Tackle nervousness

Hi Isabella! This doesn’t have anything to do with your last blog post, but I think you often have a sound attitude to life and various situations. Would be interested to know how you handle nervousness. I’m going on a date this weekend and I would be ever so grateful for any advice, hints or tips, of how to calm the jitters.

Answer: How to tackle nervousness, good question. For a long period I didn’t think I got nervous, but then I realized that of course I did. I have just managed to use classical conditioning and associate that sensation in my body with something else. On a physical level, you can feel a knot forming in your stomach when you are getting nervous. I felt this when I opened the manuscript for the EY gala. The time before that was when I was supposed to talk in English at a press event in Zurich. And the time before that when Pingis and I were heading up on the stage in Brussels to accept an award. What I have learned about nervousness is to own the sensation. Instead of letting that knot grow and grow, making you more or less paralyzed and you struggle to think straight, I usually visualize that the knot in my stomach spreads all around my body and turns into adrenaline instead. That might sound far too simple, but it works for me. Mentally I’m thinking:

“When that nervous sensation arises, I know that my body and my brain are getting ready for a challenge and based on my previous experience, I will manage this just fine.”

Isabella Lowengrip Fredrik Reinfeldt

Occasions when I have been nervous, 1 – Handing my book over to the daughter of the prime minister.

Isabella Lowengrip lecture

Occasions when I have been nervous, 2 – All the hundreds of lectures I have given. Two of the worst ones were in Globen, Stockholm and in English in Helsinki.

Isabella Lowengrip Lorange Institute

Occasions when I have been nervous, 3 – My first day at Lorange Institute of Business in Zurich

To summarize, let your jitters be a sensation that kick-start you into action, which tells you that this is your life and you are much better off enjoying everything, even when you leave your comfort zone. These moments are what makes you grow and develop as a human being!


New investment

What a hectic morning! I started my morning with a meeting at Stockholm Waterfront with Ida Backlund and the companies we have invested in together. We were photographed and met up with a journalist from Breakit. I think the interview will be published tomorrow. Exciting stuff! Then I jumped into a cab to make it back to the office for another meeting.

Isabella Lowengrip black suit jacket

For the press photo I wore a jacket from Veronica Virta, a white blouse from Lindex that is a perfect item to include in your basic wardrobe essentials, jeans from Lee and shoes from Vagabond (adlink).

Isabella Lowengrip black suit jacket 2Isabella Lowengrip black suit jacket 3

Photographer Josefine Hellgren

Now I need to get some lunch inside me, see you later!


Mega painting

I thought I’d show you our new painting here at home. This is what it looked like before, when we had two small paintings from our apartment on Kungsholmen, but they were too tiny for this room:


And this is what the new painting looks like:


Photographer Josefin Hellgren

It’s huge! We love it. I discover new details in it every day. It’s difficult to find such a large painting with the right colors, it can easily take over the room. This one has the perfect color scheme. The artist is Lisa Torikka, and it was my neighbor Michaela who told me about her. It’s taken her several months to finish it but it’s incredible to have a painting that’s one of a kind.

Now I’m off to eat a semla (Swedish pastry), and read the manuscript for the gala! Munching on something sweet is a must when practicing. Odd went by Tösses Bageri (Bakery) and bought this season’s first semla. One original and one of last year’s success; the semelwrap.


Work wardrobe

It’s a new year, and sometimes you need a new work wardrobe. Here’s a collage with some great pieces you can mix and match. Most of it is on sale. Personally I need a classic white shirt that will stay fresh after several washes. Preferably one that don’t get so wrinkly. Any advice?


Black coat Dagmar, pullover Samsoe & Samsoe, watch Kiomi, black dress Dagmar, boots ATP Atelier, white shirt Filippa K, wide pants Cubus, earrings Only, jeans Five Units, silk blouse Ahlvar, necklace Pieces, indoor shoes for the office Flattered, polo sweater Tiger of Sweden, loafers &Other Stories, skirt Tiger Of Sweden, suit pants Tiger of Sweden.

All links are adlinks


My favorite blouse

The atmosphere at the office is nice and calm after our morning meeting. We always end each meeting with this week’s motivation. That’s a great exercise that we’ve done every Monday morning for years. Pingis is still away traveling. Right now she’s in New York visiting the companies we met with the last time we were there together. I’m looking forward to when she’s coming back. We’ve been in different time zones during all of January. Our meetings have been between 10-12 pm. Not my best time!


Blouse from Navy London (adlink), and jeans from Zara. Odd gave me the Hermes bracelet when Sally was born.

The focus for LCC right now is product development, increasing sales at Swedish pharmacies, and expand. The team spirit is strong, which is crucial when moving forward. If there’s no energy it would never work. I would say that’s my most important task at work. To inspire, support, and bring the group together. Some days I succeed, others not. That’s life. I’m not running around like a crazy person filled with energy all the time, no one could do that. Instead I try to share my passion for our company. That will rub off. I’m also pretty open about how I feel. You have to be able to be yourself and feel safe. That’s important since we’re such a small group of people.


The shellac color of the month is “Asfalt”. Now it’s time for lunch with the best team!


LCC at Arlanda Airport Tax Free

In partnership with LCC

I have some great news to reveal; LCC is now available at Arlanda Airport Tax Free. You’ll find us at Terminal 5, by gate 1-10 to be exact. This has been a goal for a long time. I first contacted the company when I was pregnant with Gillis. He was only a few weeks old when Pingis and I went on our first meeting. My mother in law was a babysitter in between my breast feeding sessions. It took some time to make this deal happen, but now it’s finally complete and we’re so proud. Go us!


Make sure to visit our stand the next time you’re at Arlanda Airport. It looks great!

In partnership with LCC


Life balance status

The kids are sleeping, the house is clean, the Sunday face mask is on, and I’m ready for some night time work. It might sound weird, but I’ve been looking forward to this moment all day. It’s not that I don’t enjoy spending time with the family, it’s more like I’m happy of what’s waiting ahead of me too. I have an exciting week coming up. I have a couple of news for you, and I’ll tell you the first one tomorrow. Pingis and I will also start working on our new book during this week. I definitely have a lot to look forward to.


On Sunday night I usually reflect over the balance in my life. I’m a sucker for evaluations (as you probably know by now). At the moment I think I have a good balance between the different pieces:

  • Work. Lots of things going on, but fun stuff. The goal for this week is to put more time into everything. It may sound impossible, but I’m not talking about squeezing in everything you can imagine. The focus will be to do things thoroughly and not stress. Last week was all about putting out fires.
  • Family. This piece is filled after the weekend. I had some nice moments with the children and Odd.
  • Alone time. My alone time should be balanced after my night out with friends, but I’m still missing it. To sit in my car alone. Have a night in alone. Go for a walk alone. Eat lunch alone. I’m gonna schedule a script rehearsal in a hotel lobby one day. That’ll be good.
  • Health. I’m continuing to leave out the meat without a problem. Tonight’s dinner was vegetarian lasagna. However, I can’t remember when I last worked out. That’s what I always skip because it’s boring or not worth my time. I’d rather choose work and reading books at night. Although I know I need to work out for my body to be strong and have energy. There are no excuses not to use our home gym (Odd is a regular visitor). Nonetheless, I should be able to do some nighttime yoga to relax.

Our Sunday

We’ve been outdoors all morning. It’s cold, but still lovely when the sun is shining. One of our neighbors were also out so Gillis played with their son. We just got back now, Sally is sleeping and Gillis is playing Alfons games at the iPad. We have absolutely no plans for today. Odd has a cold so he’s just resting. I thought about taking the kids to the library, that’s always popular. I also want to read the book Papillion, but it’s really difficult to find.


Here you can see a piece of the Q7. I’ll take better pictures when the cars aren’t dirty. The Porsche is at the repair shop since someone backed into it in the city garage. Notice the Q7’s 21 inches winter tires. I think they make the car look cooler. Nerdy, but fun. The Q7 is probably the most comfortable car I’ve driven. I can’t see myself having another family car in the future.



My iPhone is up and running, long live technology! Now I can finally tell you about our girl’s night out. It was Sheila, my two friends from Lidingö, and I. Last year we decided that we were going to go out and spend the night at a hotel. Sheila hasn’t met my “new” friends so I figured this would be a good time. I met Martina when we moved to Lidingö, and Martina is my neighbor. I’m so lucky.

Anyway, at 5 pm we checked in our separate rooms at Scandic Haymarket. I took a long bath and enjoyed getting ready in peace and quiet without the kids playing around with my makeup and brushes. After that the girls came over to my room and we toasted with champagne.


We had dinner reservations at 8 pm at the asian restaurant Kasai. It was a real party atmosphere, which was perfect for four thirsty moms. We asked the waiter to pick a bunch of small dishes we could share. It was insanely good, I can really recommend it.


After dinner we went to Escalier and had Espressotinis. The bartenders at Escalier is great, just a tip!


When the clock hit 12:30 am it was time to go clubbing at Fou. I made sure we had a table in advance, and lucky that, because there was a lot of people there! We danced, and danced… Even on the sofas.


It was definitely a fun night! We had pancakes with nutella for breakfast, so nice to wake up at a hotel. I’ve been a little hungover today, but it was worth it. A night out with friends gives me more energy long term!



You’re so lost without a phone. My iPhone died last night and I still haven’t managed to start it. All my pictures are on there so I have to wait with an update about last night. Anyway, Odd was so kind and picked us up in the city at 11 am. Michaela is my neighbor and Martina lives on Lidingö as well, so we could go together. The kids were so happy to see me. We’ve been playing with clay, memory, arts and craft. That’s about all I have energy for today. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that my phones starts working and I’ll see you later!


Memory with “Babblarna” is popular