Photoshoot in Spain

Flattered is in Spain this week to visit our shoe manufacturers. They also have a photoshoot for the upcoming spring and summer collection 2018. It’s crazy that summer 2017 barely has begun and the fashion industry has already started working on summer 2018. Anyway, they’re a big team working in Spain to organize the shoot. Besides Gustav and Emma from Flattered, a photographer from Barcelona, model from London, makeup artist from Madrid, and a video photographer from Sweden is there. Phew! My colleagues are quite picky when it comes to choosing their team because they want the best possible result.

I can’t wait to see the result. I’m so proud over Flattered and the focus they have. I like to share office with them too, because I can cross over the “border. By the way, Flattered has a huge summer sale right now.

And I’m off to pick up the kids!


Time to step out of my comfort zone

Tomorrow I’ll be a guest at Rachel Brathen’s podcast From The Heart. I listened to some of the previous episodes in the car this morning, and wow, Rachel is so good. Really inspiring. If you have a moment left over go here and listen. I feel honored to be a guest on the podcast. Tomorrow you can hear me talk about life, and in English as well. It feels good stepping out of my comfort zone, it’s been awhile since last. I can tell because my body starts itching for new challenges. That’s how I know it’s time to do something new, big or small. I guess I’m the same when it comes to never being satisfied. I can’t go day in and day out doing the same thing. I need to be challenged, the comfort zone is not my thing.

Yesterday’s outfit; Jacket from Custommade, shirt from Ralph Lauren, and skirt from Stylein.

Slip ins from Henry Kole

Three examples of when I’m leaving my comfort zone:

This week: Doing the podcast in English

This year: The online TV show that launches in September

In the future (Goal): To be on Ted Talks!


Arts & crafts

I left work at 3pm today and picked the kids up. They were sitting together in the sandpit at nursery and played to their hearts’ content. They had been on a little outing today, so they couldn’t stop chit-chatting and wanted to tell me all about it at the same time. Wanted to describe every little detail of what they had experienced and seen. So cute. We played outside for a while before it was time for dinner. Then we made lots and lots of bracelets:

My two lovelies

It is really relaxing and a different kind of mindfulness to be sitting together and doing arts and crafts together. We usually do different things with pearls and beads and alternate with other crafts. We string beads up like a necklace or bracelet, or we use perler beads to make a nice patternon a pegboard, which we then iron on one side with a hot iron so that the beads stick together. Then we play with Play Doh or other types of clay, we use coloring books and play around with stickers. If you have other ideas of what to do with a 2-year old and a 3-year old, feel free to share in the comments field. Always great to pick up on new fun stuff to do with them. 🙂

It is quite different to put the kids to bed when I don’t have them all the time and Odd is here on his own some nights. When we were living all together I could sometimes get sooo frustrated when the bedtime procedure took longer than usual, but after the separation I feel this moment with the kids just before they fall asleep has turned into something different. It is much cosier somehow, a truly special time of the day. We read together for a long tim, talk about whatever pops into our head depending on whatever stories we have read aloud or I sometimes make new stories up too.

It is not as stressful or rushed, I am not feeling “oh, why they can’t they just fall asleep right now”. Instead I am relishing every second and really enjoying that moment together.


Vegan shoes and broccoli patties

Today’s been a little slower which is nice. Lots of things are happening in all the companies, but only fun stuff like new products, new roles, and salary negotiations. I guess I only have myself to blame when I’ve been writing so much about how to negotiate when my employees really have worked on their arguments. Although at the same time it makes me proud. I think I’m a little bit different than other managers, and every day I’m grateful that my team chooses to be at our company among all the other thousands.

I also want my staff to see this as the beginning, or trampoline, of their career. I’m not saying I want anyone to quit, that’s not it. I mean that I’m aware that it’s unlikely for anyone to work here for the next 30 years. That’s why I want them to max out their time here, learn from us (Pretty knowledgeable) owners, and their closest managers. I want them to use our network and find a mentor. The list goes on. I want to lift my employees, and everyone who’s working with me, and I want this to be a positive time in their career, a time to remember.

My right hand is orginizing Almedalen that’s coming up next week.

Flattered Is releasing a vegan boot this fall. It’s difficult to make a shoe without leather and still have it breathe the same way. We had an intern at our office for a year solely working with this. Now the shoe is done, and we are very proud.

I have a tendenacy to get stuck in certain food routines. 2-3 times per week I get this from Lilla Ekot on Riddargatan. Broccoli and parmesan patties with sweet potatoes and herb dip. Soooo yummy!

New samples arrived from the factory this morning. This is our new Protein & Texture line in two different scents. To receive the first samples after a brief is one of the best parts about my work with LCC. Everything that I’ve been thinking about is now a physical product. It could be a hit or miss.


Top floor remodeling done!

Oh, Ida has done such a good job decorating the top floor. It’s like a whole new place. Before it was like a long corridor without windows. We knocked down the walls to what used to be Gillis’ room and divided the large living room into two smaller rooms. Now it feels so much more spacious, and we can walk around the staircase. The entire top floor is 110 sqm so it’s pretty big for the three of us (By the way, the house is mine now!).

The beige wall paint is from Alcro in the color Shi Take.

Lamp from Menu Carrie- Sävedalens belysning

Couch from MeliMeli – Love the color! Mat from Layered

The sitting puff is also from MeliMeli

Flos Gatto lamp from Sävedalens belysning. The mirror is from New Port.

Living room tabel from Ellos

Photo art from Printler

Lamp from Sävedalens belysning

The sideboard is from Jotex, I love it.

Now I have a day at the office ahead of me with mostly internal meetings!


Top and jeans

– In partnership with NA-KD –

Here are a few pics from a photo shoot last week when we were planning this campaign with NA-KD

NA-KD is a recurring feature in my blog and I think that’s great fun! This time around they are offering you 30% off and all you have to do is to quote BELLA30 at the checkout.

– In partnership with NA-KD –


Two weeks left

I only have two weeks left of work before my vacation. It’s just not any two weeks. I have a lot of exciting meeting coming up, both external and internal at LCC and Löwengrip Invest. Most of my collegues start their vacation on Friday and therefore it’s important to have everything settled before that so the business can run as normal in July. I want everyone to feel like they can relax during the holiday. Next week I’m going to Almedalen where panel discussions and business lunch meetings await. For example, I’m seeing Petter Stordalen on Tuesday. Me and my team are going to Visby on Monday and are staying to Thursday night. Fun!

From bright and light colors in Italy to black in the city. The pants are from Stylein, and the top is from Ahlvar (Adlinks).

Shoes from Stinaa J

I started my meeting marathon by having a product meeting with Hannah at the office.

So much fun to see our Sun Care in Plaza Woman. Right now you get our SPF lip balm from LCC when buying sun products for more than 349 SEK at our website.

Oh, I can’t wait until we launch Advanced Skincare. Now I’m off to a meeting regarding AI.


Breakfast with Sheila

I met up with Sheila for breakfast at Haymarket. It’s such a lovely atmosphere there. We ordered coffee, avocado toast, yoghurt, and oats. We talked about life and all that comes with it. After that we walked down Kungsgatan to each of our offices. I have an exciting Tuesday ahead with lots of meetings regarding the global e-commerce business that Pingis and I are about to be partners in. We’re launching this fall.

Now I’m more than ready to greet the day!


Efficient time in the air

As I flew from Stockholm to Naples, I had to accept a stop-over at Frankfurt, but I have really made the best use of my travelling time. I have listened to interesting Ted Talks that have challenged my way of thinking. I have read articles that have inspired me and I have also treated myself to some gorgeous, posh magazines like Harper’s Bazaar. I also have two different investment deals going on at the moment, so been going through them in great depth and done some brainstorming on what those deals might look like and how we could structure things. Interesting and exciting at the same time.

There was a fascinating study on clever CEOs in the latest issue of Harvard Business REview. To summarize it for you; speed is crucial. Better to make a less informed, fairly poor decision, than not making one at all. If you look at successful companies, which grow fast and stick around for the long term, speed has definitely been an important factor. As a boss, you quite often have to make decisions based on 60% worth of information and background. You would generally like to wait until you have all the data, i.e. 100% of solid foundation, but that’d never work in the real world. Everything would grind to a halt. It would become such a bottleneck. It was nice to read scientific evidence that confirmed Pingis’ and my way of working and our attitude to running a business. This is an approach and a way of thinking that we want our employees to demand of us. They should never let us become a bottleneck. As I said, rather make a wrong, ill-advised decision than no decision at all. And we will always back the decision-maker.  

After a alrightish dinner onboard, I am now looking forward to some soygurt with frozen mango, fresh blueberries, topped with some finely chopped chocolate. I don’t get to see the kids just yet, so I try to focus more work stuff and less on missing them. See you tomorrow!


Bye bye Ischia

This is an amazing island and I would love to come back here, but three days was perfect. Now I miss my kids work!

Shirt and pants from Zara. Bag from Lara Bohinc and shoes from Henry Kole (adlink). I like to travel in heels, but you have to find a pair that’s comfortable. Henry Kole and Stinaa J are my two new favorites.

Sunglasses from Nividas (adlink). See you when I’m back in Sweden.