Beauty Looks
January 19, 2018 at 7:23 pm

Ready for a gala

.. Tada! Now I am ready to meet up Elin who is the founder of Stylein. We are going to the gala together tonight. I am so fond of my dress. The idea was that it was gonna close the Stylein runway show at fashion week that is next week, but I just fell in love with it. Since it was not entirely finished the seamstress could adjust it to fit my measurements.

Emelie, who has been my make up artist for a few months, made me nice for today. She rolled up my hair to get a nice fall and a nice sweeping around the eyes. I had a spray tan a few days ago so the skin is a bit sun kissed which looks nice while wearing black.

Chanel bag and earrings from Fleischer Werner

Heels from Chanel. I really like that the dress is so Stylein. Elegant but with a modern twist. Have a nice Friday night everybody!

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January 19, 2018 at 3:51 pm

She is back!

At last my partner in crime is back! Pingis and I usually divide our leave so that I am gone more during the summer and she in January. Last night she came back from Singapore, but she has also paid a visit to Australia for a meeting with a dream distributor of ours. We are so excited about the new year, this morning we booked a conference in Marbella for the whole company to kick-start the Löwengrip launch. We were there last year and I just know it is going to be great. This year, however, there will be more of us.

Knitted polo from Massimo Dutti, pants Max Mara and shoes Stinaa J

Then I had a champagne lunch with Daniel at Stureplansgruppens (the Stureplan group’s) new restaurant L’aaventura. It officially opens in a week and it is described as New York:ish and Italian (best combo ever!). Now I am going to attend a couple more meetings before it is time to visit the Elle gala. This year, I am going with Stylein’s founder Elin Alemdar, I am so proud of that investment.

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January 19, 2018 at 10:42 am

Hair thickening

– In partnership with Hairtalk –

Yesterday I tried hair-thickening extensions from Hairtalk. I have really tried to grow my hair but because it is styled everyday it gets pretty damaged and I am having trouble getting those five centimeters that I want. I have tried extensions before, it is several years ago now, but then the attachments were big and they often annoyed me. It is apparent that the technique has evolved because with Hairtalk you use a thin tape. So good!

This is how it looked when my hairdresser Nathalie at Creative Headz attached the hair. Dyeing my roots and attaching the hair took a total of 2 hours, effective indeed. Also, it is possible to use the hair several times, but the you reattach the same hair when it has grown out after a few weeks. Because Hairtalk provides the most gentle hair extension method, you do not have to let the hair rest appointments.



I LOVE the results and I might get addicted to it… There was a slight difference in length and an enormous difference in thickness. Now the hair is more even everywhere. The hair is 100% Remy/Temple hair, ethically traded. Click here to find your closest Hairtalk hairdresser.

-I partnership with Hairtalk –

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Life & thoughts
January 18, 2018 at 9:57 pm

Some me-time and stem cells

Tonight the moment came that I had been nervous about when I got divorced. Coming home to an empty house after a work day and dinner with best friends. Would I feel completely alone? I planned to welcome that feeling and learn how to deal with it, but I have to admit that I actually love these moments at home. Like tonight, getting to wash off my make up, make a cup of tea and work.

I remember when I bought my first one room apartment as a twenty year old in Vasastan. I had just broken up with Nils after a three year long relationship and suddenly I was gonna live alone. Some moments it was hard, especially those ordinary Tuesdays when nothing happened and you had almost too many hours to spend by yourself in the evenings. It was about then and there were I decided my attitude towards those moments of me-time. I would either celebrate that own time because I would probably meet a new guy some time in the future and then I should just as well enjoy that me-time while it lasted. So I learned how to exactly that. I even learned to love it.

By the way, tonight I met a Swedish stem cell company. They are working on retrieving stem cells from the afterbirth at a delivery (child birth) and you can freeze them and keep them, and if your child would get sick in the future you should be able to use them (hopefully, research is not really there yet, but the prediction is that is going in that direction for example for cases with blood cancer). Very exciting, if I were pregnant now I would have wanted to do it. Though it is a bit difficult to motivate why you would pay for storing the stem cells if you would not know if you would use them in the future.

What are your thoughts?

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Life & thoughts
January 18, 2018 at 5:34 pm

The card if you like to travel

– In partnership with American Express –

As you know, I am a proud ambassador for American Express. I often get questions concerning credit cards, how to choose card and how to think about their use. Here I talk a little bit about my thoughts on why I chose AmEx!



– In partnership with American Express –

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Life & thoughts
January 18, 2018 at 4:09 pm

Pep for the year

The first time Annie and I met privately we were at my place, both on maternity leave with our little girls. Or maternity leave and maternity leave, we both live a life where you are never truly free from work and that is probably one reason to why we are friends today. It is nice to meet others who are in the same, quite unique, situation. Being a public figure, being a leader, but also the constant struggle between career and family life which is also public. It is nice to have someone to lean on, someone who has the same passion for her job. We can empower each other in that. This year is an exciting year for the two of us, especially for Annie (election year). We will probably not see each other much this year, but we can pep each other through text messages during the course of the year. It is an undemanding friendship which means a lot to me!

…The events of the year that we look forward to: kids, balance in life, leadership, and AI was on the agenda today. We had lunch at Nybrogatan 38, one of my favorite places. Now I am off to a meeting with Nordic Tech House and a cool research company.

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January 18, 2018 at 1:01 pm

The new Löwengrip

It was no wonder that the whole Löwengrip team danced without shoes when all the guests had left last night, we caught or breath after a launch that we really had looked forward to. A year ago, we started working on the new Löwengrip and the process has been demanding but also fun. Just finding the right agency to work with was a challenge. I am no art director, my strength is not in the visual. But I know how I want it and how the brand should look like to take place on a global arena. Finding an agency that could transform our ideas and thoughts into something concrete was not easy but Good Luck Have Fun managed to to that.

In addition to a great new design, it was important for us to create materials around the products. Everything from bags and packaging, but also how our future stores will look. We chose a mint green color for our signature color and I adore it. Good Luck Have Fun have helped us with everything graphic and I look forward to working with them as we continue to grow.

Back to the event, yesterday we invited all our Swedish distributors to show them the change that takes place in May this year. We were at Moderna Dansteatern (the Modern Dance Theatre) on Skeppsholmen, from there you have a view over the whole city. Incredibly beautiful.

Brand Manager Hannah talks about the process that has taken a whole year.

We showed them a short movie about what is in store, I will post it to Instagram today.

My right hand Simon asked some questions. I wore a suit from Stylein, which I recently became a co-owner of, heels from Stinaa J.

We were 120 people at the event, incredibly fun to meet so many people who have helped Löwengrip to grow over the years. Remember, we started out with three pink products: one deodorant, one shower gel and one body lotion. Today we have over 50 products in our range but our deodorant is still our bestseller an we sell one every three minutes. It will of course be a part of our new range, but it will be beige instead.

Guldkula champagne was served, the champagne that Pingis and I are co-owners in, and vegetarian canapés.

Tonight’s team that made this possible! Many are missing of course (Pingis is in Singapore), but today all of us do not fit on a stage anymore. The most important thing for me during the evening was to talk about that we are launching a new Löwengrip, a brand that is here to stay – for all future. In line with my personal journey, the company must follow and the pink products we produced five years ago is not really me anymore. The new Löwengrip aims to become a new Esteé Lauder and this change is the first step towards that. We are a beauty brand with high quality products made in Sweden, that want to help women on their journeys. We are many who have a high-paced life and enormous goals. We are many who are balancing career and family life. Can Löwengrip support with a deodorant that you can trust or a dry-shampoo that helps you when there is no time to waste, then we have succeeded.

In May Löwengrip will be launched for real and all the products will then be available for purchase, we look forward to that. A big ‘thank you’ to all of you who have commented and shared your thoughts with us last year, it is always fun do develop products with your help!

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January 17, 2018 at 12:00 pm

Premiere for Löwengrip

Today is an exciting day for Löwengrip Care & Color because we have a big event together with our new distributors and media to showcase the new Löwengrip. The new brand will be launched in May, but tonight is the first time we show how everything will look. We are all very nervous but also excited. If you want to follow the event you can do so live on Löwengrip Care & Color’s Instagram at 6.30pm.

Here is a sneak peek…

This morning, we have had an exciting meeting about our packaging and the experience when you order something via our website. We have ordered from most major brands in the world in order to compare how everyone is doing. In our case we have had focus on our distributors, you can find us in 2000 physical stores/pharmacies(!). But this year we will step up our game when it comes to our website because we are going to ship our products all over the world. It feels great. Now I am going to have some lunch and then go through what I am going to say on stage tonight.

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Wishing you and the company the best for your big day! Hugs x

Beauty Looks
January 16, 2018 at 9:55 pm

Before the Elle awards

It really was a moment in life when I walked in at the studio of Stylein today in Södermalm and met up with amazing Irina who have been sowing up my dress for the Elle-awards on Friday. It is elegant but at the same time it is a bit tougher and modern. With it I will wear my hear back with a classic sweeping make up around the eyes. Shoes will be my new black ones from Chanel.

Speaking of clothes, I can’t wait for the spring collections for my wardrobe. In my mind everything is bright, or mostly luxurious earthy colors. I love clothes from Max Mara and Ralph Lauren because they are so classic, and Stylein because they are feminine and a bit more modern cuts since they other designers can become a bit too lady like sometimes.

Here are some other outfits and brands that I like to shop from:

Estonian Lili Jahilo’s dresses are always a favorite, here in Cannes

Outfit from Zadiq & Voltaire, bag Chloe and shoes Flattered

Blue is the new in Paris, scarf from Toteme. 

Love Ahlvar’s blouses in silk

Mom-jeans from classic Levis and & Other Stories

Shirts will always be the biggest favorite in my closet. This is from World Market Sthlm otherwise I recommend Gant.

Heels from Stinaa J you can travel a whole day in them without getting aching feet

Soft suit from Marville Road

Perfect spring coat from Filippa K

Summer ready in nice shorts from Gant and top from FWSS in Italy! Aah now I am so in the mood for some new things for spring, but first we have to get through this winter storm that came from nowhere…


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Business Life & thoughts
January 16, 2018 at 7:09 pm

Smart purchases

– In collaboration with Matsmart.se –

Stories about how entrepreneur journeys once started is one of the most inspiring things I know. Imagine the fact that the largest companies in the world started off with just one person and one idea. It is very cool when you look at it from that perspective. Very motivating! Do you remember when I had a collaboration with Matsmart.se last fall? Their idea started in the owner’s basement, a simple solution to an everyday problem, both for the society and the individual. A third of all food being produced gets tossed away. It is bad for the environment, uneconomically for the one that buys it, and above all it is a great injustice in society. Many people toss away groceries as the use-by-date date has passed like just one day, I have also done that of course. But “use by” is just what it sounds like, and not “last day of consumption”. I think it is better to evaluate by yourself before you decide to toss it away.

Matsmart.se sales food online, that in many cases have been tossed away due to a short use-by-date, overproduction or change of packaging – but at a more favourable price. With the discount code ”matsmartisabella” you get 50 SEK discount on your order when you shop for 350 SEK or more. It got so appreciated the last time and it is so great to be able to offer this again! It can be used until 22/1.

– In collaboration with Matsmart.se –

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