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– Partnered With Red Flag –

As you know, I give many interviews and conversations on stage. Every time we go away on a mission somewhere in Sweden, I’m reminded of the time when I gave two lectures a week. It’s fantastic to get away and meet you – the readers. It’s always as fun when you come up to me and talk for a while. Every time I’m out I get to tell you about my three best tips for getting started or developing your own company. That’s why I had the idea for an evening event with that theme. I contacted Red Fla, whom I’ve partnered with before on the blog.

Many of you feel that actually starting a company is the most difficult. How do you go about it, what should you consider and who should you seek help from? That’s why Red Flag exist. They help with everything from taxes, declaration, reports, fees and financial statements. It can be a lot to learn and difficult to get a handle on everything. I think that’s the worst for your motivation. You should be focusing on what you’re really good at and that is what Red Flag tries to make possible. You can get more information about Ref Flag in the clip below.

But back to what I want to invite you to. On the 29th of August, Red Flag, myself and Nordic Tech House are going to have an evening in the theme of Entrepreneurship and starting companies. I am going to tell you about my journey and Ref Flag’s founder Mikael Pawlo are going to tell you about his best advice. A few of you who RSVP will also have the possibility to present your company idea to myself, Mikael and two of my co-founders of Nordic Tech House and get our advice on location. Motivate why you want to talk to the jury when you RSVP to the event. The event itself is in Stockholm and it’s completely free. RSVP here! If you don’t have the ability to come but what to try out Red Flag, use the code Isabella for two free months.
Men åter till vad jag vill bjuda in dig till. Den 29:e augusti kommer jag tillsammans med Red Flag och Nordic Tech House ha en kväll i temat Entreprenörskap och att starta företag. Jag kommer att berätta om min resa och Red Flags grundare Mikael Pawlo kommer berätta om sina bästa tips. Några av er som anmäler er kommer också ha möjlighet att inför mig, Mikael och två av mina medgrundare i Nordic Tech House presentera er bolagsidé och få tips och råd direkt på plats. Motivera varför du ska få komma upp framför juryn i anmälan. Eventet är i Stockholm och det är helt gratis. Anmäl dig här! Om du inte har möjlighet att komma men vill testa Red Flag, använd koden Isabella för två månader gratis.

– I samarbete med Red Flag –

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