Three questions

Things are starting to happen with the design of LCC. I’m so grateful for your feedback! We have just adjusted our color scheme to avoid looking too much like other Swedish brands. White, gold and black are becoming popular colors on the international market, and therefore we want to work with colors that stand out. As for the font, I do want to keep a scandinavian minimalistic feel. But, I don’t want it to be too harsh. We are getting closer, but I still have some questions to ask you.

Question number 1: It’s about the lines around or no lines. The results were 50/50 last time I asked. When I asked our factory here in Sweden they told me that there is always a risk that the lines won’t be 100% at every print. I really want to minimize all risks as we are starting to get into such big volumes. What do you think? We can ditch the lines, right?

Speaking of minimizing risks, we are removing all the golden foil. It’s so pretty but as soon as some kind of oil comes into contact with the foil, it starts to disappear and that’s not very nice for the customer. To me it’s important to make products that last for months, but then the design of the packaging must last as well. We could possibly put golden foil on the carton containing the product.

Question number 2: What do you think about the Initmate series being gray insted of apricot? That would go better with the rest of the brand. That would also make the series more unisex, which many of you have asked for.

Last question, symbol for the strenghts of styling. Which one looks the best? Oh, this is so much fun. The new Löwengrip won’t be launching until next summer, so that’ll take a little while longer. But the process getting there is so much fun.


Skin status

I started my morning with a facial at awesome Denni’s. Despite my 27 years (on Saturday!) and my two kids, I still have problems with acne. Sure, it’s much better now compared to what it was like when I was younger, but it comes back as soon as I’m exposed to stress, flying a lot or having my period. The days when I got back from Hong Kong my skin was in full rebellion, and it has taken weeks to get it somewhat balanced again.

During my years with acne I’ve eaten Roaccutan twice, penicillin and the birth control pills Diane and Jasmin. Roaccutan worked but the acne came back when I was expecting Gillis. As I don’t feel like eating pills of any sort now, I’m instead focusing on eating well and trying to really care for my skin. I’ve used LCC’s face products for years (I love our new, and the old, serum) and then I’ve also started having regular treatments again. I keep my fingers crossed that I’ll have less outbreaks from now.

Hello just-got-out-of-bed! I’m kind to myself when it comes to my skin. I think I’m beautiful anyway. It’s difficult to have a hectic life, with over 100 days of traveling, with inner stress with the divorce, getting my make-up done all the time and at the same time believing that my skin will be perfect. What I’m trying to do is to eat clean, cut out sugar and dairy, compensate my flights with regular facials, not trying out too many products on my face (kind of hard though considering what I work with) and trying to remove my make-up the moment I get home from work.

Are there any of you that have adult acne?


Press lunch ASC

Today over lunch, LCC had a press event for our new Advanced Skin Care. We were at Hotel Diplomat’s, in their new facilities, and Bindefeld AB helped us set up the event.

Coat from Tiger, knitted Filippa K (adlink), jeans Toteme (adlink) and shoes Stinaa J

Our amazing skin therapist Dinah, Pingis, I, Hannah, who is Brand Manager and Victoria, who is a Market and PR coordinator.

We ate a chantarelle toast for starters, grilled vegetables for main course and chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Advanced Skin Care 

In the afternoon it was a couple of with meetings on a regular basis, including a workshop with Nordic Tech House, on Monday we fly to Warsaw. I have not been there before, fun. Now it is half past eight and it’s time to leave the office and go for dinner with Ida Backlund, who is in Stockholm. Have a nice evening!


Unionen Self-employed

– In partnership with Unionen Self-employed –

About a year ago I did a collaboration with Unionen Self-employed. Then I had a live broadcast where we, among other things, talked about being your own but not alone. There are many that have a strong vision and a good idea. That is a fantastic foundation to build on. The challenges arise when you are about to start. First of all you need an initial capital. Finding the right ways into the market and keeping up with all the work comes later. In the beginning you need to wear all the hats, which can be tough. But, it is important to, as soon as you can, work with what you’re best at and find people that complete you either as a co-owner or employee. Many self-employers often run their business by themselves and miss out on the freedom that comes with hiring these people, which prevents them from growing. But of course, it is always a risk. Down below you can see the live broadcast that I did together with Unionen Self-employed.

As with all new business ideas you’ll be needing an initial capital to start your business. Therefore I would like to highlight Unionen Self-employer. Right now they have a competition, where you can win 50.000 SEK from Mix Megapol and business legal advice from Unionen Self-employed. A very good way to start that helps you bring your ideas to life. For more information about how to compete, or to watch the other clip, see Unionen’s newsletter.


My investments

Yesterday I got a question about how my investments come about. I started Löwngrip Invest in 2010, the goal being to stock up capital from what I earn in my social media channels and brand to be able to invest in the fututre. I’ve always had an interest in buying quoted companies (shares on the stock exchange), but also to be a part of unquoted journeys.

The first company that Löwengrip Invest invested in was Löwengrip Care & Color. Then Flattered. I’ve been operative since day one in LCC, but in Flattered I’ve always been owner but never operative. Operative means that you are active on a daily basis. After that Löwengrip Invest got involved in Natural Cycles, which has been a very exciting journey. To be able to support entrepreneurs that challenge the industry to make a positive difference for women gives me goosebumps. After that we invested in Wavy, a booking system for hairdressers. A company that is helps digitalizing an industry that earlier has been using pen and paper when booking their clients, or had textmessage-ping pong with their customers, to having a simple system felt completely right. I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs.

My most recent investments are Brandbassador which is a platform that helps brands and influencers finding great matches all over the world. If you have a company in Sweden and want to come in contact with a blogger in Los Angeles that writes about beauty, you’ll find her there. It is also a good and safe way for influencers to make money, which I think is important. You can cut out the middleman. Then I joined Guldkula champagne, that I recently wrote about. Champagne is limited, and I believe that it’s something that we’ll consume for many, many years to come, and I also believe that the timing is right. We can offer better prices thanks to another marketing strategy compared to the other big champagne houses.

This year I founded Nordic Tech House with three co-owners, to be able to manage all investments in a better way, and we are planning to invest in more companies next year. Nordic Tech House is a place where we can help an entrepreneur to go from an idea on a PDF to presenting a complete company.

Photographer: Martin Petersson

What is the common thread in my investments? I’m seeing it from the perspective of the woman reading my blog. She is 35 and lives in a larger city, 50% have kids. I’d like to meet her everywhere. When she buys beauty products (LCC), buys shoes (Flattered), birth control (Natural Cycles), affordable champagne (Guldkula), want to make money through social medias or finding the right influences to work with for newly started companies (Brandambassador). In that 360 degree – thinking I’m missing excercise, a service that simplifies food/dinners at home etcetera. There are many companies that Nordic Tech house is meeting with now.

How are the investments done? Most of the time it’s a mixture of space in my channels, capital and strategy. We only take minority shareholdings. Sometimes I co-invest with bigger investment companies that have more muscle. It could be Almi, Bonnier, EQT or Creandum. Sweden is full of amazing VC-companies. With Nordic Tech House we will be able to help with programming. There we’ll be a whole house filled with different strengths, all that an entreprenour can imagine and need to get started. The goal? That Nordic Tech House will grow to be global. Combine enthusiasts that need help with getting started with financially strong people/companies, experts online, influencers and social media strategy. I’m also trying to consider that the companies should be able to find synergies between each other.

Great fun!



16 years old, out on a nightclub in Rimini, one man holds me and forces his fingers inside of me and it feels like it goes on forever. It hurts and I get abrasions that stings for days. I was completely devastated when it happened and when I went home to Sweden, but the reaction I got when I decided to share my story was not the one that I had expected. People said “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”, “Those things happen when you go out clubbing” and “You’re making it up for PR-reasons”. I also remember the moments where I have seen men showing their genitals and masturbated. On the subway when you are on your way home in the middle of the night, or one time at a bus stop a man knocked on the glass behind me (I was sitting on the bench) and pulled his pants off.

Click on the hashtag #metoo on instagram.

It makes me upset when I see so many pictures, but it also makes me very angry. It’s so sad that you aren’t surprised when you see the amount of pictures from women that have been subjected to sexual abuse and harassment, but instead you recognize yourself. Many have a trouble remembering what has actually happened because it’s not considered as a big deal. It’s something that you will have to “handle during your teen years” or “at work”. Who hasn’t been pinched in the butt when you’re out clubbing? This campaign is important to show how many we are and to remind people that it’s never okay, and it must never be normalized. Seeing a man masturbating on the bus is not supposed to be a part of growing up. Please spread this #metoo hashtag in your social media channels if you have been subjected to sexual abuse or harassment. Together we’re strong with the knowledge that we’re not alone.


Photo shoot

Oh, what a long but exciting day. Usually when I do a photo shoot it takes an entire morning, but today it took from 8am-4pm. I’m so grateful that I have a team. This means that I have the same people helping me with my pictures and moving-image material. When you get the opportunity to work with the same people regularly, a feeling of security grows and you become more effective as well as brave when it comes to trying out new ideas. But the most important aspect is the fact that working together becomes so much fun, we all enjoy each others company and we leave the photo shoot with new energy. I’m so very grateful for that. As I am my own boss and can decide what my days are going to be like, I set the bar high – Every day is going to be fun where I feel good and the team feels good. It sounds unachievable, but for me it is true. I get to laugh with my team all the time and we all grow a little every day.

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the whole team together, but Natahlie did my make-up and hair. Nathalie helps me at all my big photo shoots with the companies. Martin Petersson photographed everything with two photography assistants. Josef Eriksson recorded all the moving-image material (he was with us in Hong Kong). Hannah Molin, the brand ambassador for LCC, was there to make sure that all the LCC material was correct. My right hand, Simon, was there as well. Great team.

The “Nathalie bun”, as I call it

We created five pictures and five clips. We’re effective! Next week you’ll hopefully be able to log on to my new platform and see what it looks like. When I was done at the photo shoot I went to the office to have a meeting concerning the re-design (soon you’ll see what it’s gonna’ look like), and after that Löwengrip Invest had a weekly meeting. I saw in my calendar that it is my birthday this coming Saturday. Fun! The kids will be with Odd, so I can stay late at the office. Tonight I will have dinner with Håkan Guldkula who owns champagne Guldkula that I recently invested in. I’ve seen many that are wondering about how my investments come about, and I’m probably going to write a post about that this week.



This week begins with a photo shoot with my favorite team, Nathalie (make-up) and Martin (photographer). In a few weeks the blog will change into a platform, and then we need some new material. Both moving-image material and pictures. As for the platform, I’ve recieved a lot of questions about why we are changing it. My blog has looked the same way for 12 years(!) and I have noticed that you often want to read about different things. Some of you like to follow my journey as an entrepreneur, others don’t like that and want to hear more about my life as a mother, some of you like when I reflect over things, and some enjoy it all and prefer the mix. With the new platform you can read the mix if you want to, but you can also choose more specifically what to read about. It is very exciting and of course you’ll be able to take a look at it before and give some feedback.

See you later today! Have a nice Monday :- )



Today we paid a visit to Skansen. It was sunny and crisp, lovely autumn weather. The kids rode carousels (a certain mother too), and then we went to see the animals at Lill-Skansen. We had a very nice and cozy day together. At 4pm I drove the kids to their dad.

Sibling love;

I went home after dropping the kids off, had a snack and changed my clothes. Now I’m off to dinner at a new place with a friend. A perfect ending to a perfect weekend.


Time with my best friend and kids

At 4pm today we drove towards city. We were early on purpose and went to il Caffé to have a little something to eat. The kids are getting to an age where it is possible for us to do that, which is really nice. Then dinner with Sheila and Rasmus awaited. Sheila is a great cook! Bruschetta for the starter, and pasta with chanterelles for the main course. For dessert we had coffee and Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate. It tasted great. The kids stayed awake until 8.30pm, which is a record as I usually put them to bed at 7pm. Then it was time to get them to our car and drive home. Pajamas and gruel, and after three minutes on my bed they fell asleep.

My beautiful friend. Sheila started to work for me in 2011, but when Gillis was born we started to spend time with each other during maternity leave because we both resided in Kungsholmen. Sheila is, and has always been, my role model when it comes to motherhood. She has been my go-to person, and I’ve been asking her so many questions about kids. Sheila is warm, sweet, generous, honest and cool. I’m so incredibly grateful that she is a part of my life.