cuff that is nice to match. My discount code ISABELLA gives 15% discount of all purchases online. Here you can watch my campaign site!

– In collaboration with Daniel Wellington –

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Life & thoughts
March 20, 2018 at 2:51 pm

Influencer dinner

OMG, what a great dinner event we had yesterday! To give you a brief explanation to what this was all about, Pingis and I have invested in a company called BrandBassador. The founders behind this venture are Thomas Adams and Ole Fjelberg (also behind a ‘OnePiece’). This company is managed from London and is a tech platform for influencers all around the world and the service is currently being used in approx. 80 different countries. All the influencers that have signed up to the platform can make deals, create partnerships with different brands and earn Money. To register or find more information, just take a peek here. here. 

Black& White! Klänning Wakakuu, sjal i håret från Stylein, bag Prada and shoes Jennie Ellen (adlink). Pingis is wearing a leather dress from Stylein, which suits her to a T, I think. 

Pingis and I use this service for our own brands, Löwengrip and Flattered for instance. This is a really clever way to get introduced internationally. Apart from the cooperation going on on the platform, we have also started a dinner tour all across the globe. Partly because we want to present Brandbassador and tell people how it works, but also to show Löwengrip to a wider audience. It’s not all that much fun to listen to two company presentations, so we decided Pingis will interview me and I’ll tell her about how an influencer can build their own company and their own brands thanks to these different channels.

Many influencers are a part of building someone else’s Company, but to have the guts to start something of their own is not all that common and I really want to inspire people to look at that as an option.

40 Amazing people turned up yesterday. We had visitors from Germany, Norway, Belgium, Italy and England. Fantastic to be able to mix different influencers from different countries and everyone can help each other grow. I keep harping on about this in all my interviews, but it is really all about growing together. That is the entrepreneurship of the future. No Sharp elbows, no competition as such but tagging each other, lifting and praising each other’s work, supporting each other. The fact that it is a pretty female industry is fun too.

Emilia de Poret is an fabulous inspirator as far as I’m concerned and I am so happy that she’s designed a pair of shoes for Flattered. You can find them here!

The dinner was held at Hillenberg last night. This feast was created by Niklas Ekstedt and every delicious morsel was vegetarian bliss, as usual at our dinners.

Fantastic Daniel Redgert and special guests from London; Sophie Stansbury and Caroline Flemming,

Håkan Guldkula has founded the brand of champagne called Guldkula and we have invested in that too, so during this dinner, every guest got to sample our champagne.

Kristoffer Ahlbom is one of the owners in the Stureplan Group.

Thomas, founder of Brandbassador, Faye who founded Lace Laboratory and three women from Germany that manage a large account called Shoppisticated. When all the international influencers landed in Sweden yesterday, they checked in at Hotell Diplomat, where we had organised some goodies for them: beauty products from Löwengrip, shoes from Flattered and clothes from Stylein. Then we had Afternoon Tea before it was time for dinner.

Vanja and the cool Linnea Claeson

Martina Bonnier (always smashing to see her) lives in NYC and is involved in a really exciting Project apart from being Editor-in-Chief for the Damernas Värld magazine.

Thomas Hayes attended, which pleased me no end. He is massive on Instagram now after the TV series SKAM. Next to him, you can see Elin, who you probably recognize by now; founder of Stylein. This evening really was a true success and I’ve Heard rumours of various parties carrying on to the early hours of the morning, but I used my Cinderlla trip again and was tucked up in bed by midnight. I like to get some exercise in the early morning whenever I don’t have the kids. Thanks to everyone that made it last night. We have more dinners planned this year, Berlin, Munich, Moscow, Dubai, NYC and LA as it stands right now. First out is Germany! Yay!

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Life & thoughts
March 19, 2018 at 5:19 pm

My Monday

First of all, I’ve got to say I’m thrilled to bits that you like the idea of my coming reality show Being Bella. Every major newspaper in Sweden has been featuring this story today and I just did a brief interview with Swedish Radio too. At lunchtime today, I visited the Bonnier building as I had been invited for an interview with Amelia Adamo. She has been such an inspiration to me for many years and it was great to actually meet her in person. All the Bonnier magazines were there to listen to me when I chatted to the guests about building brands and trend spotting.

And now I need to get on with the rest of my day.

As you can see above, I have a pretty hectic schedule and tonight we are organizing a massive dinner. Intense days this week and then I’m heading over to London on Thursday. Speak to you later on!

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Life & thoughts
March 19, 2018 at 10:24 am

Being Bella

Oh, I just love being able to start the week by revealing a secret. I will have my own reality series! It will be called Being Bella and I am so excited. I am blessed with so much fun and excitement in my life, and like I told you in the Schulman show, my day-to-day life is pretty hectic and even somewhat extreme, so this is what will now be documented by a TV crew. Our vision is to achieve a mix between Keeping up with the Kardashians and The Office. The viewer gets to follow my life from dawn to dusk (restricted access to the children of course, because I am applying the same rules as I always do when it comes to them), but you will get to see more of what my life is really like and get to know me a bit better and more in-depth. You’ll also get to know some of my colleagues and join them in their daily life too.

You can read more about all this here! 

I am so pleased and I would have wanted to let you have even more access and make it even more personal, but it is tricky. So far, Instastory is the channel I have found the most “up-close-and-personal”. We have been preparing for this and trying to find the right TV team and to now be able to do this with Hannah and Amanda’s production company feels so right. Lots of great, fun things happen, both expected and unexpected, as we are building our international companies and now you will have the opportunity to be a fly on the wall in Being Bella

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At home
March 18, 2018 at 5:01 pm

Guest room

In collaboration with Textilgallerian, Sleepo, PersiennGiganten, Printler and Sävedalens Belysning

Now the guest room is completely finished. It was a part of the garage before and the project of changing it was kind of put on pause because of the divorce. I thought about what I should do in here. Garage is so big that you can park two cars there, but now a part of that has been made into a guest room. If you wanna sell the house you can only park one car there but that is more than enough. Although I never park there car in the garage, I use it for storage and I also have a treadmill there.

Curtains Textilgallerian and shade PersiennGiganten

Bed and headboard from Sleepo and the model is called Venus

Ceiling lamp Sävedalens Belysning

Wall colour Mussla from Alcro, picture Printler

The guest room has a door that leads out on the patio where there is evening sun. The au pair to be will not have a shower on the bottom floor only a toilet but I guess that will be ok. On the upstairs floor I have arranged that this person at least will have their own room for showering. It is gonna be so much fun to have a person here at home that will be a part of the children’s life, and get to learn another language!

Now three days with the children have just gone by. I love when our days together falls on a weekend, that means more time together. I am gonna drop them off and their dad soon, then a workout awaits and after that dinner on the town. Tomorrow a fun day awaits, I am releasing a some thing new that I think you are going to like.

In collaboration with Textilgallerian, Sleepo, PersiennGiganten, Printler and Sävedalens Belysning

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Life & thoughts
March 18, 2018 at 9:10 am

Eight years

My moccamaster is the oldest thing I own. It has been with me for eight yeas and through all the phases of life. I am not a sentimental person, it there was a fire I would grab one child in each hand. I would not even need a hard drive since everything is stored in the cloud. But the coffee maker is the one thing that I would have a hard time replacing, despite the fact that you can buy a buy an updated version, or a few…

I remember when my mom gave it to me. I had just turned 20, just broken up with Nils after three years, and I had just moved into my first owners apartment. Before that I had been renting. it was December when I moved in at Roslagsgatan 23, my own one-bedroom apartment that I loved. When I got the keys I only had two pieces of furniture besides the mattress on the loft. A really expensive Missoni-carpet and this coffee maker. I had never been happier, my new life would begin. 20 years old and single!

Eight years later my daughter is standing beside it and watching how the water becomes coffee in the very same coffee maker. Life is beautiful.

Now breakfast awaits. As usual I have a new breakfast hung up, now it is cottage cheese. So tasty! Today I had and egg with cottage cheese with chiliflakes and a bowl with mango, blueberries, more cottage cheese and cardamom. Have a lovely Sunday, hugs!

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March 17, 2018 at 8:00 pm

Our Saturday

This morning I took the children with me to the gym and was gonna leave them for a while at Minisats but while there Sally did not want to. None of the children are fussy very often but the tears would not stop when I tried to leave after five minutes, I figured that there is reason that this behaviour is happening now. Usually I can just wave goodbye, but today she refused for some reason and I wanted to listen to that. So we skipped the gym and went home to do a workout on the floor to music instead. It was not so intense but we had fun together. Gillis’s new favourite song is Despacito and I am glad to get another season with this hit that was like a broken record during summer hehe..

Sally doing yoga!

At noon we went home to Faye and Jacob to grill som halloumi-burgers and play with the sheep. The weather was amazing so we could sit outside and eat. It is so much fun to listen to the journey of Lace Laboratory I really have exchanged every panty to Lace since we got to know one another. It is great fun to have so many friends who run companies, we motivate each other and talk about the challenges. Around half past four we went into town again, the children had weekend feeling so went to restaurant Agnes and had dinner. We munched some chocolate ice-cream for dessert, all three of us, ridiculously delicious.

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