Two new favorites

In partnership with LCC

LCC is launching two new amazing products today; The salt water spray Feel the waves, and the volume spray All time high. We’ve had them at the office for a few weeks and they’re everyone’s favorites. I use the salt water spray before I blow dry my hair to give it some volume and “body”. Then I apply it again afterwards to achieve that beach feeling. It’s great for short hair as well, if you want something instead of sticky wax.

I call the volume spray All Time High for “Blow dry in a can”. It’s dry, clear, and gives incredible volume. It’s easy to shape the hair while still keeping the natural movements. It’s the perfect finishing product, like a combination between a styling powder and hairspray. Right now it’s my personal favorite.

For my everyday use I apply the volume spray at the roots and the salt water spray in the lenghts. All our products are suitable for sensitive skin and scalp. Everything is produced in Sweden. You can find the products at our website.

In partnership with LCC


My week

I have an exciting week ahead of me. Today I have a long workshop with a new company that Pingis and I are part of. It’s an extension of LCC that will make it easier to expand globally. We’ll be hiring around 10 more people along with it, so we’re in need of a new office this summer. So much fun. There’s also going to be a few more people working for LCC and Löwengrip Invest. Before the end of this year we’ll have around 50 employees working for all my companies. The business is growing to say the least…

On Tuesday I’m off to London. There’s two reasons for my trip; I’m going to a large clothing fair as a buyer for Stylelevel, and then Pingis and I are meeting some people on account of LCC. Fun! Things are running smoothly work wise. We’re pinching our arms for every week that goes by and we hit sales records. It’s feels good to have a meeting scheduled with our new board member tomorrow. Pingis and I need someone to be our sounding board right now, especially when it comes to prioritizing and manage our time. It will be great to have a manager for LCC Sweden coming in June 1st as well. We’re running a marathon, but at the right speed we can make it. The goal is for LCC to be a new Estee Lauder.

It will happen.



I decided to have a blog free day yesterday. It was the first day with no updates in years. I spent the Sunday with the kids and I wanted to leave my phone behind to just be present with them. We had a picnic for six hours, the weather was amazing. I’m proud over myself and how I’m handling the divorce. I’m kind to myself and look to my needs. I call my friends when things are heavy, take a day off social media to be mindful, I carry the kids to my bedroom to keep them close to me because I need it, and I put on high heels to go out with my friends for a glass of wine. I’ve slowed down and are listening to what I need during this time. It’s been wise.

Now it’s time for a new week at the office, see you soon!


Our amazing children

I’ve had a good Saturday with the kids. I’ve been thinking a lot about how the kids will be able to read everything here on the blog in the future. If that happens I want to tell you that Odd and I want your best. It might seem like we’re not prioritizing the kids when we’re getting a divorce, but it’s the opposite. We want Sally and Gillis to grow up in a house full of love, joy, and playfulness. If we need to separate in order to make that happen, then so be it. Right now you have two parents who are carefully exploring their new lives. With some new routines it’ll be alright eventually. For all of us.

Mom took a photo of us from the kitchen

Evening shopping

It was a good idea to let the kids share room. It’s so much easier to put them to bed. Now it’s time for some late night work.


Saturday at grandma’s

I went home this morning to be with the kids. It’s “my” Saturday and Sunday now. Odd will come back tomorrow afternoon. It’s a little inconvient, but we’re doing our best. The kids and I took the car and went to their grandma. We had some pastries, goofed around, and played in the little playhouse in the garden. Soon it’s time to go back home. I’m really looking forward to go shopping snacks with Sally and Gillis for our Saturday cozy time. They want pancakes. Lucky that, because that’s one of the few things I’m good at.

I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to visit my mom, to collect strenght and talk to her. Even though separating was the right decision it’s a tough process to go through.


Hawaii After Work

We had a great time last night at the office after work party. The theme was Hawaii and LCC’s party committee had done a great job. It was a success, as always. We would like to thank Partykungen for the decorations, Ett litet kök for superb catering, Karamellkungen for candy, and Bergamunken for the margarita slushee. Everyone loved it! Check out my Instastory, “Isabellalowengrip”, for more videos from the party. It was such a fun night.

Ready for limbo!

AD Fredrik from Wilson Creative was our DJ!

We were too busy having fun so there was no time to photograph, but there’s some videos on Instastory. After our limbo competition we went to Petter Stordalen’s event at At Six.You have to visit! The restaurant TAK has the best view overlooking Stockholm, and amazing food.


Celebrating with my colleagues

I’ve been going non-stop today with recordings and fun meetings. LCC and Flattered have made some great sales the last few weeks, and we’re celebrating by having a large after work party at the office. Tonight’s theme is Hawaii. It’ll be great. Tomorrow have a day with the kids (We’re sharing the weekends). I feel happier then what might be considered OK in such a short time after a breakup, but I’m grateful that’s the case.

Shirt and skirt from Zara, and shoes from &Other Stories (adlink). Have a great Friday night!



Today Pingis and I are sending live from Aftonbladet TV. We recorded three episodes of EQnomics in partnership with Collector Bank two weeks ago, and now we’re recording three more. All of them will be available during Spring. It’s a nice change to my everyday work to talk about private economics. Money and relationships, smart shopping, and savings are on today’s agenda.

Top and pants from Lindex. We’re in the studio recording all day (And are missing out on the sun!). After that I have two meetings then it’s time for an after work party with the entire office.By the way, you can read about LCC in Breakit today. We hired a new operative manager that starts June 1st.

That’s a big step for us!


Lilli Jahilo

What a night yesterday. The time flew by so quickly I didn’t have time to blog. First we had an event with LCC at one of Creative Headz salons, and after that we went to the Pokerface gala. It was amazing to meet so many talented business leaders and entrepreneurs. Pingis and I were filled with inspiration and energy. I wore a dress from an Estonian designer called Lilli Jahilo. She wanted to meet up when I was in Tallinn. I was blown away when I saw all her designs, all the dresses are made by hand. So beautiful.

Shoes from Stinaa J.


Collector Bank

– In partnership with Collector Bank –

There’s a lot of things happening with Economista right now which is really fun. Tomorrow Pingis and I’ll be recording three more episodes of EQnomics, a podcast in partnership with Collector Bank and Aftonbladet TV. In the upcoming episodes we’ll be talking about money and relationships, smart shopping, and much more. Meanwhile our new book Stock Queen is almost done and will be released in September on the book fair in Gothenburg. Collector Bank is a great partner in situations like these. Their founder Lena Apler is a great entrepreneur and role model to me as well.

In EQnomics we talk a lot about credit cards and how to best use them. Therefore, I would like to push for Collector Bank’s credit card Easyliving. I’ve mentioned it before here on the blog. You can easily connect Easyliving to the app Wrapp, that will scan all your purchases and give you good deals and discounts in the stores you often shop at.

A photo from last year when I met Lena Apler and Sweden’s finance minister Anders Borg.

Right now Collector offers a deal to all my readers that gets Easyliving and use the app Wrapp. Use the welcome code EASYLIVING in the app, and you will get 100 SEK cashback at any restaurant. That’s a great economista deal!