To travel smartly

– In collaboration with American Express –

The timing of a weekend of skiing was perfect. After two high-paced weeks, it was really nice to move my body, become sweaty and be outdoors in the fresh air. To be able to just zone out for a minute, go skiing and to get away from all the noise. I really needed that. Lately, life has been quite demanding, both good and bad. But soon I will be able to reap the results of my hard work, and the Christmas holiday is just around the corner.

I have American Express as a partner and I am very proud of that. You who love to travel, just like I do, know that something that plays a great role on the price and quality is EuroBonus points, so many times I have been able to upgrade myself or a friend. With my American Express, I get EuroBonus points on everything I buy. Their cards Classic now also comes without an annual fee for those who wants to try them out. If you buy for 100.000 SEK a year, you get 50% discount of the point price if you book a trip in Europe for two people. How about that? Then you can treat your friend to at trip. Awesome!

In Cannes! Sheila and I talked about where we are going next, if we have the time to go somewhere far away, Los Angeles is the goal (with SAS we can take a direct flight to get there). If we have less time, we will go back to Barcelona again. We were there right before I decided to get a divorce. We talked, and talked and talked. It was an important trip to me because I made a big decision mentally. Where would you bring your best friend for a weekend?

SAS Eurobonus American Express Classic is a credit card with 15.99% annual interest. At full credit utilization of 95.000 SEK under 12 months, the effective interest rate is 18,10% (May 2017).

– In collaboration with American Express –


How to prepare for a tough week

Yesterday, when I came home, I had an evening with the children and then put them to bed at 8pm. As I started to think about the busy week ahead, I suddenly I felt heavy. It was almost as if something scary was about to happen. Starting a new week for me always feels like jumping from the highest diving board at the public swimming pool. Every week, the same icy feeling in the gut.

I have so many days where I have to perform. The calm days I spend at the office in a year, I can count them on my two hands. Always a comfort zone to stretch, a personal boundary to blow up. This week, I need to perform every day in different ways and last night I had to take a deep breath, take a shower and make myself a cup of tea before I, at 9pm, could sit down and start with the preparations.

Why do I always have to push myself? I have no better answer than that I love the feeling afterwards. It is a high to feel like I have gotten taller, more cunning and a little bit more experienced. The experience makes me feel safer. And that becomes a positive spiral that makes me want to try more new things. Tony Robbins has a quote that I like “If you don’t grow, you die”.

Me on a reporter-job in NYC

I remember when I was 18 and got the request from MTV if I wanted to go to NYC and be the Swedish reporter at the VMA’s. As usual, I said yes, went there and were supposed to interview celebrities on the red carpet. Shakira, Jean Paul, Jack Black, The Hills-stars etcetera. I got so nervous that everything went wrong. I could not say a word when I had the chance, one famous person after another and when I had Shakira right in front of me – I kept quiet until she passed on to another red carpet-reporter. I did not manage to interview one single person! I totally froze. If I got any more MTV offers? Not really.

But I have learned that making mistakes and not performing as well as you could have, is not a big deal really. As long as you learn from them. When I do something that I felt was not 100%, I am quick to put away the prestige, evaluate myself and see how I can be better. I have learned to love the process and the work. Whether it is about lecturing for hundreds, talk English, have pitch meetings about margins or standing in front of a camera. It is fun to grow and get better, although the road there sometimes can be demanding and a bit scary.

Who begins an MBA when you have not even completed high school? It is typically me to “hop on”, everything will turn out fine. Which it also did after many nights in tears. It was incredibly difficult and I got trough half before I decided to put all my energy into my companies.

Before intense and high-performing weeks, there are three rules: 1. Come as prepared as possible. 2. Work with your mentality. 3. Think carefully where and what to put your week’s energy into. Prioritize what you need to have a lot of energy to do and what you can do with a little less energy. I try to push away the nervousness and never let mean thoughts slip through, for example, “I will not make it” – I would never allow myself to think like that. Instead I visualize the week as a fun roller coaster that I am about to ride, the wind is blowing and it gets sweaty sometimes, but I never forget how much fun it is and I am grateful for life’s little challenges constantly. I love it.

Now I will record the fourth episode of the online series. Have a nice Tuesday!


A Quest for Success – Alex and Sigge

Now it is finally time to show you episode number three of A Quest for Success. This time Alex Schulman and Sigge Eklund are my guests and it turned into a very pleasant conversation at Görvälns’s slott (castle). It really has become a habit to listen to their podcasts and reading their books. Here I got the opportunity to get to know them and disassemble their thoughts using my own angle! We talk a lot about work life balance, how they make their their daily life to work and thoughts about being a parent and they paint their biggest failures, you definitely do not wanna miss that!

Here you can find my previous episode with Yoga girl and here with Alexander Bard.


The Blonde Salad

It was a short but successful meeting with the Italian distributor this morning. I could not stay for the whole meeting, but Pingis is flying home tomorrow so she could stay. It is instructive to meet retailers and distributors around the world to get a better understanding for each market. This year, Pingis and I have visited companies in Hong Kong, Saudi, Dubai, New York, Paris, London, Warsaw, Zurich, Marbella and soon St.Petersburg. Pingis is going to Australia and Korea as well.

Of course, we will not try to launch LCC everywhere, it is important to do it properly when you close a deal. But it is also important to understand each market, to listen to them and to visit retail. Then you have to be there. Based on that we do a launching strategy. It has changed a lot throughout the year and we run into many balls at the same time in order to not have to wait/get stuck. The meeting in NYC is on Thursday and is very important to us.

The Italian distributor.

It is not easy to build a global company, it is always two steps forward, one step back. The hardest part in general is probably the mental part, to always be persistent, never slow down but at the same time play it cool.

Look who was at the same airport as me! Chiara Ferragni, also known as The Blonde Salad. We were staying at the same hotel (Bowery) in NYC last week. She is so inspiring and I dream about having her as a guest on A Quest for Success next year.



I had mixed feelings when I left Hotel Hermitage this morning, it truly is a wonderful hotel that I would love to come back to. The staff was so nice and prepared breakfast for our two long drive to Milano which started at 7.30am. I had an oat cappuccino, sandwiches and juice made of fennel, broccoli and apple.

An outfit from yesterday morning, knitted sweater Dagmar (adlink), jeans Toteme (adlink), bag Chanel and heels Chloé (adlink). By the way, I was thinking of something this morning, how do you think I should make my annual resumé of 2017 on the blog? Keep your fingers crossed now for our meeting in Milano!


Ski overall!

Another day on the ski slopes! It was much warmer today but the sun did not come out and the sight was really bad. Therefore we did not ski for as long as we did yesterday and we took a longer lunch break. We got back at 3pm and went to the village, bought some gifts and back at the hotel I face-timed with the children. I get to see them again tomorrow, how I long for that! Cervinia is so far the most child friendly ski resort in the Alps that I have been to, I will definitely come back here with the children in a few years. As a Swedish mother, I am a little shocked to see how late the children are awake and that they kind of just tag along. Sheila and I had a glass at a bar last night and at 11pm there were a lot of children in the same age as Gillis and Sally that were running around and playing with each other. Sally and Gillis are so used to going to bed at 7pm in the evenings and have always done so. But it is all about habits I guess.

I wore a ski overall today. This one is from Goldbergh (adlink). I love their winter clothing, I want it all. The hat is also from Goldbergh and the shoes are my friend Nicole’s Inuikkis. They have kept my feet dry throughout the trip.

It was quite the leg workout with all the snow, heavy but lovely to move the body. With the amount of energy I have, I need it, otherwise my whole body itches.

We had lunch and Chalet Etoile again today. I eat so much good food here. When I am in Italy, the diet consists of pasta, cheese and glüewein. For lunch I had pasta with black truffle. There were fresh berries in it as well, very tasty.

With the Swedish owner Ulla

…And our little crew! There will be an early night tonight because tomorrow morning we go to Milano, we have a meeting there with a big distributor. The coming week will be intense and unfortunately I have zero days at the office which is somewhat problematic. Monday – Milano, but I will make it in time to pick the children up from daycare. On Tuesday I will record an episode for A Quest for Success, on Wednesday I have a big shoot that will take the entire day and when I have dropped the children off at daycare on Thursday, Pingis and I are flying to New York to meet with the distributor I met a week ago. The meeting went very well and now we will do a go to market plan. Unreal! I am going to buy some Christmas gifts there, the Disney store in NYC is amazing. Now a 90-minute massage awaits before a dinner here at the hotel. I need it badly because my legs are so tired and to mentally prepare for the week to come.

Have a nice evening!


Christmas gift ideas

In partnership with Löwengrip Care & Color

Did you know that when you by products from LCC, you get a toiletry case? Personally, I think it is so pretty and the great part is that we make a new one each year, I collect every print. To you who have not tried LCC yet and are unsure of what products to start with – here comes three favorites from our range:

1. Count on me, this is our best-selling product which accounts for half of our sales. It dries quickly, smells great and stays on all day. I can not live without it.

2. All time high, our volume and texture-spray provides structure without weighing you down. My everyday hero that gives my hair volume and makes it look fresh and blow-dried.

3. Clean & Calm, Our facial cleanser that does not irritate the skin in a way that you feel all red and tense in the skin afterwards. The gel cleanses gently but deeply. Works on all make-up as well.

You find the campaign at LCC where you use the code “XMASGIFT” at the checkout when you buy products for 499 SEK or more. You can also take part in the campaign at Kronans Apotek, Apoteksgruppen and at Lloyds Apotek, then it applies when you buy three products. This week Apotea also joined the campaign.

In partnership with Löwengrip Care & Color



There is a big difference to go skiing as an adult with a larger wallet than when you were a child. I can still remember standing in the slopes in -20 degrees and having a hard time getting down and my father becoming angry over me not trying hard enough. I remember how much the ski boots hurt as a child, how I struggled with carrying my skiis and how everything was wet and cold all the time. As a child you were supposed to be ready when the lifts opened and then you were supposed to ski until they closed again.

Sheila and I talked a lot about this today, how the memories from our childhood skiing trips are associated with struggles and angry fathers. But still we romanticize it and go back. The children and I were in Idre last New Year’s Eve, but Gillis was too small then. In any case, I will never be a screaming mother “Now you will behave and come down!” No, now I can go for a skiing trip in my more comfortable way.

At Hotel Hermitage in Cervinia, there is nowhere to put your skiis in your room, nobody walks around in their ski boots in the corridors and people leave breakfast after 10am to get dressed (not 8am). I have not had to put my ski boots on by myself even once and the hotel drives us down to the lift, carry our skis and when we are done skiing we call them and they pick everything up again. We jump out of our skii boots and into our regular shoes and then they take everything. It is a different kind of ski trip compared to the ones I had as a child, but I love a comfortable life.

Skiwear from J.Lindeberg

Helmet and goggles from Goldbergh, I love my goggles. Gloves Hestra.

Lunch at Chalet Etoile, it is owned by Ulla who is a Swedish entrepreneur. Cool!

The food was amazing, we had chevre chaud, a lot of bread and the soup of the day.

Glühwein – A must in the Alps.

David is a ski professional so he skied with me to help me with my technique. Great fun! I remember some words I heard at ski school “Big as a troll, little as a smurf” when I was a child, it was time to refresh those rhymes in my head, hehe.

You find Sheila’s blog here 

We skied from 10.30am until the lifts closed at 4pm. That was significantly more skiing than I had expected before but it was great. Then, however, I felt how tired my legs were and it felt good to go back to the hotel. Now after-ski and dinner awaits. After-ski here and in Sweden are not really the same, I would never show up all sweaty after a day of skiing. I shower and change to ski pants, a knitted sweater and blow-dried hair. As I said, I love these kinds of ski trips…


Pasta and red wine

I have probably never been as full as I was yesterday, it has been a long time since I ate pasta and cheese but when in Italy… The food was amazing, the pasta with grated white truffle was especially good. That dish together with a glass of red is almost enough to bring a tear to my eye. Then the cheese cart was rolled out and afterwards the desserts. The Italian way to eat is great. Sheila and I had a plan to have a drink down in the village, but we snuggled down in our bed just before midnight and read instead.

For me, this bunch is a little like family: my closest friend and my colleague. Sheila and Pingis are different from each other but they also have a lot in common. Both are straightforward, no conflicts hang in the air, and they say no if there is something they do not agree with. Also, the three of us have the same energy levels… 🙂

Truffle pasta with melted butter

Sheila and I woke up at 8am, or Sheila got up at 7am and did some yoga. We got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. There were omelette chefs and a juice bar, I love that the green trend has reached even the Alps.

Now it is tome to hit the slopes, talk to you later!


The Italian alps

We are finally here! The drive over there went smoothly and it was lovely to drive up the serpentine roads. Cervinia is a little village in northern Italy. I have been in Zermatt many times that is in Switzerland and Cervinia is kind of on the other side of Matterhorn (the mountain). You can even switch countries just during the day which is quite funny.

We’re staying at hotel called Hermitage, a rustic hotel that really breathes the alps. Their chauffeur even drives you to the lifts in the morning if don’t wanna walk.

Hat Goldbergh (addling), coat Maxmara and shoes Inuikki. You can see the mountains behind us. The upside of skiing in the alps compared to Sweden is that it’s warmer and the hills are much longer. Over here it can take two to three hours to get down, also the pistes are wider which makes even more lovely. I have never skied in Cervina though, so excited for tomorrow!

Gang of the weekend! David is Pingis’s boyfriend, he is smart, very down to earth and cheerful. When you start seeing Pingis (or me) the other one is kind of included in the package, so it’s just as well that David get used to my presence in their lives. We have many years of company building ahead of us hehe 🙂

When we checked in it was immediately spa-time at the hotel, the clock was already four, there was no time to go skiing. We all each ordered a massage. Then we changed into our pyjamas and took out the red wine. I am having a BFF weekend in the alps!