February 20, 2018 at 11:05 am

Excited children

I had two children who flew out of bed this morning at 6.30am because they were so excited to go to daycare, Gillis said “Mum, it is so great to wake up in the morning”. That is my son. Sally went to the hairdresser this weekend with O and she was very eager to show me the results. We had yogurt, toast and berries for breakfast. Our mornings are very cozy. I dropped the children off at 8.30am and went to the office. Today we have a recording with Daniel Wellington, a product meeting with Löwengrip and then I am going to Stylein’s studio for a fitting. They are sewing up a dress for me for a gala I will attend in March. I will pick up the children at 4pm so this is a short and calm day.

Have a nice Tuesday!

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Life & thoughts
February 19, 2018 at 10:17 pm

Five book recommendations

I get many questions about books that I like. I finished my latest this weekend in Copenhagen and that was Hjärnstark by Anders Hansen. Highly recommended if you wanna read about the connection between the brain and exercise, exactly the motivation I needed. I devour tons of books so I always find it a bit difficult to give any tips on just the top of my head. But here are five different favourites where you ought to find something to your liking.

Egenmäktigt förfarande by Lena Andersson is one of my favourite books in the entire world. It is a love drama about not getting the one you want and they way Lena describes it’s just spot on. I can read the book over and over again. Vägen (The road) – Five Chinese philosophies about the art of living it left a mark on me. How complex the human being really is and how we have to have that in our baggage in relationships. Also the acceptance that life is constantly changing and surprises you, and how you mentally have to relate to it. Beauty Food is an amazingly inspirational book with plenty of tasty recipes.

Principals I recently showed in the blog, but it is a book that I go around and think about all the time. Ray Dalios’s words are with me everyday. How everything in life that is chafing should be dealt with immediately and not to be postponed, and how a problem seem much bigger up close than from a distance when you take a step back. Another principal that I like is “view painful problems as potential improvements that are screaming at you”. Principals is as close to a business bible I have ever gotten. Max Tegmark books have a way of diving right into the heart. The way he writes about space and AI is amazing, simplified and pedagogical. Now read!

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Life & thoughts
February 19, 2018 at 4:33 pm

Investing in myself

Hi! I wonder how you keep up with everything, work + late nights during the weekends and then wake up early the next morning? Do you ever feel like your body needs a break from both work and social media? Hats off to you for keeping up the pace. I am 24 and I love my job, but I would burn out if I kept the same pace as you do.

Answer: I know that my days are high-paced but many of you who read this question know that I have chosen to outsource everything that does not give me energy. If I had been grocery shopping at ICA after picking the children up at daycare, cooking, cleaning up after every meal, doing the laundry, taking the bus and subway everywhere, I would have spent all of my energy and I would not be as efficient at work. That is why I have chosen not to do those things. I want to wake up in the morning, eat breakfast with my children, work, pick them up at 4pm, play with them before dinner, enjoy a cozy dinner together and then play a little more. To have help at home after daycare makes it possible for us to have quality time together without any interruptions. That also allows me to work at 8/9pm-11pm. Read an inspiring book to 12am. Get up at 6am and work.

Today was awfully cold! Jacket from Goldbergh (adlink)

Because I try to work the majority of my time this year, it is extra important to dispose my energy wisely. If I were to come home at 4pm with the children and be exhausted after putting them to bed at 8pm I would have done something wrong. I need to keep the energy even so that I can work 8-11pm all year around – all years. In order to make that happen, I need to remove everything that is not a priority. For example, grocery shopping or doing the laundry. I also need to take a lunch with a friend or get my nails done in the middle of the day so that I can work for 12 hours when I do not have the children, that is kind of a break.

It is great and luxurious to have help with everything at home (I have not visited a supermarket since last summer) but it is not like I am sitting on the sofa, but rather that the help is there for me to be able to use my energy to boost my career and be more present with the children. I live in a big house with my children who are here every other week and I have 45 employees, it does not work to live “a regular life”. Not with my goals. I am sure that is very “unswedish” but I have never cared about other people’s opinions. I see at as an investment in myself, I have just started my journey. If we are to become the new Estee Lauder, I can not be tired now.

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Life & thoughts
February 19, 2018 at 11:00 am

My exercise and diet 2018

Goal: Live sustainably. To workout and eat healthy (but also treat myself sometimes) so that I have the energy to build global companies for many years to come while having two children.

Background: I have fluctuated in weight a lot. For ten years time, I have weighed between 47-73 kg (pregnancy excluded). Keep in mind that I am only 170 cm. Never ever have I done it on purpose but it has been a lot about my lifestyle. If I have felt down I have lost weight and if I have felt happy I have gained weight. I have never worked out regularly but I have been quite active with my children. Today, I weigh about 60 kg (+- 2 kg depending on mood) and want to find a sustainable way of living). A body that will be able to cope with everything I want to do mentally for the rest of my life.

Regarding my diet, I stopped eating meat in August 2016. However, I did taste one meatball Christmas 2016 but did not finish it. That is probably when I realized that I really do not miss meat. This spring, I started removing fish and dairy products as well and landed in a 80-90% plant-based diet. That is the way I have lived for a while, until the end of last year. In the Maldives, the freshly caught fish looked so tasty so I started to eat fish again. Something I noticed when I did not eat fish was, however, that my portions became huge and that I started to gain weight on the plant-based diet. Now, when I have added fish and eggs to my diet again, I feel a lot fuller and I stay full for a longer time. That is important when you have an active work-life. I do not always have time for a snack and therefore I have to eat a breakfast, lunch and dinner that can keep me full and feeling good. To eat regularly has always been important to me, otherwise I do not function as I should. 

When I stopped eating meat in 2016, I also quit the everyday sugar and junk food. Marabou was switched to dark chocolate and I have barely touched semi-manufactured goods or junk food since then. I would never eat candy, jam, light products, soda or pizza. Everything has to be clean. Instead I enjoy wine, dark chocolate and a dessert now and then. Maybe I consume a little too much wine and cocktails sometimes, I probably have 2 glasses of wine two nights a week and one cocktail. But otherwise, I am quite moderate in my consumption.

The plan now is to incorporate exercise in my life and keep it there. Now that I have the children every other week there are no excuses. Every hotel I stay at over the world has a gym and there is always room in my suitcase for my gym shoes. Ever since I read the book “Hjärnstark” by Anders Hansen, it has become clearer to me how 30 minutes of exercise every day can help me in my work. There are no excuses any longer.

Forward: For almost two months I have been working out 3-5 days a week. I have made it easy for myself. I have a treadmill at home, a membership at Sturebadet and I work out regularly at FitnessCollection. I know it sounds exaggerated, but now I went all-in in order to really get started. All the days where I do not have the children, I start the morning at Sturebadet or with a morning workout at FitnessCollection. Running intervals is my best form of exercise and I love it. When I have the children, I drop them off in the morning and then I work out at lunch or run on my treadmill at home. The goal is to work out for at least 30 minutes six days a week. Ideally, I would like to run half a mile every morning when I do not have the children. This morning, I ran 4 km with intervals, it is wonderful how my fitness has improved in only eight weeks. My body has always responded quickly to exercise, which is very motivating.

Photos from photo shoot with FitnessCollection 

Regarding my diet, the goal is to keep eating healthy like I already do. I barely eat gluten and dairy products since a year back. The majority of my diet consists of vegetables and slow carbs, but now also fish and eggs. When I lived in my previous relationship, we had a lot of classic Swedish food and the energy I have now compared to then is really night and day. Therefore I would never go back to eating pasta with meat sauce. White flour and minced beef – no way. But wine and sometimes chocolate, that is my pleasure. I have some dark chocolate every day after a meal. Anyway, I am so excited for this year, especially thanks to my newfound love for exercise and intervals – it goes perfectly with my energy. It will be fun to see how my body grows faster and stronger. And my mentality will become even more focused and stable, I am convinced that it will make me a better entrepreneur and mother.

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Food & travel Life & thoughts
February 18, 2018 at 12:08 pm

Full of energy

I woke up early this morning (despite a number of drinks at The Market last night), I put on my workout clothes, went downstairs and worked out at the hotel gym. I ran intervalls which is my favourite type of exercise and then I did some strength training. After that I got my Elle-magazine and went down for breakfast. My company was still asleep and I did not want to wake, alone time is just lovely.

I feel so inspired and motivated on life! I love my days at the same time I am longing for all the exciting things that is happening this year. 2017 really was the trial of my life, I am so grateful to get to start fresh. I feel strong and harmonic. I stand very stable and I have clear goals mean while I am open to new impressions and at the same time I dare to take a step back and do over. To travel is my best routine and getting to eat breakfast like this with a view over Nyhavn makes me happy.

Next stop will be Marbella in a week with the entire company. Getting away with all the colleagues gives such an incredible energy and I want to show my gratitude for work everybody is doing. I want everybody to feel that euphoric feeling I get every morning when I step inside the door. How everything is possible- not just for the company but in their own career. Within a few years there will be possible to work within our company family around the whole world.

Go us!

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Food & travel
February 17, 2018 at 6:19 pm

Sunny in CPH

I always manage to time it when it’s sunny weather in Copenhagen, or the weather is always nice here. After breakfast at the hotel we took a walk with coffee and some shopping. We had lunch at California Kitchen, incredibly tasty bowls. After that we did some spa:ing at the hotel and I’ve been doing some reading. Tonight dinner awaits with some friends of my company. Yesterday we tried the restaurant Nævær (project of today in finding those letters) a fusion of the Danish and the French kitchen. We had their sample menu that was made in an Open kitchen with just a few seats, warmly recommended.

I just took some snapshots with my phone, the camera got to stay back in Stockholm. Have a nice Saturday!

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Food & travel
February 16, 2018 at 8:58 pm


Checked in at D’Angleterre and ready for dinner. The hotel is fantastic and probably is equivalent to Grand Hotell in Sweden. I feel this is a bit smaller, a bit more luxurious and little more intimate. We have had a drink at the bar and now we’re going out for dinner. I am grateful that it is the weekend and that I have 48 hours to spend here. This was a gift from someone I adore.

Top 2NDday, skirt Ralph Lauren, shoes Mango and bag Chanel.
Have a great Friday guys, I’ll see you tomorrow.

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February 16, 2018 at 11:51 am

Gorgeous hair

I am going to Copenhagen today! It is probably one of my favorite cities in the entire world. All the restaurants, the ambiance and the people are so nice here. Last time I was here I tried Nimb, but now I will try the classic Hotel D’Angleterre. My flight leaves at noon and I am going to stay in Copenhagen until Sunday, with that said I have only spent half a day with my colleagues today.

I worked out this morning and afterwards Emelie made me pretty. I receive many questions about how my hair is styled. First she uses a mixture of The Heat is on and our saltwater spray throughout the hair, and then she adds volume spray to the scalp – everything from Löwengrip. Emelie blow-dries a strand of hair with a heat brush and then attaches it to a hair curler. Or, she just rolls the hair up and fastens it with a little hair clip, but is seems only professionals master this technique. If I had tried this at home I would have used a hair curler. The trick is to blow-dry the hair with hot air and let it cool off in the rolled up shape. Then the curlers rest there while I get my makeup done for 20 minutes, the hair curlers are removed and the hair is sprayed with our hairspray Pixie Dust. Done!

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Life & thoughts
February 15, 2018 at 10:20 pm

My desk time

Everyday our (amazing) office responsible Emilia handles all the deliveries that comes from different companies and puts it on my desk. There is a surprise everyday. Today it was a package from Marabou:

Huge balloons and a new Marabou flavour with coconut. The children were delighted and got to try a piece after dinner. It was childishly tasty. On the picture you see my, Pingis and Simon’s office. My desk is always chaotic, despite me never being there. It all has a tendency to stack up in a huge pile. My average time a my desk is 30 minutes a day. It’s been like that for years. I spend my time in meetings, meeting clients, colleagues in all the companies and investments, media etc. I try to check my e-mail and blogging on the run during the days or at home in the evenings.

I have realised that I basically talk constantly during my work, many of us have those kind of jobs. The mouth talks twenty four seven and there are new people everyday. That is why I love living on my own, being able to put the children to bed and then just have it quiet and being quiet. I never have music on and I always sleep with earplugs where ever I am. I am in constant need of contrast, quiet, colleagues talking, high pace, calm, zooming out and zooming in. Being at home, and go away. Off and on. When I get to switch between I feel good and get fuelled with energy. Now I am gonna go to bed in a while. Such a luxury to crawl into bed with the children and fall asleep before nine.

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Business Life & thoughts
February 15, 2018 at 3:29 pm

Lunch workout

What a wonderful Thursday! The children and I got up at 6am, a little early (7am is usually when we get up) but we had energy and it is nice to have plenty of time to eat breakfast. I like to make a breakfast tray with lots of tasty treats and then bring it to the coffee table where I have some lit candles. Gillis and Sally always want to watch Peppa Pig.

When I got into town I had a breakfast meeting with my right hand and then an hour of work at the office before it was time for a company workout. Pingis and I promote a work-life balance at the office. We know that the pace is high here, but we make sure to work out together every week, have coach conversations with a psychologist once a month, massage/chiropractor etc. Also, we make sure that the company is family-friendly. With a solid foundation, it is easier to increase the pace long-term. In two weeks the whole team is going to Marbella for a conference and team building.

The workout is of course voluntary but today we were this lot! We work out via FitnessCollection that we have invested in and today’s workout was at Selma City Spa which is located in a Clarion hotel. It is so much fun to try different workouts every Thursday. Last week they tried martial arts, but then I was in Luleå.

We did some circuit training with The workout plan. 12 stations, very fun. The rope you see above is my favorite.

I have been good at working out this year. The ambition is to move my body for at least 30 minutes every day, on child-free days I run intervals in the morning and when I have the children I do lunch workouts or use the treadmill at home. Just 30 minutes are enough, I feel energized and harmonious at the same time.

After the workout, I stopped by a little place for lunch. I had soup and a cheese sandwich. So tasty. I have Friday feelings in my body!

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